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Orpheus and Eurydice :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,227 100 Eurydice :iconanotherwanderer:anotherwanderer 2,411 260 Orpheus :iconminnhagen:Minnhagen 899 93
summer children, we were'
     we carved animals
     from ivory castles
     floating in the sun.  we were
the doting spring mayflies
twisting upon meadows,
          wreathing lilies between
          toes, breathing --
between the sheets
of golden chaff,
she whispered,   "let's dance in the rain
                          on the cobblestone streets
                          before the singing rosebud
:iconjonzoiplu:jonzoiplu 209 155
Persona 3 The Answer :icontakyya:Takyya 1,012 47 Orfeo ed Euridice - Act I :iconmandelwerk:MANDELWERK 124 51 Orpheus :iconshinerai:Shinerai 873 102 o r p h e u s :iconcircus-usagi:circus-usagi 2,234 397 Orpheus :iconhungerartist:hungerartist 330 27 Orpheus :iconheartofrockandroll:heartofrockandroll 554 22
Darkness encompassed me; high-vaulting fire
Leapt and burnt the vision from my gaze
But though I could not see, I strummed my lyre
Until the music swept away the haze
And I could stumble onwards through the mire.
Now I strum no more. What use are lays?
Save to remind me of my lost desire
That I betrayed--let silence fill my days!
For I, whose song once moved the gods to weep
No longer can make melodies from woe--
No dissonance expresses pain so deep
And no music can be as beautiful
As that which I have lost. Let others come
And fill the void with noise--I will not strum.
:iconwilliamszm:williamszm 71 53
His voice enveloped me, and I became
Myself again--I heard it in the song:
A mordent on a note he held too long;
A stutter in his voice. I heard my name
In these and felt a happiness the same
As when I saw him first. Oh, I had longed
To hear him sing again, but this last song--
It was so beautiful. And it remains
The best of human works, though none shall hear
Its sorrowed notes; the lyre's meand'ring tune
Through vast arpeggios and Death's expanse
Except the dead. It will not disappear
'Till all the world's destroyed, and hell's exhumed--
Such music must be worth a backwards glance.
:iconwilliamszm:williamszm 218 72
Venture Brothers Clan :iconspookychan:SpookyChan 920 168 Orpheus and Eurydice :iconforgottenpantaloons:forgottenpantaloons 521 64 Eternal Odyssey :iconrinavenue:RinAvenue 300 50 Demon Concept :iconnempatriarch:Nempatriarch 337 118 140131 underworlddescent :iconbara-chan:bara-chan 765 12 P3: Arisato x Thanatos :iconzamboze:zamboze 789 223 . : o r p h e u s : . :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 346 17 E u r i d i c e :iconphoenixgraphixstudio:phoenixgraphixstudio 498 60 Persona 3 FES Meme :iconshiseptiana:ShiSeptiana 329 150 Hades Annoyed :iconporceliandoll:porcelianDoll 456 105 Team Venture :iconharrybuddhapalm:HarryBuddhaPalm 345 65 +HEADSHOT COMM III+ :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 613 81 Hades and Persephone :iconllewllaw:llewllaw 303 49 The Venture Bros :icongarrenh:Garrenh 316 37 +O is for Orpheus+ :icontasuki-no-miko:Tasuki-no-Miko 581 141 PERSONA COME FORTH :iconrymagnusson:rymagnusson 160 13 Pokemon - Persona 3 Chars :iconmcgenio:McGenio 213 22
Seas Left Unswum
What closet poets are we,
who in moments more sober of thought show a stony face,
but lying alone at night hearing the rain's mourning fancy ourselves martyrs for love,
and epic heroes of romance.
"My lady!
Leander am I, and would take the strait in stroke to be with you!
Orpheus am I, and would venture into Hades to bring you back!"
But count us amateur Leanders as unlikely to swim the sea as the sea is to dry for us.
And perhaps this is best-
for Leander drowned,
and Orpheus lost Eurydice again in the end,
and how much worse should the fate of us imposters be?
Instead let me be the realist romantic,
one who can admit that the stars are simply spheres of flaming helium
(and think them no less enchanting at that!)
For Romeo am I not,
and have no dream of making my marriage bed in the crypt.
Here in the land of the living I will carry dreams to make the lovers of old quake.
:iconformlessforce:Formlessforce 19 35
Orpheus :iconbemavajyi:Bemavajyi 172 15 dumpadsfhukjl :icontokoco:tokoco 354 99 Persona 3: Dark Hour :iconlancha:Lancha 665 108 VB Tiki Party - Dean and Hank :iconspookychan:SpookyChan 475 47
Sing me a song
To bring Hades to tears,
A song not meant
For a mortal with fears.
Sing me a song
That makes Persephone cry,
And bring back the soul
Of the love lost in time.
Bring me your lyre
Brave Orpheus heart,
And I'll let you see
What time forced apart.
Gaze not you backwards,
Keep strong with your faith
Or you will lose her again
To Death's cold embrace.
Sing me a song
To make Cerberus tame,
A song made for life
Brought to the god of the dead.
Sing me a song
To make Styx freeze her course,
So you may discover
What you had lost before.
Bring me your lyre
Brave Orpheus heart,
And to you shall return
What time forced apart.
Gaze not you backwards,
Keep strong with your faith
Or lose love again
To Death's cold embrace.
:iconterinangel:TerinAngel 25 8
P.E.E.O. :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 219 25 Ornithology Gone Wild :iconpen-at-work:PEN-at-Work 98 49 VB Tiki Party - Rusty :iconspookychan:SpookyChan 420 66 Summoning Orpheus :iconsleepingfox:Sleepingfox 444 45 Persona 3 and 4 Fan Art :iconsathiest-emperor:Sathiest-Emperor 203 11 Orpheus Wept :iconanitasr:AnitaSR 130 21 Persona 3 - April 9 2009 :iconhitokirisan:Hitokirisan 159 19 RQFX-02A Lotus [Project Designation Name: ORPHEUS] :iconslowusaurus:slowusaurus 78 14 The River :iconfreshpaint:FreShPAiNt 227 16 P3: Inside Him :iconshiseptiana:ShiSeptiana 292 109 Molotov Cocktease :iconpatrickfinch:PatrickFinch 1,174 108 Orpheus :iconw15nu91:w15nu91 178 7 Triana Orpheus :icondashmartin:DashMartin 226 6 Loss of the Last Chance :iconbeburn:BeBurn 89 32 Dr. Orpheus Face Sketch :iconspookychan:SpookyChan 478 88