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What if ''Gravity Falls'' was an anime (Youtube) by Mikeinel What if ''Gravity Falls'' was an anime (Youtube) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 16,380 922 Gravity Falls: Pacifica's Flashlight (Video) by Mikeinel Gravity Falls: Pacifica's Flashlight (Video) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 8,106 431 Gravity Falls: Bonus Scene by Mgx0 Gravity Falls: Bonus Scene :iconmgx0:Mgx0 1,935 130 Gravity Falls Icon: Pacifica by Mikeinel Gravity Falls Icon: Pacifica :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 2,901 223 Gravity Falls: Process Animation by Mikeinel Gravity Falls: Process Animation :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 13,332 634 Sharing by Buryooooo Sharing :iconburyooooo:Buryooooo 876 82 Northwest Pine Tree by Garabatoz Northwest Pine Tree :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 2,277 483 Dipper/Pacifica Polaroid by LittleMsArtsy Dipper/Pacifica Polaroid :iconlittlemsartsy:LittleMsArtsy 1,396 180 Gravity Falls - Scene Recreation by Mgx0 Gravity Falls - Scene Recreation :iconmgx0:Mgx0 1,851 109 A Mechanism of Character by creaturesfromel A Mechanism of Character :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 1,591 51 Outfit Swap by TheCheeseburger Outfit Swap :iconthecheeseburger:TheCheeseburger 1,154 143 Padippica Tango by Garabatoz Padippica Tango :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 1,312 186 Gravity Falls: Worried by HamasakiMisui Gravity Falls: Worried :iconhamasakimisui:HamasakiMisui 792 117 Gravity Falls Genderswap by TheCheeseburger Gravity Falls Genderswap :iconthecheeseburger:TheCheeseburger 1,114 104 Gravity Falls- New Friend by AlinaCat923 Gravity Falls- New Friend :iconalinacat923:AlinaCat923 1,403 143 dayum by Vita-ex-machina dayum :iconvita-ex-machina:Vita-ex-machina 1,345 82 Strange and gentle IV by creaturesfromel Strange and gentle IV :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 531 9 Get smother with kisses by wild-cobragirl Get smother with kisses :iconwild-cobragirl:wild-cobragirl 584 70 Pacifica's Guide to Colors by ChadRocco Pacifica's Guide to Colors :iconchadrocco:ChadRocco 1,292 90
Can You Feel Young Love Tonight?
Can You Feel Young Love Tonight?
A Gravity Falls Song that parodies the lyrics of The Lion King’s version of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John
Mabel: Let me get this straight. You befriended her, and you never told me?
Dipper: Look, she’s actually a nice girl.
Mabel: But with MONEY!
Pacifica: Um, can you guys excuse us for a few minutes?
Mabel: Hey, whatever she has to say, she can say it in front of us. Right bro?
Dipper: Uh, maybe you better go.
Mabel: *gasp* It starts. You think you know your brother.
Soos: See you around, dudes.
*Mabel and Soos leave*
Dipper: Mabel and Soos. You’ll learn to love them.
Pacifica: …
Dipper: What? What is it?
Pacifica: I never really got to properly thank you. You don’t know how much that means to everyone. What it means to me. *blush*
Dipper: Hey, it’s okay.
Pacifica: *hugs Dipper* Thank you so much.
Dipper: I’m glad I could help.
*Mabel and Soos watching from a distance*
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Gravity Falls(Dipper X Pacifica)
The following event takes place 24-hours after the episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery."
The curse on Northwest Mansion was broken by Pacifica taking her own choice of fixing her family name and proving that she wasn't like her family. So, everything started going back to normal...Well, as normal as Gravity Falls could be; however Pacifica started to feel different, would this sensation be the beginning of something interesting? Only this story would tell.
It was 10:00 a.m. on Gravity Falls and everybody was doing their usual routine, something that could be boring to anybody as Pacifica showed by looking through the window in her room and sighing from time to time until her mom opened her door.
Mrs. Northwest—Is something bothering you darling?—said she while entering the room with the butler following her.
Pacifica—Nothing mom, it's just that there's nothing to do today.—said she sighing once again.
Mrs.Northwest—Maybe you could go out with some of our ri
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Reverse falls by RiaFire Reverse falls :iconriafire:RiaFire 929 24 No more pretending - Dipcifica by Riuke-Z No more pretending - Dipcifica :iconriuke-z:Riuke-Z 780 218 bay Big Sur, California by alierturk bay Big Sur, California :iconalierturk:alierturk 729 29 Gravity Falls: Hats Off by ChadRocco Gravity Falls: Hats Off :iconchadrocco:ChadRocco 929 85 Under The Mistletoe by greatlucario Under The Mistletoe :icongreatlucario:greatlucario 240 46 I never got the chance by ChadRocco I never got the chance :iconchadrocco:ChadRocco 968 146 Padippica Noir by Garabatoz Padippica Noir :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 793 299 Scared? by Vita-ex-machina Scared? :iconvita-ex-machina:Vita-ex-machina 1,134 67 Gorath Falls by Garabatoz Gorath Falls :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 686 104 The Mystery Foursome by Garabatoz The Mystery Foursome :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 772 123 2080: US Territorial Acquisitions in the Americas by YNot1989 2080: US Territorial Acquisitions in the Americas :iconynot1989:YNot1989 101 37 GF- Passing the Night by AlinaCat923 GF- Passing the Night :iconalinacat923:AlinaCat923 990 138 Ssshhh... by SingingWanderer Ssshhh... :iconsingingwanderer:SingingWanderer 770 146 Comm - ECP_GF by Garabatoz Comm - ECP_GF :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 985 74 My seat by CartoonFreakshow My seat :iconcartoonfreakshow:CartoonFreakshow 1,333 346
Gravity Falls: One Last Night of Peace
The party was going as well as could be expected, considering the ordeal everyone had undergone. There was cheering from wall to wall, souls intermingling with one another, a grand room teeming with life and joyousness. Dipper proceeded through the crowd towards the cider fountain, grabbed an empty glass, and filled it up from the spicket towards the top so as not to disturb the now tired Manly Dan who was resting in the base pool.
“Dipper!” he heard his sister yell as she ran across the room to him and proceeded to expel an unnaturally fast sentence from her lungs, “What happened? One minute, my eyes can only see in a woody filter, the next Marius is asking Grenda out, which is awesome in the same way a rainbow-laser-shooting unicorn in a tuxedo would be awesome, but I'm still confused as to where those five minutes of my life went.” Mabel then took a breath and continued. “And what was that weird blue fire beard guy? He looked like he came out of some Ha
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