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Jerusalem panorama by Zawij Jerusalem panorama :iconzawij:Zawij 286 65 I cry hopelessly by nickilroy I cry hopelessly :iconnickilroy:nickilroy 1,828 224 The Road To Peace by gilad The Road To Peace :icongilad:gilad 1,788 322 Justice and Equality by SaintIscariot Justice and Equality :iconsaintiscariot:SaintIscariot 544 126 GAZA by aamran GAZA :iconaamran:aamran 227 143 Freedom is My Nationality by gilad Freedom is My Nationality :icongilad:gilad 2,908 339 Daughter by malikalsalih Daughter :iconmalikalsalih:malikalsalih 474 104 Polandball ~ Shalom! by Undevicesimus Polandball ~ Shalom! :iconundevicesimus:Undevicesimus 135 123
Homes being torn down
to make room for better people
It starts with a family still inside
As the tank moves
a small boy starts to cry
The fear chokes him
He goes blind
The older boy who escaped
tries to defend his home
throwing rocks at the tank
He is seized by men with AKs
The fear chokes him
wetness drips down his pants
A man teaches his son to pray
in the house of God
until tanks surround them
and soldiers destroy the peace
Three laugh as they fire their weapons
at the son
The father stands over his limp body
in a last act of defiance
More bullets fly, hitting mosaics on the wall
spelling "God, the most merciful" in flowing Arabic script
One shot missed, he's paralyzed
more laughing as another hits its target
in between his eyes
He falls over his son
This is Palestine
This is Hell
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Behind The Veil by TakeMeToAnotherPlace Behind The Veil :icontakemetoanotherplace:TakeMeToAnotherPlace 627 575 Casualty of War by gilad Casualty of War :icongilad:gilad 3,572 677 Existence is Resistance by Quadraro Existence is Resistance :iconquadraro:Quadraro 461 89 Proud Muslim by muhammadibnabdullah Proud Muslim :iconmuhammadibnabdullah:muhammadibnabdullah 174 92 The Unknown Future by gilad The Unknown Future :icongilad:gilad 2,254 247 Silent Sonnet by gilad Silent Sonnet :icongilad:gilad 608 218 mommy's boy by pakhnokh mommy's boy :iconpakhnokh:pakhnokh 204 118 Boycott Israeli Goods by Quadraro Boycott Israeli Goods :iconquadraro:Quadraro 115 207 Mediterranean Countries Flag-Map by CaptainVoda Mediterranean Countries Flag-Map :iconcaptainvoda:CaptainVoda 87 60 The Black Wall by eilidh The Black Wall :iconeilidh:eilidh 456 97 Hate speech by Latuff2 Hate speech :iconlatuff2:Latuff2 163 0 Palestine by Honestheart26 Palestine :iconhonestheart26:Honestheart26 145 175 Strength by pename Strength :iconpename:pename 458 106 .::Calm Before the Storm::. by BluntieDK .::Calm Before the Storm::. :iconbluntiedk:BluntieDK 341 99 Pottery Man by tanya-n Pottery Man :icontanya-n:tanya-n 492 46 The Palestinian Federation (2024-2050) by Crisostomo-Ibarra The Palestinian Federation (2024-2050) :iconcrisostomo-ibarra:Crisostomo-Ibarra 104 55 The new Deputy page 4 by AnnaGiladi The new Deputy page 4 :iconannagiladi:AnnaGiladi 268 75 King Faisal by WaleedAlMalki King Faisal :iconwaleedalmalki:WaleedAlMalki 131 71 Prevent Holocaust BOMB IRAN by Latuff2 Prevent Holocaust BOMB IRAN :iconlatuff2:Latuff2 292 0 Israeli-Palestinian Peace Poster. by RedAmerican1945 Israeli-Palestinian Peace Poster. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 90 78 The Desert of Truth by TwilightSaint The Desert of Truth :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 539 139 student by BahaaAlbzoor student :iconbahaaalbzoor:BahaaAlbzoor 60 46
Story of their Wrong Democracy
Some of Democracy.. lot of unjustice
some of Truth... lot of Lies
Some of Love... lot of Hate
this is their civilization of our 21th century...
just a story of their Wrong Democracy..
read some of the pain flooded above
try to feel with out judgement
sorry because the article is soooo much long, it's a long story of their wrong democracy..
