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Feminism in Fairy Tales
      Feminism in Fairy Tales   "Once upon a time..." fairy tales were not what they have become today. Today, when the term "fairy tale" is mentioned, it conjures up images of children's stories filled with magic and fantasy, always leading toward a happily-ever-after ending. But this is not what fairy tales were originally. Stories that are now commonly referred to as fairy tales were once not even written stories. In their early incarnations, they were spoken tales that were passed down from generation to generation, usually among the women of a family.
   The term "fairy tale" is derived from the French term conte de fées, which was coined to describe a collection of 17th-century tales written for adults. But even before the stories were collected and published in the 16th and 17th centuries, many of them had already become well known throughout the world as spoken stories, what are now considered folk t
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WWZ - The Great Panic - :iconmartialartist11:martialartist11 175 12
:PC: The shortest way to a dragoness' heart [VORE]
WARNING: This story contains romance and soft, safe, non-fatal vore.
If these things disturb you, don't read this.
If you're interested in buying a commission, here's a link to my journal: NYP Story commissions[OPEN]
This story has a sequel! Check it out here! -> :PC: Summer break [VORE] 
If you like this story, leave a comment or a favorite, I'd highly appreciate it! :heart:
It was lunch time, and all students went into the school canteen, all except one. There was a boy, walking into the library; his name was Nathan. He had brown spiky hair and green eyes, and he was wearing a singlet, a long coat  and a pair of black pants. His hands were bandaged, and he had a golden necklace, with the form of a dragon. Nathan walked between the bookshelves, looking for a particular book. He stopped and looked at the shelf, smiling, "Here it is, and it's the last copy!" He
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Pokemon vore
Warning, contain vore (oral and unbirth) and spelling mistakes (like always when I write something in english)
I am a team rocket scientist, working on the pokemons DNA to make them stronger. But actually, things aren't going well for me. The big boss said to my boss that I could take his place, and well... My boss is ready to kill to keep his job... and he isn't stupid.
I had a few employees under my order, they were here to feed the pokemons and because they were innocent, I knew that they wouldn't get attacked. But my boss fired them, and waited for my pokemons to get really hungry to tell me about that...
It's awful to have to feed them, they know who I am, and what I did, and if I do a little mistake, I'm sure that I would pay for it. I began to feed the less dangerous ones, it was easy, but now I am in front of the cell of one of my better experiment... I took a serperior, which is a snake and a very good pred, and some luxray DNA (a lion like pred).
The result was a very smart p
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Dragon Vore
Dragon Vore
Raikan flew through the air above the forest. His beautiful green scales shining in the midday sun and his gigantic wingspan nearly blocking out the sun, casting a somewhat discouraging shadow on the grounded woodland creatures below.
"What a gorgeous day" he thought to himself.
Then suddenly his large gut began to rumble, a noise that drove the birds flying near him into a panic. Raikan lifted his reptilian paw to his belly.
"haha, maybe a lil breakfast is in order."
He looked down towards the dense woodland, and the lakes. Then he spied a clearing, in the middle of which was a little black sleeping dragonling. Raikan licked his lips and reared his head then flew straight and true towards that clearing. He landed just above the dragonling, trapping it between his massive paws.
   The dragonling awoke with a start as the ground shook as Raikan landed. It was dazed and confused but then it's look of confusion turned to fear, as it realised the massive salivati
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What are friends for? Vore
"No Mommy! Don't eat me!" I yelled as my mother chased me, somehow, she seemed to be growing, bigger and bigger until I was barely the size of a quarter to her! We were in a black area, with a checkered pattern tiles on the floor. After a minute of chasing me, her massive form caught up and grabbed me! She flicked me up in the air and I landed in her maw. She closed her lips, and swallowed Hard, I slid down the huge tub leading to the sack that is her stomach...
"AHHHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I woke up from a horrible nightmare. I don't know what it was, but something has woken upside of me, something that hasn't scared me in so long...
~At lunch during school~
"Hey Jeff!" I smiled, bouncing over to my best friend in the whole world to get in line with him for lunch
"Huh? Hey Sara" Jeff said, trying to sound cheery, obviously faking after a moments pause
"Hmm, whats wrong?" I asked, exaggerating a frown
"Nothing," Jeff Smiled "Just hungry, and Tired"
"Why you so
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Who needs a sitter? -Vore-
"Damnit! Shes not picking up!" I screamed at myself, I need to find a babysitter soon! I am NOT missing my chance to see the Indy 500!
I paced the room and then made two more calls. No one can watch my little pumkins... their too young to stay home alone. Maybe I can take them with me? Its way too crowded too keep an eye on them tough!
Although, maybe there's a way I can keep an eye on them, without having to watch them... hmmm
"Okay, this is how to play pokemon okay?" I said to my little sister, shes trying to learn how to use our Nindendo and shes just not getting it
"So this button, and then I pick one?" She asked
"Yes" I said, thinking she was close
"Kids!" I heard mom scream from the door
"Yeah?" I yelled back
"Julia, grab Katie and come into the front room, we're going to have a quick talk, nothing bad" aw man, this is going to be so stupid!
