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Reaper :iconguzzardi:Guzzardi 1,110 38 [Overwatch] Old Times ... (Wallpaper) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 186 4 Gabe :iconalebyron:alebyron 156 6 TracerxReaper :iconblondynkitezgraja:BlondynkiTezGraja 498 25 When Death Come :iconsanilea:Sanilea 297 2 [Overwatch] Pumpkin Reaper - Highlight (Wallpaper) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 120 0 Overwatch foes :iconspookycoin:spookycoin 126 9 OVERWATCH: Comic #1 :iconredlex:RedLex 167 16 Onesiewatch - Reaper + Soldier 76 :iconbaggy666:BaGgY666 66 2 Overwatch: Old Grudges :iconchenguin:Chenguin 122 12 [Overwatch] Pumpkin Reaper (Wallpaper) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 80 0 OW - Reaper :iconversiris:Versiris 330 1 Reaper :iconmsppice:mSppice 232 4 Reap what you Sol Die-r :iconfunnyberserker:funnyberserker 59 2 Super Mega Evil Kawaii Reaper :iconrainbowdrool:RainbowDrool 51 12 them overwatch OFFENSES :iconsir-erdgeist:Sir-Erdgeist 175 6 When they look up themselves on the internet... :icondarknessringogallery:DarknessRingoGallery 153 41
Reaper x Fem!Reader || To Hell and Back
Reaper x Fem!Reader
Note: This wasn’t requested by anyone, I am letting myself write what I want for a bit, can’t focus on requests rn…just having writer’s block with them.
“I followed you to Hell and back and it wasn’t enough.”
It was never enough for him. You’d always tried to please him, it’s all you wanted to do for your boyfriend considering you didn’t work on the field with him. You were a simple medic, a small, petite girl who wasn’t the fighting type. You would rather heal someone than pick up a gun and shoot them, which is why you got along well with, and worked with Mercy. She was just like you, didn’t want to shoot people, but unlike you, she would when forced to. Right now, however, you weren’t concerned over your mentor, you were focusing of calming Gabriel down. The man was pacing angrily, pent up over Morrison yet again. The two had gotten into yet another argument, and you wer
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 54 12
[SFM] Mission Complete :iconrobopon003:Robopon003 72 2 [Overwatch] Pumpkin Reaper (Render) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 233 9 Heroes never cry :iconrainbow-nebula:Rainbow-Nebula 150 28 Overwatch: What There Is :iconpaintispainful:PaintIsPainful 86 3 Overwatch - Tracer x Reaper :icono-f-t-e-n:O-F-T-E-N 49 61
Gabriel Reyes x Reader x Jack Morrison Oneshot
Gabriel Reyes x Reader x Jack Morrison || Unrequited Love
Requested by: No one but myself
"I have feelings for you, Gabriel."
"Well I don't have any for you, so get over it and go bother someone else. Go see if Morrison has some assignment for you, or if you can help Angela, but dammit stop following me around. I hate you, don't you get that? Just leave me be."

You could hear the conversation over and over again in your head as you laid sprawled out on your bed. The man you loved... hated you and it hurt to know that. Secretly you wondered if it was just due to you constantly bugging him and following him around, asking for even a moment of his time. However, you found that deep down you couldn't help but believe that was truly his feelings towards you.
