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Azalea Trail Maid Parachute Dress story
Amy sighed as she aimlessly watched the birds flying overhead in the afternoon sky. She and the three other trail maids in her group were scheduled to show up for a appearance, but no one else did, and so the four trail maids were stuck standing in the middle of a park with no one else around. They had been waiting for almost an hour. Amy absentmindedly straightened her ruffles on her dress, carefully layering them out neatly. The wind had a tendency to blow them all around, and she took the opportunity of this windless day to arrange her ruffles.
Finally, one of the trail maids said what they were all thinking: "I'm bored!" cried Sarah, and sat quickly on a nearby rock. her pink hoop-skirt flipped up as quickly as she sat down, showering her face with ruffles. She quickly pulled it down, embarrassed.
"It's not like there's anyone here to see," said Hannah, her purple dress crowded around her as she sat on the grass. "We should probably call for a ride home."
Just then, all four girls
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Fairy Tail Girls Commission :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 116 9 Miku: Parachute Dress ~Commission~ :iconxero-j:Xero-J 105 14 Wild Flower :icontemperate-sage:TEMPERATE-SAGE 75 14 CM : Erasota :iconvillyane:Villyane 322 15 Green Dream :icontemperate-sage:TEMPERATE-SAGE 77 14 Commission 47 :iconbramhistory:bramhistory 84 11 CM : Erasota 2 :iconvillyane:Villyane 260 10 Floating in a Dream :iconsouthern-jwolf:Southern-JWolf 28 9 Phillip and Aurora at Dawn :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 24 12 Commission 336 - Erasota :iconbramhistory:bramhistory 35 13 Comission for Erasota :iconzoehi:Zoehi 40 11
Princess Bunbun's Upwards Updraft
Princess Bunbun and the Upwards Updraft
Strolling about, Princess Bunbun was humming as she was wondering who would be the prince who would come meet her; however, she kept to herself the worries about her powers backfiring on her, resulting in her butt growing. "Ho, is this not a fine day?" She thought to herself, about to walk underneath a Marylin Monroe-esque floor vent. Once the updraft began, Bunbun's dress soon opened up like a parachute. Bunbun blushed, trying to cover it up...only for the air current to stretch out the dress. "Who put that blasted vent there!?" She shouted in indignance, only to hear a hissing sound coming from her swelling tush as it was mixed with horror, "Not this again! It's the sixth time this week something like this happened, I thought my butt was about to explode!" Not helping the princess' case was that, as her butt continued ballooning out along with her hips, she got lighter and lighter as her dress stretched out wider. As her butt cheeks grew to the
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Cinderella Parachute Dress Story (updated)
It was a warm, breezy day in the summer palace as Cinderella sat on a marble bench under a spreading chestnut tree. She was wearing her usual party dress, the same one she wore that fateful night when she met the prince, now her husband: a silver ball gown with a plunging neckline, puffy sleeves and white panniers over the skirt. Her hair was done up in a twist, held together by a white headband that accentuated her bright blue eyes. Leaning next to her was a small pink parasol, as it was quite hot that day and she needed the shade it provided.
Cinderella sighed tiredly, wondering what she could do with her time. It seemed like forever since anything exciting happened after her marriage to the prince. Of course, she loved the new life she led, but at the same time she was disconcerted by the stiff manners of the court and the inability of travelling outside the palace walls. She was kicking her feet delicately and smoothing out her dress when she noticed a bright glow from the cor
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Crinoline Forever :iconplanxtafroggie:planxtafroggie 49 15 Princess Luna's Gala Dress :iconphallen1:phallen1 43 1
Frozen Parachute Dress Story
Anna sighed in slight irritation as she smoothed out the frills of her green dress. It was the same dress she wore at her sister's coronation, before the "Endless Winter." It seemed like a lifetime ago when it was only a few years. Instead of blankets of snow, the fields were covered with endless waves of green grass that rolled with the breeze. Her dress was spread out around her like the petals of a flower, ruffling every time she shifted her weight. Anna fiddled with the frills as she groaned.
"Kristoff, where the heck are you?!" she cried to no one in particular.
They were meant to have a picnic today, but it felt like hours since she arrived here. She had even laid out the red and white checkered tablecloth and had brought a basket of food in preparation. Also, she had chosen an ideal spot for it on a summer day. The clearing was bounded by a small woodlot behind Anna, marked by a dirt path leading in to who only knows where. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and she could d
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Commission 25 :iconbramhistory:bramhistory 38 4 Alice and Sonya :icondrawtoonzstudio:DrawtoonzStudio 42 7 Req25- Sabrina :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 24 8
Process of a Trail Maid
Welcome to the process of the Trail Maid and wanna see how the beauty was made? Here's how! 

