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TG Caption This: Turned Into An Olympic Swimmer!
I smiled contently as I stepped out of the changing rooms, adjusting my Sunglasses onto my still damp dark brown hair, my T-shirt and shorts keeping my strong 6"4' frame cool. I'd just finished a great swimming session and was on my way home. I usually go swimming at least four times a week, But I was kicking it up to eleven as I was going to swimming in the Olympics in a couple of months. After a fifteen minute walk I arrive back home to see my little sister on her laptop on our sofa. A quick peek over her shoulder whilst saying hello showed me that she was watching some anime with a pink haired heroine. Nothing unusual there then. After washing my trunks and putting them to dry and my sister reminding me it was my turn to cook dinner, I proceeded to the kitchen. It was a quiet night overall, as our parents were away on a second honeymoon, nothing much different, my sister was being quite talkative though, mostly about her anime, she seemed to be enjoying it... whatever it is.
After a
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So, Killer walks into this bar, and he asks the bartender, "Yo, you got anything good?" and Law, the barkeep, is all, "We got some bear claws," and Killer's like, "Eww, you cut Bepo's paws off?" and Kidd's like, "Oh, I already ate those. You're out of luck, Killer," and then Bepo is all, "WHO TOOK MAH HANDS?!"
And then Luffy is like, "I DID, MUTHA FUCKA!!" and Zoro's all, "AND A KING OF THE PIRATES TO YOU, GOOD SIR!!"
So, Capone all walks in, leather bound, and he sits down on a stool. And Kidd's all, "Dude! You're getting your butt cheeks all over the stool!" and Capone turns to Kidd suddenly, murffing murffing, and LE GASP!! THE BALL GAG COMETH!!! Then Law's all, "Bonney must be near!!"
Okay, so, Bonney all walks in. Except, it isn't regular Bonney. It's a frickin' pink dragon Bonney!! And Killer's all, "HOLY SHIT!!" and Kidd's like, "HOLY SHIT!!" and Law's all like, "HOLY SHIT!!" and Bepo is all like, "I left the dryer
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Turned into an Olymic Swimmer ending A
I thought about my sisters offer for a while. I knew there would be some consequence for not beating her challenge. Did I really want to take the risk... no, Of course not. Being a girl wouldn't be so bad, if I loose the challenge I'd probably have to be her slave or something and I wasn't doing that.
"No thank you." I said softly.
"Ha, I knew you would say tha... wait what?" My sisters victorious grin was replace by pure confusion.
"I sad no thank you." You could hear the victorious tone in my voice but it didn't sound like I was bragging, good thing to note.
"W-why!?" Utterly confused she broke down into tears, catching me off guard. "This w-was supposed to go perfectly, w-why would you like this?" She wailed. I did something I never thought Is have to do again, and hugged her. She recoiled a bit at first but eventually just leaned in and cried on my shoulder. Once she was done I decided to re ask the question she hadn't answered earlier.
"Why do this to me though?" She looked up at
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Turned into an Olympic Swimmer ending B
I thought about my sisters offer for a while. I knew there would be some consequence for not beating her challenge. Did I really want to take the risk... Yes. I don't want to be stuck as a girl, this is the only chance I'll get.
"Fine, what's the challenge?" I ask, Defeated. My sisters grins and jumps ecstatically.
"Yes, I knew you'd say that. You're challenge is to win at least one gold medal in the Olympics and I'll turn you back." That's it, just one, I would have thought she'd say something impossible like I had to win every event I was in.
"What's the catch?" Her grin widened as she pulled something out from behind her.
"If you fail, you'll have to wear this and be my cute little sister." she produced a small pink one piece with a frilly skirt like bottom. I wasn't impressed.
"You'll never get that on me, it'll rip." I scoffed.
"On the contrary." My sister was smirking. "The Clerk who sold it to me, who's only a couple of inches shorter than you now and is waaaay curvier by the wa
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