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Strip Poker
Strip Poker
TransFun Serum story
Alex looked into the round with a sly grin. "All right." he said and pushed his staple of chips towards the middle of the table. "All in." 
Then he leaned back and crossed his arms, daring his poker friends to take up the challenge. Of the six other players, Marcus, Sean and Jonah had already retreated before. After a short moment of hesitation, Jesse joined them. 
"Me too, fold." Keith followed Jesse's surrender with a sigh. "Somehow, I don't think that you're bluffing..." 
Alex simply gave his friend a vacuous smile. Then his gaze went towards the last remaining player. "So what, you're folding, too, Colin?" 
Colin replied Alex' stare levelly. Oh, just you wait. I'm sure you have no idea what I have in store for you... "Call." 
For a
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Daphne and Velma Cosplay :iconuncannymegan:UncannyMegan 263 12 honey, I'm leaving :iconyumenonikki:yumenonikki 487 58 Daphne Blake Cosplay :iconuncannymegan:UncannyMegan 600 30 Dapnhe Blake Cosplay :iconuncannymegan:UncannyMegan 664 40 the iris sleeps under the snow :iconyumenonikki:yumenonikki 1,721 245 Black Slime :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 764 18 Daphne Blake Cosplay :iconuncannymegan:UncannyMegan 354 14 TG Caption trade 2 with Hailey Pixley :icontg-spain:TG-Spain 337 7
One Piece Boa Hancock Foot Worship Part 1

The sun was shining as it was another hot day on Amazon Lily, the island of women. It was home to the Kuja tribe, extremely powerful warrior women who were also very beautiful.  The Pirate Queen of the island, Boa Hancock was sitting on her throne in her throne room. The room was large and filled with expensive furnishings, as well as a royal red strip of carpet that went across the middle of the room leading to her throne.
She was wearing a revealing red dress, red heels and was currently sitting with one leg crossed over the other. Hancock was a very pompous, spoiled and arrogant woman. Believing she was superior to everyone around her and that everyone lived only to serve her. She was also extremely cruel and loved to humiliate those around her. She ruled over the island of women and no men were allowed on the island. She saw them as even more inferior to her and hated them the most
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One Piece Rebecca Foot Worship

It was yet another sunny afternoon in dressrosa , in fact it was in the middle of a heatwave and a tired young woman was walking home after a long morning of fighting in the coliseum. She had defeated all the other gladiators and had managed to keep her title as the "Undefeated Woman" . Her long pink braided hair was swept in the wind and her bare feet were sweating hard as she walked across the city in her yellow knee high, high heeled gladiator boots.
Her name was Rebecca and she was a well known for both her strength and beauty, she had a goddess-like body from her head to her toes, which she showed off with her revealing outfit of a yellow-scale armour bikini. She took off her yellow gladiator helmet and shook her silky hair around whilst also removing her brown gloves, which allowed her sweaty hands, which nails were painted pink like her hair, to get some air whilst she walked across the city. Although she was powerful, most people
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A run in the hose :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 362 57
Girl's night in
A regular apartment, on a side street right next to the city's main avenue is the place where this, and many other stories happen. Our main vict- I mean character are Tommy, 12 years old, average height, medium build, dark longish hair, and quite fast and flexible. His older sister Lisa, 16 years old, and one HOT girl with long straight black hair and matching black belt. She loves bondage and being the one that can move around during the tie ups. This hot girl likes to take advantage of being Tommy's regular babysitter by being in charge all the way, sometimes with her little victim's consent, but lately against it, as Tommy grew tired of his sister's abusive behavior.
This story begins two days before Tommy and Lisa parent's 20th anniversary, one that they decide to make a second honeymoon on. As always, they left Lisa in charge of the house and her little brother, which for Tommy meant the next week will be one tie up after the other. He wasn't planning on giving up that time though
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