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Cat Girl Fever TG
Cat Girl Fever
"Alan! Is that you? Please come over nyao…now…it's urgent!"
I was so surprised by my friend's sudden phone call that all I could answer was, "I'll be over right…right over, Joan."
She hung up and I clicked off the TV with the remote. It was going to some "BREAKING NEWS" graphic anyway. Knowing that station, it was probably another in a long line of pointless car chases which went on forever.
I tucked my cell phone in my pocket and threw on my shoes. Joan and Carl lived down the street from my apartment so it wouldn't be too far of a walk.
I crossed the street after a pair of emergency vehicles screamed through the intersection.
Their house was at the edge of a rather large tract. It had more grass than most and their Halloween decorations were still hanging in the window. As I approached the door, I looked around a few times.
I didn't see Clyde.
He was their silver tabby. And he absolutely hated me. The first time I came over to visit for a movie an
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