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5 Steps to Organize Your Novel
What You'll Need:
:bulletblack: A basic story idea
:bulletblack: Printer (preferably laser) with plenty of paper
:bulletblack: Pens
:bulletblack: Three Ring Binders (2) with separating tabs
Build Your World and Characters
For most writers, this comes naturally.  If you're having some issues, there are plenty of tutorials, guides, aids and groups available for assistance.  For the purpose of this guide, you should have your world built and at the very least your main characters devised.  Having secondary characters planned will get you bonus points!
Print Character and Plot Sheets
Each character should have their own sheet (keep the backs blank, they're a grand place to keep extra notes and page references).  It's not necessary that you fill out every single line of the character sheet.  Fill out only what is necessary for the character/plot.  Feel free to add to the sheet as your write, too.  The
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8 Tips for Composing Each Chapter of Your Novel
8 Tips for Composing Each Chapter of Your Novel
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 7 “Editing” – Section 1 “The Chapter”
“Many first-time novelists end up rewriting their first two or three chapters, trying to get them 'just right.' But the point of the first draft is not to get it right; it's to get it written - so that you'll have something to work with.”
-Matt Hughes  
Recently, we've been working on all of the plot-points contained within a story and what function they serve to the overall plot. And if you've been following along with the “Write-A-Novel” exercises, and written a chapter for every plot-point, you now have a completed first draft of your novel. Now, it is time to work on editing and redrafting
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Hand Study Angle Chart 2 :iconshadowcross:Shadowcross 445 9
ScotlandxReader - Just Shut...
Scotland x Reader - Just Shut Up And Kiss Me
You're too loud, I'm so hyper
On paper we're a disaster
~Shut up and Kiss me by Orianthi

Arthur glanced nervously from you to his brother, Iain. Unconsciously gulping, he proceeded to clear his throat, getting the two to shift their glares towards him.
"If...that is, IF you two are done with whatever it is you've been up to, do you think we could proceed with the task in hand?" As afraid as he was of both [Name] and Iain's tempers, he'd know better than to admit it.  Iain nudged his glasses up, and you huffed, and clenching your jaw, turned around and went back to the shelves.
Arthur whipped his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose. What on earth had even possessed him to ask both Iain and [Name] to help him in cataloguing his library? Not even a couple of hours into it, and they'd already been at each other's throats. This emergency called for tea...herbal tea, something
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Terra - Kingdom Hearts BBS Armour Cosplay -PREVIEW :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 92 2 Organizing Her Inflow :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 109 10 Organizing a Cosplay Sewing Space :icondragonladycels:DragonLadyCels 39 1 How to Organize Brushes :iconxdante:xDante 28 18 Me and Rick Cosnett - Arrow Cosplay in #SHC :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 30 1
Did You Know - Notes
Within your Message Center you also have a section that is for notes only. Notes are something like deviantARTs internal mails.
Your Notes center can be easily reach by either clicking on the little note symbol in your menu or by selecting the Notes tab in your Message Center.

On the left side you have - similar to your regular Message Center - your notes menu. Beside 6 default folders (Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent Notes, Drafts and Spam) you also can add your own custom folders to organize notes.

The little number next to the folder indicates how many notes you currently have there.
When you hover over the name of a custom folder, a little arrow symbol will appear that will give you some more organizing options.

When deleting a custom folder your notes won't
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Sorting the Bones :icondidxsomeonexsayxmad:DidxSomeonexSayxMad 29 1 83/365 Organizing Time :iconliebegaby:Liebegaby 22 2
How to Stock 5- Gallery Organization
Welcome to "How to Stock," a short series of articles on how to do some stock basics. We'll ask the big names in stock for their tips and opinions on how to get the best out of your stock shoot!
This fifth article is the special Stock & Resources Project Educate Week article.  For this article, I asked SenshiStock and kirilee just one question about their galleries.  Let's see what they said!

