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Cool [Genos x Sick!Reader]
Frankly, hot was not even a strong enough word to full depict these grueling sensations your body tortured you with, but honestly, your mind was too much of a muddle to conjure up anything else.
Falling ill as a child proved, in its own strange way, a vacation. You at least did not have to go to school and face responsibilities.
But, as an adult, with those responsibilities piling high, sickness proved nothing more than anxiety inducing, if not panic attack worthy. All you could obsess over were the unanswered e-mails and letters, the taxes, the rent, the texts and voice mails cramming your phone.
All the obligations...
All the responsibilities...
“I think I’m dying...”
“You have contracted a strand of nasopharyngitis, otherwise known as the common cold. While frequent symptoms include coughing, sore throat, nasal drainage, and fever, it is not considered fatal.
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Genos X Reader One Punch Man Shopping Spree
More Genos X Reader, but this time with Saitama!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~
You feel the warm sun on your skin as you walk slowly through the bustling cobblestone street. You hand is held tightly but gently by another cold hand. Even though it’s cold, the hand that holds yours makes you feel the warmest you ever have. Even just thinking about that hand makes your face heat up and flush firetruck red. It was even worse when you thought about whose hand it was.
You smile softly, blushing ferociously as you think about your robot boyfriend, Genos. He sneak a glance out of the corner of your eye. He’s very well-dressed today, wearing suit pants and a matching button-up dress shirt. The sleeves are rolled up above the elbow. The shirt is very tight on him, especially around the shoulders, and you blush every time you sneak a glance. Even though he doesn’t usually wear sleeves, he wore sleeves for you so he
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nice and toasty | genos
            “Genos! Genos, come quick, I need help!”
            “With what?” The blonde cyborg peeks around the corner to sneak a glance at you, only to see you struggling with some device on the kitchen countertop. Your arms are flailing wildly as you bang the shiny metallic mechanism on the marble table, your (hair color) locks bouncing up and down in accompaniment with your stressed movements.   
            “Genos, this is a disaster! Get over here right now!”
            “Are you sure it’s really a disaster?” He deadpans. “Last time you said that running out of Nutella was a disaster.”
            You stop your frenzied movements. Your hair settles down a
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Death Battle: 20% Faster Than You

Hydro Frez: The track has been paved and the finish line is in sight! I can see the ending!
Tempest: It's time for, a DEATH BATTLE!
DJ Pon-3's Dance Club

Though it was only mid-afternoon, the ever popular club hosted by none other then Vinyl Scratch, better know by her stage name as DJ Pon-3, was packed to the brim with ponies of all ages and species. It was a popular place amongst the residents of Ponyville, as it was not just a place to get your groove going, but it also offered a pretty good lunch set too.
Which was precisely why Rainbow Dash, the self-proclaimed fastest pony in the land, decided to dine here after a hard day's work of weather patrol.
Or in her case, a meal after a good nap. Then she could work off the food by showing some totally sick dance moves.
Sitting at her table, Dash watched as several younger pony couples danced it out on the dance floor. A well built earth pony came up to her table and placed a platter conta
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Fan Mail (Genos x Reader)
Waking up to the unnerving silence of the Uninhabited Zone of Z-City had taken some getting used to, but you had quickly come to appreciate it. No screaming traffic, no drunken strangers beneath your window at ungodly hours of the morning—the perfect atmosphere for studying. There was always the ever looming threat of a monster attack, but hey, the rent was cheap and you knew there were a couple of heroes living in the apartment above you if anything were to go wrong. It wasn’t the most glamorous place in the world but it was home.
You’d forgotten what day it was. If you hadn’t, you would have realised it was Monday morning and you would have known that Monday meant mail day. But you didn’t, and instead of waking up to blissful silence, you were greeted with the obnoxious whirring of the electronic mail carriers as they deposited yet another crate of mail onto your balcony.
It wasn’t even your mail. They’d gotten the
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A New And Beautiful Relationship[Saitama / Reader]
happy advanced birthday me
i give you my own birthday present
even if my birthday is like next month and im giving myself my present now yeah
(actual birthday is november 16 bruh)
The screams of the people could be heard from miles away as they were running from a gigantic monster, who looks like some kind of mythical creature.
The monster, named Chimeradon (no one named it, that's just its name trust me on this), rampaged throughout Z City, roaring fiercely to establish dominance.
"That is one ugly cat." A young woman yawned, snacking on popcorn while watching the disaster unfold on TV. She sighed and stood up.
"Maybe I should go."
The same young woman was walking around the city, wearing a dark coat (that looked dark purplish or brown), a grey long-sleeved shirt underneath it, black pajama pants, and brownish-black boots
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Prelude: 20% Faster Than You

Tempest: For one who lives in the fast lane, there is no greater feeling then proving themselves unmatched. These two boast that they're the fastest the world has to offer, but who is truly number one?
Hydro Frez: Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Equestria!
Tempest: And Jack-O-Lantern Panic, the only ninja in One Punch Man!
I'm Tempest and he's Hydro Frez and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills to see who would win, a Death Battle!
Rainbow Dash
AKA: Dash, Dashie, Best Pony
Age: Unknown, presumably 19-20
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Member of the Wonderbolts Reserves, National Hero, Weather Manager of Ponyville

Only known pegasi to have performed the Sonic Rainboom
Helped to defeat major threats such as Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis and Tirek
Helped Daring Do stop Ahuizotl and prevent 800 years of unrelen
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