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We Will Never Forget :iconmushir:mushir 2,117 241
~If I were a boy~ *Fem!Denmark X Fem!Reader*
~If I were a boy~
*Fem!Denmark X Fem!Reader*
Warning : This is Yuri!Aka girl X girl!No likey,no ready!
The Danish female bore her ocean blue gaze in the (h/c) haired girl's direction.
Of course there were a lot of wrong stuff in her thinking she should consider,such as the age gap and the fact they were the same gender.
But Marlene couldn't help but love (Name) as if she herself was a man.There were several times when she shouted at the skies,blaming that supreme instance for modelling her in shape of a girl - if the circumstances were others and she was a boy,now she could walk at her and spoke up her feelings - Marlene didn't lack the courage to do it,but she wasn't sure whether or not (Name) wanted to face the others so that they could form a couple - she wasn't even sure the delicate female loved her with the same intensity or at all.
The Danish female resumed to hiding what she felt,even if sometimes she just wanted to grab (Name) by her bony shoulders,to c
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~Slippery~ *Norway X Reader X Slightly!Denmark*
*Norway X Reader X Denmark*
“Guys,please!” the (h/c) haired female pleaded,her voice full of concern.
Something bad would happen for sure.Though,as if they were challenged by her request,the two Nordic males increased the speed,making her heart beat like mad.
Yes,snow might have been the perfect environment for both blondes,but that didn`t mean they could actually control everything.
Big snowflakes caressed the pale faces of both of them,the wind blew freezing cold,pinching their exposed skin,but they didn`t care.
“Please…” she begged once more,burying her face in the soft material of the woolen gloves.
The Dane went ahead of the emotionless Norwegian,gaining an incredible speed as his board caressed the snow covered ground.That didn`t seem to please Lukas,as he put his lips together and blew,the front wind battling the one he had caused,getting Matthias in between them.
(Name) squeaked in surprise as the taller nation lost balance and f
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david and goliath.
He passes under
the dying streetlamps'
orange halos,
darkening splashes on his face,
cloud-lungs heaving
against the rooftops.
The tarmac, painted with his footsteps,
whispers, purrs,
white lines of vertebrae
tickle along its back.
Lovely glass, shattered fragments
ruffle the curb of the pavement,
strands of rainwater
whisper along the gutter
in hymnal honesty; and sunlight seems swallowed
by the swollen beast of night.
The stars
prickle at the back of his memory,
a nervous pattern of speech,
syllables of iambic chattering
teeth against the cold:
the hotel window, shining with
the gaze of a thousand tourists' wonderment,
is where his own eyes rest,
as if the world is born anew
and love-songs spike the evening air
his life-tousled hair. He
walks on, passes on,
a stranger in a foreign land;
the moonlight seems
to turn about him, embrace his form,
a lonely touch, not quite animate in its caress,
but his love was the colour
of seawater on gravel,
and he would not take the taste of her brea
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