For starters the trail maid is wearing bodice, pantaloons, socks, shoes, and gauntlet gloves. To improve the trail maid's sexiness let's begin with the dress!

We put on the skirt but it's actually a hoopskirt... And now we need hoops!

Then we put on the Hoop on the hoopskirt...

And PA-POOF! The Hoopskirt is now wider and poofier!

Then the poofy dress

and don't forget the butt bow tie!

Then the other part of the skirt...

Then, a fluffy bonnet to
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COMM- A Daring Escape! :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 22 16 Look! A Nep Parachute! :iconzeckos:zeckos 102 12 Parachuting Cinderella :iconaquateen510:Aquateen510 20 1 Request: Parachute Dress Moka :iconmuyami54:Muyami54 42 11 Commission - Kotonomiya Yuki :iconkrmn-chan:Krmn-chan 277 44 SAO Girls Commission :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 100 7 say boobs eliz 2 :iconflyxthunder:Flyxthunder 123 5 Jane Porter :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 226 29 REQ- Paraskirt Siesta :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 19 6 PR- Paraskirt Wedding Momoko :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 59 23
Frozen Fever Parachute Dress Story
High in the balcony of a tall tower of the Arendelle Royal Palace, Anna sat, looking out at the sea and nearby lands. She had been led up here by her sister Elsa, who told her that a special gift was waiting for her. Today was Anna's birthday, and the entire day had been spent in festivities with family, friends, and loved ones. Kristoff and his reindeer Sven stopped by, promising a surprise for her later. She was given no hints as to what to expect, which left her pondering all the possible "surprises" Kristoff could have in store for her. A new dress? Not to say she needed one; the spring dress had been graced with her sister's magical flare. Shoes? No, she didn't really need those either, since her black ballet flats suited her well. Maybe...a wedding ring?
The thought made her blush. It seemed like only yesterday when they teamed up to save her sister from herself, and now they were in love. A lonely, solitary mountain man was in love with the second-most powerful woman in all of A
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COM: Kirishima :iconriikochan-artworks:Riikochan-Artworks 58 10 Req23- Elizabeth :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 18 7 Maid Nepgear :iconzeckos:zeckos 92 10 Request: Parachute Dress Mizore :iconmuyami54:Muyami54 50 6 Ka- POOF! :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 24 16 Sonya's Dress :icondrawtoonzstudio:DrawtoonzStudio 23 10 COM - You Got Served :iconshoxxe:shoxxe 38 3 Sakuya Izayoi :iconnekocakeart:NekoCakeArt 165 19
Zero no Tsukaima Parachute Dress Story
The clock in Henrietta's bed chambers chimed, signalling it had now reached 8 o'clock exactly. The young princess of Tristain was due for a gala ball with the nobility in another 30 minutes. Rumor had it that the sovereign of Gallia was there as well, ostensibly to negotiate a new trade agreement. For this purpose, Henrietta was dressed much fancier than usual, even for a princess. Gone was her usual white gown and royal purple cape in favor of an ornate long-sleeved maroon dress with a pale violet capelet draped over her shoulders. The cuffs of her sleeves were frilled with pink piping, as was the hem of her dress. Only a small hint of her petticcoats was visible, primly white in color. Atop her head indigo hair sat a gold tiara with a rare diamond mined from the coast in the center, and a golden chain was strung around her thin neck. The most notable (and slightly irritable) trait of her new wardrobe was the skirt of her dress, which was rather wide, considering she wore no crinoline
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Request: Parachute Dress Kurumu :iconmuyami54:Muyami54 51 9 Ami Mizuno - Sailor Moon #Point Commission :iconmelo-cake:Melo-Cake 76 22 COM - An Unexpected Trip :iconshoxxe:shoxxe 35 9 Zelda's Safe Landing :icondrawtoonzstudio:DrawtoonzStudio 22 20 COMM- A Daring Escape! [part 2] :iconjennardacci:JenNardacci 18 8 Floating :iconsouthern-jwolf:Southern-JWolf 15 9