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Old Saxon Rune Table :iconsewandrere:sewandrere 893 134 House in the Forest: Interior :iconnavanna:Navanna 282 56 Huldra Maker :iconniobesnuppa:Niobesnuppa 582 306 The King :iconheyriel:Heyriel 267 52 Myrkr :iconthefoxandtheraven:TheFoxAndTheRaven 171 11 Viking Long House :iconnavanna:Navanna 142 17 Bredafonn :iconvikingwidunder:VikingWidunder 87 16 Norwegian Organic Farm :iconnavanna:Navanna 110 23 Pors Eik Tre :iconvikingwidunder:VikingWidunder 79 32
My 2nd Old Saxon Rune Poem
Fehu is frƀrun allum werum
Ac mt filo gedlid weran,
Eftha th weldid it mistumft twisc mannum.
Ur wandrod htlco an land,
Swift endi wlanc, waldand umbi scpo emniu,
Is ft wrun an snwe.
Thuris is wƀum th angust,
Waalondi thr t hgum berg wippilum,
Oc an clif wunod.
As is ordfrumun allaro thingo,
Endi gewitono ldiman, drohtin burges,
Wsdmes mundborun.
Rda is hrosso quelmiunga,
Oc ehurdandium heririncum frnessi,
Mid grtumu swifte.
Cn is mannum cennid,
S clne mdspellies eldos ferr an bergum
brinnad an firstum hallono.
Geƀa giƀid gomun run,
Oc gelco is iro briosthugie gd,
Afullean mid wuldre
Wunnia fullid wre hertun
Manno the wanhugdigo gd rum farlhad
War is mundburd.
Hagal is caldost corno,
Cumid af God lufthme, mid windum gehworƀan,
Endi s s hr stgid.
:iconsewandrere:sewandrere 12 4
AUCTION: Adoptable Set 4 [CLOSE] :iconerdjie:ERDJIE 179 22 Kingdom of the North: 17th Century Overview :iconrarayn:Rarayn 133 68 Son Of The North :icondrakhenliche:drakhenliche 76 15 Thrymskvida :iconmuirin007:Muirin007 139 16 Foss Turnaround :iconpanimated:Panimated 114 21 Relic of the past :iconr-esound:R-esound 76 26 Norse Architecture :iconnavanna:Navanna 59 3 Norwegian Cottages :iconnavanna:Navanna 66 28 Rune Table :iconsewandrere:sewandrere 44 20
Yggdrasil Sigrunnr
Yggdrasil Sigrnnr
Yonder came the one-eyed
Gungnir his faithful companion
Guardian of wisdom and pride
Dwelt he for nine days
Relying on his own strength
Along the bark, ancient blaze
Secrets carved in its lenght
Iron fist grasp the rope
Land bellow became darkness
sacrifice he gave for one's hope
injured by the spear's sharpness
glimmering light beyond the veil
reaching the edge of the horizon
unseen shores where he set sail
noble mind was enlightened
notable wisdom, his new dominion
runes of power, to mortals provided
Arith Hrger
Cσρуяιgнт 2013™
:iconvikingwidunder:VikingWidunder 9 23
Old Norse Runes :iconfagertveit:Fagertveit 83 23 Hypothetical Futhark Evolution :iconjohnraptor:JohnRaptor 27 21 SKOLL / The Wolfbeast [ ref sheet ] :icondistortedmachine:DISTORTEDMACHINE 30 2 talisman Bday cake-rhodestwin2 :iconrhodestwins:rhodestwins 39 26
Uruz. The Slave and the Trolls
“Sit down, slave! You struggle in vain,” says Asvald, cleansing his hands in a small water basin. Dried blood is washed away, reddening the water. “The rope that binds you is woven from hair of jotun and tail of nokken, so not even Fenrir the Wolf could escape from its grasp!” he laughs with heart. “You might think that there is nothing sweeter than freedom, but freedom comes with its own burdens. So, sit still, slave! and listen – I have a most interesting story to tell you, a story that may change your mind!”
With these words, the young man lets himself fall lazily in an armchair. A clay oil-lamp casts moving shadows upon their faces: on Asvald's, with eager and joyful blue-grey eyes, and on the slave's, who sits with hands tied at the back, gazing at him terrified. Asvald takes off the dagger from his belt and in his left hand he grabs an apple from a reed basket on the table, chipping off a green succulent morsel from it as he
:iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 7 24
Mjoelnir :iconmisoli:misoli 15 1 waiting :iconfrankystein:Frankystein 10 2 Glass Bottles :iconnavanna:Navanna 20 6 Haithabu :iconmisoli:misoli 29 7 Kuolo | Old Ref. Sheet | Not in use :iconlizzarddraws:LizzardDraws 30 17 Svala the Guardian :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 23 21 Dark Elf Sketch Card - BARD! :iconpernastudios:Pernastudios 22 2 Fenrisulfr Form 1 :iconxagnar:xAgnar 11 3 Upon Lidskjalf :iconwayland-the-smith:Wayland-the-Smith 19 8 Old Europe :iconmeliadhor:Meliadhor 18 39 Divine Beauty :iconmuggy-d:Muggy-D 26 8 OOC: this isn't really hetalia, but... :iconaskforoyar:AskForoyar 19 2 Ragnarok [Ref - 2017] :iconxagnar:xAgnar 10 5 Svanhvit :iconknavesandknots:KnavesAndKnots 32 19 Prayer :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 14 26 Inktober 2016 Day 21-22 (Old Myths) :iconmirielvinya:MirielVinya 15 0 Hirdjon | Species Concept :iconlizzarddraws:LizzardDraws 15 15 Tiwaz :iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 12 10 Ivarr oflaengtungar :iconsepiawren:SepiaWren 16 6
Tiwaz. The Holmgang
     Hakon leapt backwards from the cliff, gripping his knees and flipping twice in the air before he plunged into the misty white lake. The water was hot – not from the heat of the sun, which was rarely generous in Iceland – but because the lake was nested in the womb of a volcano heated by the fires smouldering in the bowels of the earth. The vapour floated on its surface, giving the lake a milky haze but hiding a clear azure water underneath, which engulfed Hakon's body as he dived in.
     He let himself float along the watery alley bound in tall dark walls of stone, a narrow canyon submerged in Aegir's veil. He swam to the surface to draw breath, when, out of a sudden, something grasped his foot, a hand trying to drag him under! He startled in sheer surprise glancing beneath and saw a woman-like creature dashing away from him, a naked shape covered only in floating brown hair. A nykr<i>
:iconhelevornart:HelevornArt 5 33
Dog Character Design - Ref Sheet - Unknown Name 2 :iconlizzarddraws:LizzardDraws 14 11 Valkyrie :iconfairychamber:fairychamber 12 2 Smari | N. Jaro | Ref. Sheet :iconlizzarddraws:LizzardDraws 11 3 Bjarki :iconbloodylove44:BloodyLove44 10 5