I grabbed Katie and we walked up to the living room and sat on the couch across from mommy
"Now girls, y
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Emma Frost's Sappy Romance :iconcreativore:Creativore 990 47 -Commission- MIB 2.5 Part 3 :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 793 33 .ain't no hollaback girl. :iconp-x-e:P-X-E 345 41 -Commission- MIB 2.5 Part 1 :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 809 20 loose lips :iconstuntkid:stuntkid 2,766 96 AT: Whitney's Winter Pounds :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 850 70 -Commission- Sibling Vore :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 798 67 Ariel and Eric: The Hungry Mermaid :icondonutwish:Donutwish 581 63 Floral Oral :icontranart:tranart 163 29 -Commission- Are You Lunch For Lea? :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 603 76
A very close family haha, Vore
Hi! I'm Amy, I'm nine years old, and have a twin brother named Jeff! He never really follows the rules, and always gets me dragged along with him when he does something stupid. But I still love my brother, hes so sweet and nice to me! I love him!
"Hey Amy!" Jeff called
"Yeah?" I yelled back
"We're going to the store, come on! Lets go!"
"Okay, be right there!"
It seems our story has begun!
"I'm Here" amy said as she ran to my side in the kitchen, waiting for mom to get read to go
"Took ya long enough!" I said at her
"Ready kids?" Mom asked, smiling that usual I'm happy, don't screw it up smile
"Yeah!" me and my sister screamed together
"Great, now lets get in the car!" mom said with fake enthusiasm
We ran outside into the blue Dodge minivan parked out front of our mid-sized two story house. We got into the middle back seats right inside of the sliding doors, bucked ourselves up, and prepared to leave to go to Jewel-Osco for some groceries.
~At Jewel~
We finally got there afte
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Right over your heart -Vore-
"Thanks again for the Breakfast Ms. J!" Carol called out to my mother, heading out the door
"Don't mention it Carol, enjoy school" My mom said back to her
"Bye Carol!" I yelled
"Catch you later Jared!" Carol yelled out
"Now young man, you better be getting ready for school too! Bus in 10 minutes!" My mom called out
"Sure thing, one sec though" I told her, there was something I've wanted to do for a long time now, and today was the day I'm going to do it!
I walked over to my room, closed the door and waited for about a minute. Then, I slowly and quietly went across the hall to Carol's room. I went to her large drawers and opened the second one from the top. Jackpot! Bras! I grabbed a green one that looked pretty big and ran back into my room. I've always wanted one of these from her! I smiled and hid it in my closet.
"Jared! Time for school!" my mom called out to me
"Coming!" I yelled back as I put on my shoes and ran out the door.
Hehe, I finally got it! I smiled to myself
I got
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The Dog
The Dog
by ilbv and Shoaryon
ilbv had been online for hours. "Gosh I need to get some air, I'm rotting myself silly".  Closing his laptop, he stood up and stretched. "Fresh air is a good thing anyway."
Getting his jacket from the hall closet, ilbv slipped it on and walked out the door, being sure to lock it. He slipped the key into his pocket and inhaled deeply the fresh air. Smiling to himself, he walked down his driveway and turned left on the adjoining sidewalk.
As ilbv walked down the highway there's a rustle, a limping form of a large dog was stumbling from the bushes.  He barked, whining and tumbling on some rocks.  The canine smacks his side on the ground and just lays there, panting from the struggle it took to get there far.  His leg is bruises and slightly bleeding.
ilbv stopped suddenly, watching the animal moan and struggle. "oh dear." ilbv said half aloud. He hurried over to the animal and keeping back a few paces he held a hand out,
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Full House - Request
(Warning: Contains Vore)
     "Please?" Emma whined. "You never play with us anymore!"
     Jenny sighed. Her sister had a point. But Emma and Casey were so much younger than she was, and they never wanted to do anything she thought was fun. Plus, college classes took up all her time. But now it was between semesters, and her parents had taken the opportunity to go to the beach and leave her in charge of babysitting.
     "Oh, fine," Jenny sighed. "What do you want to do?"
     Emma bounced with joy. "House! Let's play house!" she squealed, and ran off to find the youngest sister.
     Unfortunately, Casey didn't want to play either; she wanted to nap. But Emma wanted to play House, and by golly was she going to play House! "What about this," she said, after five minutes of arguing. "You could be the baby?"
     "Do I get to sleep if I'm the baby?" Casey asked petulantly
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Beach Boy Belly
     Sam sat dejectedly under his beach umbrella. This was the third time his girlfriend hadn't shown up when she had promised to! He was beginning to think that she was just teasing him. He checked his phone- he'd been waiting two hours after she had said she would be there. He sighed, then got up and began packing up the umbrella.
     As he walked between two beach houses on his way back to town, someone grabbed him from behind. He dropped his load in shock and struggled to get free. Whoever was holding him had arms that were thick with muscle; his slim arms had no chance. Someone else tied a blindfold around his head while the first one held him pinned, and then he was carried a short distance away.
     Soon his assailants stopped, and strapped him to a wall or board of some sort. He could feel the rough wood on his bare back as his arms and legs were secured to straps. He tried to break free, but they were
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Caught in a Mudslide :iconcreativore:Creativore 676 47 Commission: Natural Selection :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 1,069 159 Comm: Bathhouse Snack Pt 2 :iconjora-bora:Jora-Bora 646 64