You rolled over with a groan as you grabbed a pillow, hugging it tightly as you shoved your face into it. Salty tears stung at your eyes and rolled down your face as you struggled not to noisily break down sobbing. You ef
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 62 4
Overwatch - Reaper :iconpokeypokums:PokeyPokums 209 10 Reaper [SFM] :icongamingbunny013:GamingBunny013 32 2 Fly, fly, FLY!!! :icondarknessringogallery:DarknessRingoGallery 37 2 The Overwatch Comics: Reaper :icondarknessringogallery:DarknessRingoGallery 75 17 Shiver :iconjellygay:Jellygay 115 7 We're all soldiers, now. :iconreaperfox:reaperfox 109 7 Gremlin Sombra :iconpeach-n-key:Peach-n-Key 101 11 Some Neo Geo inspired mockup :iconscepterdpinoy:ScepterDPinoy 24 12 Save Me :iconsilverfangedwolf:SilverFangedWolf 38 10
Reaper x Male!Reader || The Mission
Reaper x Male! Reader
Requested by: CaptainBat on Wattpad
Note: My OCs Raven and Jennifer are included in this. Enjoy their presence <3
You sighed, watching your biggest crush walk by with the woman whose skin was a pale purplish-blue. You wished you could be as close with him as she was, but you deemed it impossible. He was way too high ranked to be put on the same missions as you unless he just so happened to randomly choose you to join him, but why choose someone like you when he had Widowmaker instead? A beautiful female who could back him up, and she worked perfectly in sync with him, knowing just what he was going to do and when. She was miles ahead of you in skill, and her feminine features most likely caught his eye as well, considering he could probably enjoy looking at with the comfort of his mask on and not feel the slightest bit embarrassed. You meanwhile had none of that, you were a simple healer recruited by Talon and normally patched people up back here at the
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 36 4
Angel of Death :iconmrcomrade:MrComrade 31 4 Overwatch: Killin' Pie :iconpaintispainful:PaintIsPainful 29 0 MMD - Reaper (Pumpkin) Download :icontogekisspika35:Togekisspika35 36 10
Crazy (Reaper x Reader)
I gulped, my footsteps pounding harder into the ground as I ran. Genji and McCree on my tail, close behind me. My panting was heavy and extremely easy to hear. I was a stealth character for Talon rather than a tank. Like an assassin but even more quiet. It was harder to hear my paces compared to others but that didn't mean you couldn't pick them up at all, I was a new character; being only released a few months into the Talon program as another assassin. I wasn't the best, but I had my perks.
My throat started to burn as I ran faster, making my way up a building as fast as I could. What was I doing?!? Had I suddenly turned stupid enough to do this? I made my way to the top of the building and looked down. Neither of them were there and I smiled slightly to myself.
Getting up, I turned to be met with a sharp blade at my neck. I gulped again, causing my throat to push slightly against the sharp sword. And guess who was holding that sword...the notorious cyborg ninja. "I'm sorry (Y/N), bu
:iconrockthenebula:RockTheNebula 24 12
.:Just Hangin Around??:. :iconlugia731d:Lugia731D 55 5 [Overwatch] Sombra trolls Reaper XDDD (GIF) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 46 6 [SFM] Death walks among you... :iconanthonyblender:AnthonyBlender 53 5 Reaper76 :iconreborn-gp:reborn-gp 60 9
Reaper x M!Reader Part 2 || Forever By Your Side
Reaper x M!Reader Part 2
Requested by: CaptainBat on Wattpad
NOTE: My OCs Raven, Jennifer, Dimitri, Elementum and Arthur are included in this. Enjoy their presence <3
“Sorry…this will hurt,” you said as you dabbed some peroxide into the cut and earned a hiss of pain from the girl you were treating.
“Thank you (y/n),” she said as you started to wrap the wound in bandages.
“You’re welcome,” you said in response as you tied it up.
“So…how are you and Reaper?” she asked casually, making your face heat up.
“F-Fine, Jennifer…”you stuttered as you checked her over, and she laughed.
“There’s no need to be shy about it,” she reassured. “Everyone knows about it, you should be happy and grateful that he chose you.”
“I-I am grateful, and I love him dearly,” you said. “I’m just…can’t help it. I don’t normally get questions about our re
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 25 3
.:Find Peace Within Yourself:. :iconlugia731d:Lugia731D 58 8 Overwatch - Reaper (New) :icondarknessringogallery:DarknessRingoGallery 46 1 [Overwatch] Reaper (Fanart) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 27 1 Death Comes in Many Forms :icondingobreath:DingoBreath 61 4 And A Kiss To Make It Feel Better :iconsunkaro:Sunkaro 67 17 [SFM] Don't Mess With Us :iconrobopon003:Robopon003 22 0 [Overwatch] Pumpkin Reaper - Highlight (GIF) :iconpopokupingupop90:PopokuPinguPop90 38 4