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Shadow's Sleepover: Part 4
Car: (*parks by Chaotix’s house*)
Cops: (*get out of car and run towards Shadow and friends*)
Silver: I didn’t do it, I swear! (*puts hands up*)
Lady Cop: Let’s get ‘em, boyz!
Cops: (*runs past Shadow and friends and go to the Chaotix’s front door and kick it down and run in*)
Shadow: What the-? (*confuzzled*)
Rouge: Oh, my God! They’re going for the Chaotix, not us!
Espio: (*oh noes*)
Blaze: I knew it’d happen some day. TT
Cop Lady: (*comes out front door with Vector in handcuffs*) You’re under arrest for disturbing the peace and vandalism!
Vector: Aww, crud.  TT
Cop #1: (*brings out Charmy and looks at Lady Cop*) What about this one?
Charmy: You better watch out, Mister! I can sting you! And it hurts, lemme tell ya that! (*struggling in Cop #1’s arms*)
Cop Lady: He’s too young to go to jail. Hmm… (*looks around and spots Espio with Shadow and the others*) Ah! Mr. Chameleon! Will you please come here for a moment?
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SonAmy at the Winter Olympics
SonAmy at the Winter Olympics
             Hello everyone it is me again the blur blue himself Sonic the Hedgehog. It has been about 6 months since me and my pals got back from the Olympics held by Mario and his gang. Things have settled down and I was able to by a new house with the rings I won and I am very pleased with the work I have done with it. Also if you all are wondering my relationship with Amy Rose has improved drastically the last 5 months. After I finally got over my cold feet I asked her out and we both had a fantastic time on our date. We have become a couple and it has been very smooth with few problems. The only problems are when I planned a date and either Eggman attacks the city or he ambushes me our date. However usually when he interrupts our date Amy is the one who takes care of him with her hammer because she is absolutely furious and I never EVER try to get in between her and the thing that ticked
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unconditional | hinata shouyou
//hinata shouyou x reader
The sound of the door opening and the light switch being flickered on still echoed through your mind as your messy orange-haired boyfriend was immediately love-struck by the extravagance of your hotel room. 
"I love this room already!" 
Leaving everything behind, he ran up to your bed and animatedly jumped around, testing the springs of the mattress to its fullest. You were struck speechless by his lack of fatigue, although it wasn't all that surprising knowing Hinata. You figured he'd be sleeping like a baby in a mere second once he settled into that bed with you that night. 
"And look at the view! Tokyo looks so different at night!"
As if it was his first time in a hotel, Hinata easily managed to find joy in the simplest things in the neatly organised room you just entered. You kinda reprimanded yourself for knowing you would've joined him in his antics if it wasn't for the tiring flight you'd just gotten off of. It w
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Benedict Who?
Hey, Greg, you busy? - JW
Nope. Just finished a case. What's up, John? - GL
Kinda hoping for some company. Been a hard day. - JW
I understand. 8 month anniversary today, isn't it? - GL
... Yeah. So if you wouldn't mind coming over? - JW
Sure. I'm over at Molly's. Give me 20 minutes? - GL
See you then. - JW
A polite knock on the door about half an hour later had John limping to the door to open it. Greg Lestrade walked in, a small smile on his face. John closed the door and led the way to the armchairs in the center of the room. John took Sherlock's old chair while Greg settled into John's usual chair.
"So," Greg started quietly, staring at John. "How you holding up?"
"Been better," John said sadly. "Been worse. It just kind of hit me all at once today, you know?" Greg nodded, sending John a compassionate glance.
"What do you want to do?" Greg asked curiously. "Trade stories, sit in silence, watch telly?" John huffed out a strained laugh and ran a hand through his hair.
"I don't think I
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