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Play Time
A young, voluptuous, blonde-haired woman kneeled in front of a circle drawn on the ground with what appeared to be white chalk on some pavement in an enclosed area outside, which was really only her backyard. She had come across a book about magic and spells, one of which was summoning someone to her position and shrinking them. She liked the idea of having a little person at her mercy, but wasn't holding out much hope for this to be real.
She began to chant as the book instructed beside the poorly-drawn circle and designs in it, and became so immersed in it, she didn't even notice the white lines glowing pink. After a few minutes, a bright flash suddenly appeared, and with it a small figure, smaller than even a doll. He had curly brown hair and was holding what looked like a sword, doing a few movements before he realized something was not right.
"Oh my god, it worked! It actually worked," she yelled out, delighted by this development, and caused the figure below to drop his sword and
:iconsekiko:Sekiko 228 48
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