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Ichimatsu X Reader // Coldness.
You shuddered as you walked with tiny but quick steps in the direction of the Matsuno house. You raised your arms to wrap them around your sides, trying to keep the warmth inside you.
A cold breeze blew around you, your steps literally sped up as the snow adhered on your shoes and the bottom of your jeans.
The steam foamed from your lips and nose as you finally arrived at the house of the sextuplets.
You immediately knocked as you stepped from one foot to the other one to keep you warm.
You had to wait a few minutes until Ichimatsu finally opened the door for you.
He had this blank look, his back was a bit humped and his black hair was a mess. Just like always.
"Oh, it's you (Y/N)... I forgot you wanted to come today." He yawned as he turned around. He never called her '(Y/N)-chan' or (n/n)-chan' like his brothers did, only at special times.
You already knew this gesture so you followed him quickly, closing the door behind you.
Your teeth clattered as you started talking to Ichimatsu.
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