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Tower of Alchemist by Gimaldinov Tower of Alchemist :icongimaldinov:Gimaldinov 557 32 At The Mountains of Madness by Earl-Graey At The Mountains of Madness :iconearl-graey:Earl-Graey 216 21 Temple Lagoon by JonasDeRo Temple Lagoon :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 11,529 449 Demon by chasestone Demon :iconchasestone:chasestone 7,917 606 The Spire Fields by JonasDeRo The Spire Fields :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 3,981 104 The House Of Spikes by JonasDeRo The House Of Spikes :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 9,940 479 Urban Jungle by JonasDeRo Urban Jungle :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 13,819 842 White Queen by AuroraWienhold White Queen :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 7,904 333 O V E R T H I N K I N G by DestinyBlue O V E R T H I N K I N G :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 19,954 1,010 Chromatism by JonasDeRo Chromatism :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 20,603 1,088 Caution by ThibaultFischer Caution :iconthibaultfischer:ThibaultFischer 3,772 309 Summer Time by JonasDeRo Summer Time :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 9,696 434 Ellira, the Voracious by bpsola Ellira, the Voracious :iconbpsola:bpsola 2,324 77 Neo-Shinjuku by JonasDeRo Neo-Shinjuku :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 5,831 241 Lost by Ninjatic Lost :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 4,703 144 Castle Ruins by JonasDeRo Castle Ruins :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 2,417 86 Neon Tokyo Alley by Narandel Neon Tokyo Alley :iconnarandel:Narandel 2,673 221 Migration by Raphael-Lacoste Migration :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 4,682 154 Cold waiting by Talros Cold waiting :icontalros:Talros 2,092 197 Alice by AuroraWienhold Alice :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 4,265 176 Last operation by Talros Last operation :icontalros:Talros 2,002 116 Land of the Stone Giants by bpsola Land of the Stone Giants :iconbpsola:bpsola 1,772 34 Blue City by R-A-I-N-A-R-T Blue City :iconr-a-i-n-a-r-t:R-A-I-N-A-R-T 703 29 Beach by R-A-I-N-A-R-T Beach :iconr-a-i-n-a-r-t:R-A-I-N-A-R-T 320 15 Burton's Alice in Wonderland by AuroraWienhold Burton's Alice in Wonderland :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 4,901 203 XL-11 Assassin by PeterPrime XL-11 Assassin :iconpeterprime:PeterPrime 985 100 Mantis Samurai Returns by Roboto-kun Mantis Samurai Returns :iconroboto-kun:Roboto-kun 1,670 59 Tac Knight04 by NIW Tac Knight04 :iconniw:NIW 667 33 Awakening by JasonTN Awakening :iconjasontn:JasonTN 871 34 Genesis WIP by GeorgeLovesyArt Genesis WIP :icongeorgelovesyart:GeorgeLovesyArt 1,014 62 Alice In Wonderland by AuroraWienhold Alice In Wonderland :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 7,857 415 Mist Spawn Titan by jbrown67 Mist Spawn Titan :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 1,592 87 Guard duty by Talros Guard duty :icontalros:Talros 1,679 114 Asgard's Journey by Raphael-Lacoste Asgard's Journey :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 3,041 99
Resources For Artists: Tutorials from Youtube 1
Tutorials from YouTube
Part 1

There are many places you will find resources to help you with your art. From deviantART's own vast resources, tutorials, stock images provided by artists to your public library, bookstores, art sessions to name a few. YouTube is one such resource hub. From live video which explains materials and products you would need for your traditional or digital artwork, to painting demonstrations that are live to 'speedpaints', they offer various ways audio-visual medium and such a large diversity of artists help with getting help you need. You are encouraged to find more and browse more to research, study and practice.
This Resources for Artists is the 3rd in the series of the article, and the 1st chapter for the YouTube resources list. If you have any links to amazing tutorials, video demonstrations, YouTube channels that you are aware of, do share them below in the comments and they will likely appear in the next series. You are welco
:iconphoenixleo:phoenixleo 137 42
THe neverending Factory by eWKn THe neverending Factory :iconewkn:eWKn 660 32 Jared Leto by AuroraWienhold Jared Leto :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 4,112 434 Heavy Gear by Talros Heavy Gear :icontalros:Talros 1,273 133 Departure by simonfetscher Departure :iconsimonfetscher:simonfetscher 420 11 Sea Dragon by andyparkart Sea Dragon :iconandyparkart:andyparkart 2,020 87 Water Village by eWKn Water Village :iconewkn:eWKn 631 20 Sci Fi city by Raphael-Lacoste Sci Fi city :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 1,088 50 Terry Goodkind - Phantom by Raphael-Lacoste Terry Goodkind - Phantom :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 3,543 174 Rocks Along the Beach by dylancole Rocks Along the Beach :icondylancole:dylancole 1,524 73 Blood Elf Paladin by GlennRaneArt Blood Elf Paladin :iconglennraneart:GlennRaneArt 2,397 98 Female Death Knight by GlennRaneArt Female Death Knight :iconglennraneart:GlennRaneArt 6,512 249 tribe of Nur'thar by JoeDiepstraten tribe of Nur'thar :iconjoediepstraten:JoeDiepstraten 2,243 160 Spy yacht by Aisxos Spy yacht :iconaisxos:Aisxos 473 14