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tumblr dump 3 by evelmiina tumblr dump 3 :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 302 14 Avian rulezzz by nik159 Avian rulezzz :iconnik159:nik159 374 41 Very special children by evelmiina Very special children :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 194 10 Orville the catcopter saves the earth by CyannFanArt Orville the catcopter saves the earth :iconcyannfanart:CyannFanArt 416 61 RWBY Dogfight! by geek96boolean10 RWBY Dogfight! :icongeek96boolean10:geek96boolean10 67 33 Pikmin 16 by Dominosaur Pikmin 16 :icondominosaur:Dominosaur 228 35
Kitty Hawk, updated
Is it too late? The weather is unfriendly,
the acres of dunes are strafed by an angry wind  
straight off the dark December ocean.
Above them, an overcast and turbulent sky.
The brothers compare their anxieties.
They have achieved so much, so little
remains to do. This is their biggest
flying machine. All the lessons they have
spent four years learning are built into their
most ambitious aeroplane.
                               They engineered
the propeller, the curve of the wing,
They designed a petrol engine
to combine the smallest weight
with the greatest output of power, then
they built it, using metals untried for
:iconalecbell:AlecBell 11 33
Luigi's Mansion by lillilotus Luigi's Mansion :iconlillilotus:lillilotus 205 167 CRBW Outbreak: ANARCHY by Incross CRBW Outbreak: ANARCHY :iconincross:Incross 172 45
B70James   *One armed flail* Shut up you wipper snappers you *cane slither wave*
B70Ainsel    (( -convulses- ))
B70Rorrim   Rorrim isn't ooooold. He's still able to bust the moves *Fanservice jiggle*
B70James    [ x D]
B70Ainsel   -Ainsel was on the floor outback in the dark, this is why all Senior Citizens should have life alert.-
B70Haruka    ((GAHAHHA))
B70Ainsel   -SOB-
B70Orvs   (( *dies* ))
B70Rorrim A-AH! *Tries to run away and throws his back out* HNFGHHH
B70Angel   -is dead probably. Her rper can't make up her mind :I-
:iconchibiharuru:ChibiHaruru 12 13
Wright Bros vs. Mario Bros by Nellufy Wright Bros vs. Mario Bros :iconnellufy:Nellufy 175 20
                The shrill sound of the morning alarm rang through the mines, echoing off the various tunnel walls. In an instant hundreds of workers clad in tank tops and baggy pants filed in through several huge doorways, grumbling about work and chatting with friends and neighbors. Each one picked up a shovel from one of ten huge barrels and, groaning and sighing about their current job position, began to dig.
                A girl no older than 17 entered into the immense, dirt-filled room and started toward the nearest barrel of shovels. She was tall and lanky, with scrawny arms and legs and a long face. Her hazel-colored hair, which hung loosely down her back, was caked with grime and grut, as she had collaps
:iconcolorfully-insane:Colorfully-Insane 12 21
dead moon by evelmiina dead moon :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 132 22 Fucking Secretaries by embercoral Fucking Secretaries :iconembercoral:embercoral 49 9 Tea for one by kitsch-o-nator Tea for one :iconkitsch-o-nator:kitsch-o-nator 98 76 school crap by kitsch-o-nator school crap :iconkitsch-o-nator:kitsch-o-nator 35 79 Where is my feather? by SwanLullaby Where is my feather? :iconswanlullaby:SwanLullaby 78 49 nuzzle nuzzle by SkyJukebox nuzzle nuzzle :iconskyjukebox:SkyJukebox 102 14 Orville and Wilbur WIP by KariElendil Orville and Wilbur WIP :iconkarielendil:KariElendil 25 12 Dirty Secret-The Sonic Way by TornadoWeirdo Dirty Secret-The Sonic Way :icontornadoweirdo:TornadoWeirdo 76 95 Orville from The Rescuers by AtlantaJones Orville from The Rescuers :iconatlantajones:AtlantaJones 38 5 HeyA KiddOs! by aftertaster7 HeyA KiddOs! :iconaftertaster7:aftertaster7 22 21 Montreal Muskateers by exploding-cheese Montreal Muskateers :iconexploding-cheese:exploding-cheese 25 5 Comm: Orville by ruina Comm: Orville :iconruina:ruina 62 8 She Hulk 2015 by MrLively She Hulk 2015 :iconmrlively:MrLively 200 17 Kitty and Lockheed by MrLively Kitty and Lockheed :iconmrlively:MrLively 120 15 Too Much Soda {GIFT} by BeatemBaeLuna Too Much Soda {GIFT} :iconbeatembaeluna:BeatemBaeLuna 52 12 Growin' up WIP by kitsch-o-nator Growin' up WIP :iconkitsch-o-nator:kitsch-o-nator 47 5 Not the only one by Myszoskok Not the only one :iconmyszoskok:Myszoskok 47 68 -Pasketti Western- by X-Prince-Connor-X -Pasketti Western- :iconx-prince-connor-x:X-Prince-Connor-X 24 21 Disney Collage by 010001110101 Disney Collage :icon010001110101:010001110101 15 8 The Lonely Nights by sinnerinchrist The Lonely Nights :iconsinnerinchrist:sinnerinchrist 21 19 Void Proxy Redo by UndeadPuppeteer Void Proxy Redo :iconundeadpuppeteer:UndeadPuppeteer 18 5 Orville by cathanupto Orville :iconcathanupto:cathanupto 22 7 Creepypasta Revamp Concept Mass by UndeadPuppeteer Creepypasta Revamp Concept Mass :iconundeadpuppeteer:UndeadPuppeteer 17 7 Flying Brothers by vinartvin Flying Brothers :iconvinartvin:vinartvin 23 7 (Character Sheet) Arturo Orville the Hipster by MangoMilkPaw (Character Sheet) Arturo Orville the Hipster :iconmangomilkpaw:MangoMilkPaw 27 5 Did you guys hear something? by DC-Mini Did you guys hear something? :icondc-mini:DC-Mini 17 7 Everybody Scream by garadrobe Everybody Scream :icongaradrobe:garadrobe 27 17 good old-fashioned lover boy by 19o1 good old-fashioned lover boy :icon19o1:19o1 39 5 The Wrong Brothers by SimanetteFan The Wrong Brothers :iconsimanettefan:SimanetteFan 51 18
2nd Portion Of 'Rescuers 3'
(SCENE OPENS: The sunny blue skies of Manhattan, as CAWING birds fly across the screen, soaring past puffy white clouds.  Camera TILTS DOWN FROM the sky, then STOPS to get a HIGH-ANGLE LONG-SHOT looking down into a vacant lot on New York's Main Street.  Located in the middle of this grassy, brownstone-flanked lot, is a Porcelain Pagoda with a glossy, golden exterior & a fuschia-painted roof with five extravagant, red-rimmed tiers, the eaves of which are all adorned with tiny, golden bells that sway gently in the breeze, giving off a merry TINKLE.  The camera slowly CLOSES IN ON the lot, PANNING TOWARD the Porcelain Pagoda...)
(FADE INTO a HIGH-ANGLE LONG-SHOT facing & focusing solely on the Porcelain Pagoda, as well as the various things surrounding it.  As we can see, the area around the Porcelain Pagoda has a playground [consisting of a seesaw, slide, playhouse, jungle-gym, sandbox, swingset, monkey-bars, & plenty of toys & playthings], a blue Ve
:iconmouseavenger:MouseAvenger 9 21
4 Ghost Children Struggling to Set Up Christmas by Mimikyu-SeeeeeeMeee 4 Ghost Children Struggling to Set Up Christmas :iconmimikyu-seeeeeemeee:Mimikyu-SeeeeeeMeee 27 36 Crapness by kitsch-o-nator Crapness :iconkitsch-o-nator:kitsch-o-nator 39 9 Henry and Orville (request) by Zionthe2 Henry and Orville (request) :iconzionthe2:Zionthe2 28 48 Happy New Year MRP by Jannelly Happy New Year MRP :iconjannelly:Jannelly 21 60