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Osomatsu-san by Z-T00N Osomatsu-san :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 3,574 127 Forget-Me-Not by DAV-19 Forget-Me-Not :icondav-19:DAV-19 2,857 151 Osomatsu-san - Psychomatsus by Ayla-Kazemi Osomatsu-san - Psychomatsus :iconayla-kazemi:Ayla-Kazemi 938 106 Osomatsu-san Chibis by BlasticHeart Osomatsu-san Chibis :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,466 46 OSOMATSU! Pixels by Umishaii OSOMATSU! Pixels :iconumishaii:Umishaii 1,007 64 matsuno bros by seiiun matsuno bros :iconseiiun:seiiun 433 64 Osomatsu-san Game by jump2537 Osomatsu-san Game :iconjump2537:jump2537 376 22 Osomatsu-san by dahae1014 Osomatsu-san :icondahae1014:dahae1014 1,783 36 Osomatsu-san ! by SinfulHime Osomatsu-san ! :iconsinfulhime:SinfulHime 1,032 29 1966 vs 2015 - Osomatsu-san by dahae1014 1966 vs 2015 - Osomatsu-san :icondahae1014:dahae1014 1,198 30 .:osomatsu-san:. matsuno sextuplets -pixel- by neruskie .:osomatsu-san:. matsuno sextuplets -pixel- :iconneruskie:neruskie 533 77 Nekomatsu by Umishaii Nekomatsu :iconumishaii:Umishaii 882 42 Ichikara || Osomatsu-san FANART + Speed painting by Iyokani Ichikara || Osomatsu-san FANART + Speed painting :iconiyokani:Iyokani 422 10 How to Piss off Karamatsu by World-of-Saranime How to Piss off Karamatsu :iconworld-of-saranime:World-of-Saranime 504 91 IchiStandards  by World-of-Saranime IchiStandards :iconworld-of-saranime:World-of-Saranime 537 181 The sextuplets by challele The sextuplets :iconchallele:challele 1,064 29 Osomatsu-san by anocurry Osomatsu-san :iconanocurry:anocurry 1,055 62 [F2U] - Pixel Karamatsu by Kwitchi [F2U] - Pixel Karamatsu :iconkwitchi:Kwitchi 408 49 Brother by TODD-NET Brother :icontodd-net:TODD-NET 795 25 Osomatsu Choromatsu MAFIA by MayuiChan17 Osomatsu Choromatsu MAFIA :iconmayuichan17:MayuiChan17 402 16
Ichimatsu X Reader // Promise.
"Thank you very much Ichimatsu." you smiled as you faced the raven.
He raised an eyebrow, looking back at your face. "What for?"
You chuckled a bit. "I mean... You know..." you blushed a bit as you rubbed sheepishly the back of your head.
"F-for the date."
Ichimatsu blushed as well, but you couldn't See it very well because he wore his white face mask.
"I actually don't know why you're apologizing, but it's okay." he replied.
"I, um, really enjoyed it." he looked away, trying to avoid eye contact, blushing under his mask.
Your eyes widened a bit. "O-h... Thanks..." you also blushed and looked away.
For explain - Ichimatsu and you just came back from their very first date. Both had a huge crush on each other.
You turned your face to Ichimatsu and bis brothers' house.
"Okay, I guess i'll go now..." you smirked, turning around Tod head your home Place.
Suddenly somebody grabbed your wrist, Holding you back from going to anywhere.
Your gaze shifted to the hand in your wrist and then to Ich
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Ichimatsu Jyuushimatsu MAFIA by MayuiChan17 Ichimatsu Jyuushimatsu MAFIA :iconmayuichan17:MayuiChan17 351 14
Osomatsu's Nightmare
Osomatsu wakes up, bolting upright with a loud gasp.
Trying to calm his rapidly beating heart, he quickly looks to each side of him. All five of his brothers are fast asleep on their shared futon; Choromatsu and Jyuushimatsu to his left, and Todomatsu, Karamatsu, and Ichimatsu to his right.
They’re not dead. They’re alive. They’re ok. It was just a nightmare. They’re safely in their house, tucked under the blankets on their futon. They haven’t been in some horrific accident, his brothers a bloody mess, Osomatsu the only one still breathing-
“Osomatsu-niisan, what’s going on?”
Osomatsu blinks. Without realizing it, he’d grabbed hold of Choromatsu and started shaking him, subconsciously needing to confirm that, yes, his brother really was simply asleep and not dead. He’s awake now, staring at him with a look that’s a mix of confusion and there-had-better-be-a-good-reason-for-this.
Osomatsu gives a nervous lau
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