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Out With A Bang by O173 Out With A Bang :icono173:O173 10 8 KHR COS:  Out With a Bang by kawaii-sasuke KHR COS: Out With a Bang :iconkawaii-sasuke:kawaii-sasuke 59 65 Out With A Bang by DracoFreak899 Out With A Bang :icondracofreak899:DracoFreak899 6 4 ONESHOTS by Jey09 ONESHOTS :iconjey09:Jey09 9 2 TNT Tara by silrance TNT Tara :iconsilrance:silrance 8 9 OWB Promo by Jey09 OWB Promo :iconjey09:Jey09 6 0 TNT Tara by Jey09 TNT Tara :iconjey09:Jey09 7 0 Going Out With A Bang by Turbofurby Going Out With A Bang :iconturbofurby:Turbofurby 5 0 Ricochet Sara by silrance Ricochet Sara :iconsilrance:silrance 4 3 Halo Reach: out with a bang by purpledragon104 Halo Reach: out with a bang :iconpurpledragon104:purpledragon104 3 0
Out with a bang?
This is the way the world ends,
world ends,
world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang, but a whimper.
This is the way we lose our friends,
lose our friends,
lose our friends.
This is the way we lose our friends.
Not with a bang, but a whimper.
This is the way the people die,
people die,
people die.
This is the way the people die.
Not with a bang, but a whimper.
This is the way the children cry,
children cry,
children cry.
This is the way the children cry.
Not with a bang, but a whimper.
:iconfat-butt:Fat-Butt 3 0
Go Out With A Bang by ColorMeVicious Go Out With A Bang :iconcolormevicious:ColorMeVicious 3 4 Deidara, un by beanielova Deidara, un :iconbeanielova:beanielova 3 13 Out With A Bang Drawing Progression by O173 Out With A Bang Drawing Progression :icono173:O173 8 0 Z tv logo WTF by the--Z Z tv logo WTF :iconthe--z:the--Z 0 2 Out With a Jeff the Killer by Renexis Out With a Jeff the Killer :iconrenexis:Renexis 2 0 DR doom Quickie by the--Z DR doom Quickie :iconthe--z:the--Z 3 6 Going out with a Bang by minicamjeffey Going out with a Bang :iconminicamjeffey:minicamjeffey 0 1 Collab with keybluekyn by vanv Collab with keybluekyn :iconvanv:vanv 1 11 Out with a bang by Gracefulyon Out with a bang :icongracefulyon:Gracefulyon 0 0 :Lineart: Out with a Bang by 1-1-7 :Lineart: Out with a Bang :icon1-1-7:1-1-7 0 5 Preview 11-7 by 1-1-7 Preview 11-7 :icon1-1-7:1-1-7 0 3
Going out with a bang
Blood dripped onto the console, the bridge covered in smoke and fire.
Run\\: Program\_Vision_of_things_to_come Authorization 02911398A
*Charged Particle Cannon intake exceeding maximum safe levels*
"Wish you were here old man"
Run\\: program\_going_out_with_a_bang.exe
*This program requires two command level access codes to initiate*
Diplay\\: Command_staff_Access_codes
RJefferson: 02911398A
MSummner: 9127832C
DMichaels: 0298457D
Run\\: program\going_out_with_a_bang.exe
*This program requires two command level access codes to initiate*
RJefferson: 02911398A
MSummner: 9127832C
*Initiating\\: program\_going_out_with_a_bang*
“goodbye my friends”
:iconvert8472:Vert8472 1 8
Go Out With a Bang by Fragmented-Mask Go Out With a Bang :iconfragmented-mask:Fragmented-Mask 2 2 Out With A Bang... by Art0x Out With A Bang... :iconart0x:Art0x 0 5 Out With A Bang by Safiriay Out With A Bang :iconsafiriay:Safiriay 2 0 OWB by Jey09 OWB :iconjey09:Jey09 0 0 And We End With A Bang by demonmiko82 And We End With A Bang :icondemonmiko82:demonmiko82 1 0 out with a bang by hawginsck out with a bang :iconhawginsck:hawginsck 0 0
Out with a Bang
Out with a Bang.
By Faith Lindbom
Sam Rider: Classic, Humphrey Bogart, Private eye type. Has a tendency to voice his thoughts out loud.
Helena Dove : Sweet, alluring, yet overdramatic girl who is looking to find the strange criminal who is out to ruin her father's airplane shipping business.
Captain Danny Swift: Slightly crazy airplane pilot who lives in his/her own world. Can be male or female.