How do you keep your gallery organized, concise, and well-representing of you?
:iconsenshistock: SenshiStock says:
There's a few methods which I employ to try to manage the gallery as it gets larger. First, I use a series of folders to help sort poses into categories. There are a lot of folders, and sometimes images fit into more than one folder. For example, I might have a pose where I'm using a sword, but I'm also kneeling. This image would go both in the Sit and Kneel Drawing Poses f
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zombies :iconzombik:zombik 23 36 Here's where you can find the content :iconregularmouseboy:RegularMouseBoy 15 8 Folder Structure Tutorial for Photographers :icontanikel:tanikel 10 13
To Work, part 2
Throughout his life, Castiel knew that the humans prayed to God, that they had faith in the same Being he lovingly called his Father. He liked to think that taking some of their prayers into account made him feel closer to the humans, and he grew ever fonder of them at their devotion and trust to the Creator. However, he did not realize just how many humans actually prayed, or just how bulky a single prayer can reach, until he had been assigned in the organizing section in the Library.
Stacks of prayers piled up all around him, and if Castiel was not careful, he could get lost in the semi-maze he had arranged. There were prayers from people begging to be healed from a sickness, from people wishing for a solution to their problems, from people wanting forgiveness and redemption, love, safety, more material things, restraint, peace, an epiphany…
And these were not merely the recent prayers. Zachariah ordered him to organize every prayer that had ever been conceived. The prayers of t
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Pharmacy :iconjneia:jneia 9 0 Jews admit organizing White Genocide :iconder-himmelstern:Der-Himmelstern 9 17 Personal Demons 1.2.1 :iconsaddayscrochet:SadDaysCrochet 9 17 Personal Demons 1.2.2 :iconsaddayscrochet:SadDaysCrochet 8 19 Personal Demons 1.2.4 :iconsaddayscrochet:SadDaysCrochet 6 8 sketchbook fun fair :iconmagiclife:magiclife 5 1 Bookshelf of Doom, Part Two :iconbluehtheotaku:BluehTheOtaku 4 0
Mission 001 - Energon Stacking
Full Title: Mission 001 - Energon Stacking
Genre:  Fiction – Sci-Fi
Universe:  Decepticon-Nation combined 'verse
Main Character(s):  Nighthawk
Secondary Character(s):  Eaglefire
Mentioned:  N/A
Rating:  E
         "This is ridiculous... I'm a medic, not a service drone," Nighthawk growled under his breath, collecting yet another stack of the brightly glowing cubes. His commanders had removed all of his weaponry; his tranquilizer rifle, his wrist blades, his missiles... everything. They had even taken some of his tools, right out of his utility belt. All he had left for defense were his claws and, if absolutely necessary, his fanged dentals. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, he had been a valued soldier at the previous base he was stationed; but now... now his rank had been thrown aside, reducing him to the very bottom of the hypothetical ladder; Pit Slag. Pit Slag, for Spark's sake! It was utter humiliation, not to menti
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Sketchdump, Autumn 2014, Part 1 :iconchelsea-the-tomboy:chelsea-the-tomboy 4 2 Undertale Desktop Organizer Wallpaper :iconpillarsofinspiration:PillarsOfInspiration 4 0 Altoids :iconwafflesisabunny:WafflesisaBunny 3 178 Mother's Day Printable Apothecary Labels :iconvectoriadesigns:VectoriaDesigns 3 2 Personal Demons 1.2.3 :iconsaddayscrochet:SadDaysCrochet 3 8 Logotype - New Selection :iconandraspop:andraspop 3 0
"This place is a mess," a voice proclaimed; the owner of the voice was tramping down the stairs, his footsteps shadowed by those of someone much more timid.
"Well-we…" the timid one began, stopping when the other selected a book at random and began flipping through it.  "…sir…"
"Old and valuable, I'm well aware."  A thumping noise and a gasp meant that the book had been carelessly thrown onto a side table.  "Most of them are.  Simple test to see if they need rebinding.  As far as that goes, start pulling stuff down and bringing them here.  My sanctum needs organizing."
The timid one hesitated before doing as he was told.  Something about the brash one's manner made it seem as though it would be unwise to hinder him in any way.
Still, he tried to be polite about his work.  "Sir, it took us 800 years to organize it to this point-"
"And obviously you suck at organizing.  These need reb
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Day 10 :iconsayurixsama:SayurixSama 2 0 Printable Organizing Cards :iconvectoriadesigns:VectoriaDesigns 2 0 Bookshelf of Doom, Part One :iconbluehtheotaku:BluehTheOtaku 1 2 New MagicSquire 1.1 with better performance :iconanastasiy:Anastasiy 2 0 Closet :iconxtinalyka:XtinaLyka 2 0
Organization and Stuff
Stock Gallery
Stock Rules
Art Account
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Hello!  It's been quite a while since I did a personal journal!  If you're the kind of person that cares about knowing stuff about me other than official CV business, I apologize!  I write so many journals about events and contest and contest winners and DDs that I forget to write about regular stocky things.
Here's another ocelot kitten to make up for it
Gallery Reorganizing
So you may  have noticed a lot of deviation spam from me lately.  I have FINALLY finished going through my entire gallery and packing/deleting LOTS
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Emilio Lombardi :iconangel-girl1:angel-girl1 4 0 Workload :iconp47y:p47y 9 8 Click the Folders :iconkalakalbian:KalaKalbian 0 0 Windows 7 Desktop 2010 Feb 11 :iconsethpda:SethPDA 1 0 Year Folder Icons :iconstlhakusho:StLHakusho 0 3 My Head :iconroxas242:Roxas242 0 0 Alice in Wonderland Labels/Tags :iconnerdtrends:NerdTrends 0 0 Spectrum :iconyunikusenshi:YunikuSenshi 1 0 Earrings Wallet 1 :iconrhussien:RHussien 0 0