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Bionicle MOC: Overheat 2.0 by Rahiden Bionicle MOC: Overheat 2.0 :iconrahiden:Rahiden 354 127
Other Overheated Things (Cloud StrifeXReader)
A few loose strands of platinum hair dangled in his view, as if to taunt the strict curve combo that his eyes and eyebrows had displayed. The crystal blue color that stained his orbs were dimmed slightly at the sight before him: A certain motorcycle’s engine, bluntly heated after having participated in a massive steaming fit. Cloud tapped his fingers on the apparatus's glistening metal organs before sighing heavily, slipping his hands out of a pair of gloves and throwing them aside harshly.
He put a thumb up to his jaw as he analyzed the malfunction. It could have easily been a broken fan, but both the clutch and the shroud were in stable condition. Water levels weren't under the minimum, as Zack had oddly taught him. Perhaps there was something wrong with the temperature balance? That was always a possibility.
He looked over to the (h/c) haired girl sitting upon the surface of a wooden bench, laughing hysterically with the owner of the garage. As they engaged in conversation, hi
:iconaquaticargolis:AquaticArgolis 168 16
Blast Burn by Pixelated-Takkun Blast Burn :iconpixelated-takkun:Pixelated-Takkun 926 48 Charizard | Heat Wave by ishmam Charizard | Heat Wave :iconishmam:ishmam 648 101 Bionicle MOC: Overheat by Rahiden Bionicle MOC: Overheat :iconrahiden:Rahiden 125 94 Overheat by Tuooneo Overheat :icontuooneo:Tuooneo 457 18 Bionicle MOCs - December 2011 by Rahiden Bionicle MOCs - December 2011 :iconrahiden:Rahiden 66 13 Bionicle MOCs - June 2012 by Rahiden Bionicle MOCs - June 2012 :iconrahiden:Rahiden 93 47 Overheat by Py-Bun Overheat :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 209 24 .:Overheat, Eruption, Ember:. by KakyoTakahashi .:Overheat, Eruption, Ember:. :iconkakyotakahashi:KakyoTakahashi 106 22
Artificial Incompetence (Timeline 2020-2500)
Our biggest fear was that robots would turn on their masters. No one anticipated that
they’d turn on each other. In less time that it took to build these machines people had
found ways to fool them. Automated warfare had become a joke. It was much easier to beam
mis-information at a robot and save the bullet. In our last armed conflict the military
strategists were taught a lesson, we cannot anticipate everything so how could be build
machines who can? But did they learn? No, their solution was to try and build them
smarter. What they missed is that killer androids did not have the ability to physically
adapt to the world around them. These machines would break down in the jungles, would
overheat in the deserts and get trapped in the swamps. In fact, they were better suited
to border patrols on the Homefront and in far regular climates. Machines are only as good
as the people behind them. Are we too arrogant to face this fact?
:iconjeffreyrebowlski:JeffreyRebowlski 15 10
Overheat by Up-Tchi Overheat :iconup-tchi:Up-Tchi 62 5 Overheat Margarett by Salmon88 Overheat Margarett :iconsalmon88:Salmon88 213 9 Bionicle MOCs - June 2011 by Rahiden Bionicle MOCs - June 2011 :iconrahiden:Rahiden 57 33 Overheat: Detail by Rahiden Overheat: Detail :iconrahiden:Rahiden 51 26 2nd Stage remake : Armight by El-Dark-Core 2nd Stage remake : Armight :iconel-dark-core:El-Dark-Core 153 1
Nature Is My Muse
my ink has gone dry·
by city lights
September '11
:iconbottle-in-the-sea:bottle-in-the-sea 12 34
+ Flareon 001 + by inferno988 + Flareon 001 + :iconinferno988:inferno988 191 53 Saucylobster 2nd Prize by Darksilvania Saucylobster 2nd Prize :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 407 35 Moltres by Macuarrorro Moltres :iconmacuarrorro:Macuarrorro 202 22 Typhlosion's Overheat by SuellenB Typhlosion's Overheat :iconsuellenb:SuellenB 252 58 TC61: Fairy Tale by Rahiden TC61: Fairy Tale :iconrahiden:Rahiden 39 26 Shiny Mega Charizard Y | Overheat by ishmam Shiny Mega Charizard Y | Overheat :iconishmam:ishmam 286 24 Volcarona used FIERY DANCE: re by PyroFishies Volcarona used FIERY DANCE: re :iconpyrofishies:PyroFishies 130 38 Zzzzzz... by Yamashita-akaDoragon Zzzzzz... :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 212 19 Art Trade:Sarah Needs Her Fuel by Metalforever Art Trade:Sarah Needs Her Fuel :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 340 45 Skullgirls: Red hot Valentine by Brian12 Skullgirls: Red hot Valentine :iconbrian12:Brian12 162 28 Fake Pokemon: Pyrant and Evos by Dragga Fake Pokemon: Pyrant and Evos :icondragga:Dragga 91 28 Commission - Uruboros used Overheat! by ClockworkShrew Commission - Uruboros used Overheat! :iconclockworkshrew:ClockworkShrew 78 4 Return to the Sixth World by Slouping Return to the Sixth World :iconslouping:Slouping 41 4 Testing time by Artsed Testing time :iconartsed:Artsed 180 23 Heart Burn Ch8 Page 3 by R2ninjaturtle Heart Burn Ch8 Page 3 :iconr2ninjaturtle:R2ninjaturtle 208 36 Overwatch - Mei Overheating by chazzpineda Overwatch - Mei Overheating :iconchazzpineda:chazzpineda 125 13 Overwatch - Mei Overheating (Other side) by chazzpineda Overwatch - Mei Overheating (Other side) :iconchazzpineda:chazzpineda 73 2 Chandelure | Inferno by ishmam Chandelure | Inferno :iconishmam:ishmam 171 14 Lazy Charizard takes nap by Yamashita-akaDoragon Lazy Charizard takes nap :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 57 10 overheatie by riotbreaker overheatie :iconriotbreaker:riotbreaker 20 7 Furnace by Yamashita-akaDoragon Furnace :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 80 10 Overheat by SteveKdA Overheat :iconstevekda:SteveKdA 95 40 Overheat by CaptainWii Overheat :iconcaptainwii:CaptainWii 10 10 Getting Steamed Up by RattlerJones Getting Steamed Up :iconrattlerjones:RattlerJones 17 4 Warp 8.65 by confidential007 Warp 8.65 :iconconfidential007:confidential007 9 16 Typhlosion Used Giga Impact by ForeverZeroDragon Typhlosion Used Giga Impact :iconforeverzerodragon:ForeverZeroDragon 133 28 Elsword : Raven -Veteran Commander- by Miizu-Kun Elsword : Raven -Veteran Commander- :iconmiizu-kun:Miizu-Kun 38 1 Symbol Life by Yamashita-akaDoragon Symbol Life :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 43 1 Overheat by Gycinn Overheat :icongycinn:Gycinn 25 2 R3 Tyler v Jekyll by RocCenere R3 Tyler v Jekyll :iconroccenere:RocCenere 46 33 Android Pinkamena/ Steamwing Jester (Overdrive) by Comet-Strike Android Pinkamena/ Steamwing Jester (Overdrive) :iconcomet-strike:Comet-Strike 27 32