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Pack-man by NaBHaN Pack-man :iconnabhan:NaBHaN 2,159 79 IronMan Icon Pack by Svengraph IronMan Icon Pack :iconsvengraph:Svengraph 1,074 238 Wizard and Gypsy by screwbald Wizard and Gypsy :iconscrewbald:screwbald 2,485 119 Baggage by thegirlcansmile Baggage :iconthegirlcansmile:thegirlcansmile 770 280 Tutorial: 2 Cosplay and Wig Organization Tips by Stealthos-Aurion Tutorial: 2 Cosplay and Wig Organization Tips :iconstealthos-aurion:Stealthos-Aurion 309 25 Plantus Pack Kit by danielmental Plantus Pack Kit :icondanielmental:danielmental 724 91 Props Tutorial: Ahri Tails Pt. 01 by LilyBatCosplay Props Tutorial: Ahri Tails Pt. 01 :iconlilybatcosplay:LilyBatCosplay 142 16 Cosplay Tutorial: Packing by CosplayStory Cosplay Tutorial: Packing :iconcosplaystory:CosplayStory 325 25
birds on a wire.
today i saw two birds sitting on a telephone wire and i wondered if maybe they were on a date.  i wondered if i were a bird, if i would have lots of dates that we spent sitting on a telephone wire watching the clouds shape shift and watching the cars roll by, with little kids pointing out the window saying, "look mom, those two birds are sipping coffee in a cute little cafe on the telephone wire!"
of course, the wire would never be able to hold a cafe.
but i'm still stuck wondering if i will ever have a date, whether i'm a bird or not.
i wish i could tell you that i don't miss you in the type of way that makes my stomach churn, but i do. i really really do.
i miss hugging you from behind, even if you would just stand there and even if the backpack you never put in your locker got in the way. i liked being able to say i hugged you, even if you didn't like it and even if i didn't know how i felt and even if we weren't two birds sitting on a telephone wire sipping lattes at a sm
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Packing for Meh Holiday by DEVlANT Packing for Meh Holiday :icondevlant:DEVlANT 1,619 314 epilogue by aimeelikestotakepics epilogue :iconaimeelikestotakepics:aimeelikestotakepics 367 14 Preparing For a Journey by sXeven Preparing For a Journey :iconsxeven:sXeven 1,392 100 Packing pins by ShinePawPony Packing pins :iconshinepawpony:ShinePawPony 280 16 a good performance by BigJimmyC a good performance :iconbigjimmyc:BigJimmyC 56 46 Penguin's Moving Cake by ginas-cakes Penguin's Moving Cake :iconginas-cakes:ginas-cakes 118 49 Sculpture Packing Tutorial by scenceable Sculpture Packing Tutorial :iconscenceable:scenceable 125 10 Props Tutorial: Ahri Tails Pt. 02 by LilyBatCosplay Props Tutorial: Ahri Tails Pt. 02 :iconlilybatcosplay:LilyBatCosplay 73 14
Goten Trunks in a thunderstorm
A/N: Now time for the cute little Goten and Trunks.
Trunks: I'm not cute, I'm awesome!
Goten: You really think I'm cute, *Blushes slightly*
Trunks: -_-'
Rose: Anyway, on with the story shall we!
Goten heard thunder strike outside of capsule corp, he was spending the night with his best friend Trunks. "Trunks...?" Goten asked his best friend.
"Yeah, Goten?" Trunks asked sticking his head slightly out from under the blanket to look at his frightened friend.
"Maybe we should just go cuddle with your mom and dad, every time I'm scared I cuddle with my big brother and mom-" Goten said quickly before Trunks rudely interrupted.
"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Trunks accused, "If my dad finds out I'm scared of thunder, he'll be ashamed of me, not only that he'll disown me for the rest of my life! I'll be forced to live on the streets as a helpless little orphan begging for munny, my dad will have another son who could actually be brave in times like this, he'll completely replace me and soon he-"
Goten inter
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I Like Big Guts
"I Like Big Guts and I Cannot Lie"
By Zonker
with thanks (and apologies) to Sir Mix-A-Lot
I like big
I like big
I like big guts and I cannot lie
Big guts and I cannot lie
Big guts and I cannot
Guts and I cannot
Guts, guts, guts, guts,
Guts and I cannot lie
I like em round and big
I like em girl guts big
I like em round and big
I like em round like a pig
Big guts and I cannot lie
You chubby lovers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an jiggly wiggly waist
Your eyes pop out of your face
Her gut's hung
You lookin so tough
Cause you notice that gut is stuffed
Bulgin over the jeans she's wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna cook with ya
And bake and taste with ya
Make homefries, mix cupcake batter
And that gut you got
Gonna get fatter
Ooh, ooh, ooh, plumpened smooth belly
You say you wanna eat my jelly
Have me, have me, you aint that average fatty
I've seen her prancin'
Shimmyin' and dancin'
She's chub, tub, got it goin like a belly rub
I'm tired of
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