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Still A Long Way To Go by gilad Still A Long Way To Go :icongilad:gilad 854 145 will never break down by Bad-Blood will never break down :iconbad-blood:Bad-Blood 667 77 Whiplash by TwilightSaint Whiplash :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 412 65 BASTARDSGaza aid ship attacked by Latuff2 BASTARDSGaza aid ship attacked :iconlatuff2:Latuff2 193 0 palestinian warriors by byzantinum palestinian warriors :iconbyzantinum:byzantinum 105 8 United Arab Kingdoms Info-box by HouseOfHesse United Arab Kingdoms Info-box :iconhouseofhesse:HouseOfHesse 61 12 Warriors OC: Foxheart by AnnaGiladi Warriors OC: Foxheart :iconannagiladi:AnnaGiladi 251 43 APH: We are the League by shindianaify APH: We are the League :iconshindianaify:shindianaify 267 99
Nawaal, the headteacher, leads me out of the glaring sunlight and into the classroom. My eyes adjusting to the relative gloom, I find myself faced with a dozen boys barely younger than me, comfortable, curious, and amused.
Minutes before, I and the Brighton Tubas delegation were being shown around the new school of Al Jiflik, a large village spread across one of the many beautiful valleys of the West Bank. It was my first day in occupied Palestine. Before thinking, I pressed my services on Nawaal, suggesting that my native tongue could be of great value in her English lesson. It is for this reason that I was soon politely shoved into the dark but comfortable classroom, and sat upon a traditional wooden schoolchair in a class of eighteen-year-olds.
The maths class is in mid-flow. My entrance shatters the atmosphere of learning, and I notice the presence of another dozen young people, girls, whispering and giggling at the back. Accepting the disruption, the maths teacher – who is yo
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saracen warriors 2 by byzantinum saracen warriors 2 :iconbyzantinum:byzantinum 143 3
January 5, 2009
Hold them little one, tightly
won’t you, my suffering fingers –
your breath so short, your pulse
so faint, you are hardly here
with me and I have no time
to explain – it is not the shade of olive trees
that streaks your sunless face; it is not
the red poppies of Palestine I see blooming
there in your breast and I don’t know
how to speak what I wish – that it stung you
to feel my salt as I push these eyes
against your ragged jaw, that you’d
scream the agony of your torn body
as I pull you to me and curse my clumsy
mistreatment of your sagging shoulders,
the shattered glass of your mouth,
the splintered concrete of your bones –
if only you would, I could pretend anger at you
for bleeding on your best shirt, my shemagh
tucked under your head.
Hold them little one, tightly
won’t you, my suffering fingers –
your breath so short, your pulse
so faint, I am hardly here.
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Casablanca narrow street by shaheeed Casablanca narrow street :iconshaheeed:shaheeed 205 92
To Israel From Palestine
O Israel...
You want me to surrender to the gun?
And just let you have your fun?
Who do you think I am?
Your Slave U.S.A, the one that you have fooled by your propaganda lies?
You underestimate me
Have you forgotten who I am?
Let me remind you
And I have All Mighty Allah on my side
I carry the flag of
"La illaha illa Allah"
"There is no god but Allah"
You think you have weakened me
But you don't understand
You have only strengthened me
You swim in my people's blood
Blood of innocents of the young and old
While America feeds you bread
To have another child dead
And yet you claim I am the terrorist?
You can fool the world but you can't fool God!
My faith and trust in Him will never be buried for it will never die
I hold on to patience because i know soon revenge will be knocking on your door,
Not from me, but from the one who created you and me!
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Berlin and Israel walls by Latuff2 Berlin and Israel walls :iconlatuff2:Latuff2 188 0 Israel threatens Rachel Corrie by Latuff2 Israel threatens Rachel Corrie :iconlatuff2:Latuff2 159 0