Dr. Bang: Crazy, mad-man who keeps hijacking Helena's father's cargo planes for no clear reason. Loves just talking in a really loud voice. Is comically evil.
(Sam is sitting at his "desk" (we have no props) all cool and private eye like. Perhaps pantomiming that he is reading the paper. He narrates himself out loud)
Sam: It was a typical day down in St. Louis. The radio was playing the same drivel, the rain was pelting the window outside my office, like an ex begging for alimony, and I had just successfully dodged jury-duty for the fifth time. New record I think. Anyway the name's Same Ri
:iconthe-add-ninja:The-ADD-Ninja 4 8
To Go Out With A Bang by dare-to-disgrace To Go Out With A Bang :icondare-to-disgrace:dare-to-disgrace 2 7 Before I die by Fighting---Spirit Before I die :iconfighting---spirit:Fighting---Spirit 1 0 Laugh at death by the--Z Laugh at death :iconthe--z:the--Z 5 0 Flaming skull??? by the--Z Flaming skull??? :iconthe--z:the--Z 3 0 Going Out With a Bang by ShutteredReality Going Out With a Bang :iconshutteredreality:ShutteredReality 0 0 Ricochet Sara by Jey09 Ricochet Sara :iconjey09:Jey09 12 3 Out with a bang by patchwork-neurology Out with a bang :iconpatchwork-neurology:patchwork-neurology 2 5 Going out with a bang. by Yukichi Going out with a bang. :iconyukichi:Yukichi 1 0 Uno Floccus Niveus by AWanderingSoulDreams Uno Floccus Niveus :iconawanderingsouldreams:AWanderingSoulDreams 0 0
Going Out With A Bang
'Penny for your thoughts?' you ask.
But my thoughts are worth much more than copper faces. These lines between us are starting to blur and I don't think I can take anymore of your syrupy-sweet smiles or cotton candy laughs. I hate how I'm falling right back into my old self, that girl with her heart pinned to her sleeve. I thought I had smoothed out all the rough edges until I could easily slip out of your grasp--until there was nothing left to hold on to. I should just stop this--stop you. You're a bad girl tease and I'm a heartbreak-waiting-to-happen. I know we'd be a perfect head on collision of explosive desires and white hot sighs, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for the moment of impact.
What if during the crash, I forget that bad girls need love too?
Or that a heartbreak kid like me can't live only on pleasure?
I can already hear them reciting the time of death is half past another lost cause, but I think I'm ready to go out with a bang.
:iconblueiv:BlueIV 16 8
Out With a Bang
There's nobody there. His brother doesn't respond to him, lost in a world of misery. His friend doesn't respond to him, always struggling to improve when there's nothing else he can do. The only other person he can turn to is lost inside a world of drugs. So here he sits, alone, afraid, and unsure. Thin cuts hide under a wrist band, and a bottle of beer hides in the fridge. He hasn't done much to drown out his never sorrows, since he's too numb to care anymore. All he knows is misery.
He hides this behind a straight face and silent mouth. He keeps his tone calm and his body language laid back, convincing everybody he's just shy. The glasses add to it all, and for once, is thankful for being unable to see well.
Nobody notices. Anybody who might doesn't care enough to ask about his feelings, about his day. That's what gets to him the most; his brother can hardly function anymore, his friends can't pull themselves out of their own worlds to care for him. He helps them, supports them, and
:iconheartbunnie:HeartBunnie 6 5
Out With a Bang (College Essay)
In a bang, the first bang, everything that is, or has been, or ever will be was created. Everything living and lifeless was born in a single fraction, of a fraction, of a second. Humans, the most intelligent and evolved creators on the only inhabited planet in the solar system, were created from nothing. These miracles of nature declare fate inconsequential; they strive to fill their short periods of existence with meaning. They create laws to protect themselves, offspring to prolong themselves, technology to convenience themselves, and wars to validate themselves. Man strives for reasons to live. They experience the world in minute details that inspire lessons, and tales, songs and poems, importance and reason. Humans strive to be remembered, but memories fade and books burn. Try as they might to leave the smallest of marks, human existence ends “not in a bang, but a whimper.” (Eliot)
Humans are born through pain. First they are born from the pain of another. They are born
:iconbforkeyartstudio:bforkeyartstudio 0 0
The Night Goes Out with a Bang by MuroLegend The Night Goes Out with a Bang :iconmurolegend:MuroLegend 2 0
Ch 34: Box Goes out with Bang
(Mayne returns to the table and notices one of the boxes missing, he searches for it, frantically)
Mayne: Oh no! I got to find that box! (searches some more)
(After a few hours, Mayne gives up and goes to get ready for bed. He looks and sees Eva already sleeping. Eva has a smile on her face.)
(the next morning arrives and Mayne is awake and sets a dozen roses next to Eva.)
Mayne(nuzzling Eva softly): Wake up, birthday girl. (Eva yawns and wakes up. She sees the dozen roses
next to her and squeals)
Eva: These are beautiful. Thanks. (kisses him) I'm going to get ready. (gets up to the restroom)
Mayne(to himself): I got to find that other box. (goes downstairs to find the missing present box.
Eva comes downstairs and hugs Mayne from behind and Mayne jumps)
Mayne: Eva! When did you come down?
Eva: Just now. I am so happy I have you and I love your present.
Mayne(panicking): You do?
Eva:  Yeah, at first I thought it was too expensive, but it was simply beautiful. How did you know?
:iconaubergine-jeri:Aubergine-Jeri 0 1
Making a Difference by AWanderingSoulDreams Making a Difference :iconawanderingsouldreams:AWanderingSoulDreams 3 0
Out With A Bang Second Episode
Episode Two – Frenchy
(Episode opens up on Frenchy, facing the screen; smiling and looking around. A soft tune is playing throughout the entire episode. He is in a downtown area. Frenchy starts walking down the street; to the right side of the screen. He passes by a park with a cannon on a stand. He stops near an old man sitting at a bench and waves to him; the old man waves back. (The old man could be a possible recurring character) In the background, Lance, Steve, and Matt walk to the left smiling.
(Frenchy continues walking towards the right side of the screen. He stops by a hotdog vendor, and buys a hotdog. In the background, Lance, Steve, and Matt walk by with the cannon on their backs. Frenchy takes the hotdog and pays the guy with money from that he seemingly procures from his ass. He takes a bite of the hotdog and continues on.
(As Frenchy is walking, multiple cop cars enter with their lights on from the left side of the screen, and leave to the right. Frenchy looks at
:iconsanoon:Sanoon 3 19
Going out with a bang.
It’s the sort of time when you’re not really sure whether or not you’re really awake, or still dreaming. When the two worlds overlap, and your dreams absorb the world around you and twist the context. On my bed sits a creature; I greet him by rubbing my eye and groaning.
“You will die today.”
It’s a hell of a good morning, I think, but I’m not exactly what you’d call surprised or frightened, even though before me is this many eyed gray skinned freak who could not possibly be from this world. He speaks again in many voices,
“This is a promise that you won’t die until you’ve finished all that you need to do today.”
I groan at the creature again, and he disappears with a woosh. My head hits the pillow and I fall back asleep.
I wake up startled. The goddamn neighbors are at it again, I don’t know what they do, I’m not nosy, but they certainly are noisy with whatever goes on up there. I promised myself I’d do somethi
:iconfin-samar:Fin-Samar 0 0
Nothing Goes Out with a Bang
It all succumbs to a pitiful degradation of what you are now.  Caffeine and nicotine infect my synapses and for some reason the very things which I swore to never grind my brain into addiction, have laid malignant tumors throughout my thought and inched their way through my brain tissue.  I know it fries my nerves, slaughters my self morals, gives a jittery feeling throughout my life, and short-circuits my cares.  But as I watch the sick, puddle of disgusting, incessant nonsense seep deep into my sweaty, nervous pores, I get this feeling.  One I've never felt before.  The goo overtakes me and I am struggling to breathe as it forces itself down my throat through my mouth and nostrils.  Screaming only exacerbates the situation when I try, for the black trouble has forced me to the knees.  As quickly as it absorbs the top of my head, the nobodies around me are faced with uncertainty.  But as I slowly glance fo
:iconbicidialdoom:BicidialDoom 0 0
It went out with a bang
August 28th. The last day before the chains of highschool tied down every ounce of free time I had. We were in the top stands at the Giant's game, down the first base line. You gotta get tickets in the 300 box, cause that's where the best view of the bay is. It's family tradition to buy unhealthy amounts of garlic fries at the Gordon Biersch stands and smuggle in wine in little apple juice bottles - for my mom at least. We went to a 7:15 game, and the bulk of the game, I was looking at the beautiful majesty before me.
The sun set to our right, making the black silhouettes of office buildings stand out in the bleached sky. The Bay Bridge was washed in the golden color of the falling sun, illuminating the dark green of the trees on Treasure Island. The water on the coast glistened with white hot glares as the last rays of sun grasped at the liquid, dying it a deep blue; a bit less normal than it's murky green color.  Feathery, pink-orange clouds floated over the Bridge and Trea
:iconbraveheart-ancestral:Braveheart-Ancestral 0 9