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Untitled by colonel-strawberry Untitled :iconcolonel-strawberry:colonel-strawberry 501 43 Subway Tunes by B1nd1 Subway Tunes :iconb1nd1:B1nd1 2,975 239 mosh by sean-tron mosh :iconsean-tron:sean-tron 8,690 1,153 Adventure Time- Tree Trunks by HallowDew Adventure Time- Tree Trunks :iconhallowdew:HallowDew 790 176
the weeds across the street.
She’s the little girl with flaxen curls at four pm flouncing down her driveway with her hands buried in her pockets, lips pressed out like she’s whistling. You’ll watch her out your window, with your tea lukewarm on the sill, and splutter a cough; fogging up the glass just enough to miss her smile.
You saw her once, twice eating petals off the roses in your garden. You’ve forgotten how to converse with children, you cussed between the wheezing and she stared right past like you were simply a knurled twig catching the wind in its leaves.
One morning you found her; purple stockings, blush mittens and a head of sunlight curls- asleep with your cat, Ginger, in your backyard. Her face was lost in the fur and repose and she slept soundly as you cut through her curls, knife icy in your recycled paper fingers. You tied a ribbon around the hair and sewed it in to your next doll. You named her Lucy and stitched a red heart into her chest. At nighttime the beating is so loud y
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Babar BADASS by Tohad Babar BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 600 84 .|.Heiress.|. by UNIesque .|.Heiress.|. :iconuniesque:UNIesque 1,176 89 Druantia by RossanaCastellino Druantia :iconrossanacastellino:RossanaCastellino 664 138 ------- by Lub-Ad ------- :iconlub-ad:Lub-Ad 203 76 Vira by JRCoffronIII Vira :iconjrcoffroniii:JRCoffronIII 437 133 Time Lines by NicksPencil Time Lines :iconnickspencil:NicksPencil 1,269 773 The woman who lost her memory, by iNeedChemicalX The woman who lost her memory, :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 804 97 Mass Effect 3 - Banshee by SilentReaper Mass Effect 3 - Banshee :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 1,483 275 Good Witch by Tsvetka Good Witch :icontsvetka:Tsvetka 928 90 cigarette lady by shinsenfreak cigarette lady :iconshinsenfreak:shinsenfreak 334 101 A True Hero by mattandrews A True Hero :iconmattandrews:mattandrews 374 95 Commission animation: Josephine and Evie by starca Commission animation: Josephine and Evie :iconstarca:starca 521 90 corset V by SuzyTheButcher corset V :iconsuzythebutcher:SuzyTheButcher 558 28 madagaSCAR by Ari-chaan madagaSCAR :iconari-chaan:Ari-chaan 979 195 Lady in the garden by Sanskarans Lady in the garden :iconsanskarans:Sanskarans 546 51 470 by NunoCanha 470 :iconnunocanha:NunoCanha 626 204 Solitude by gilad Solitude :icongilad:gilad 760 271
Halfcat! Reader x England-My Bad? (Chapter Three)
“Hey, wake up.” You felt something nudging your side.
“No- go away.” You rolled over and tried to sleep again.
“Fine, I guess that you won't get any ice cream~" he taunted. You perked up a little at the statement.
"What kind?" you mumbled.
"Whatever kind you want," you could imagine the smirk that would be plastered on his face.
"Wait- you have every flavour of ice cream?" you sat up to face him.
"No, we're going out to get ice cream," he sighed.
"Ears," you pointed to your head, where two little cat ears were sticking out of your skull.
"You really thought I would forget about that?" he pulled out a blue beanie from his pocket. You gave him a suspicious look, "You'll have to go out sometime, _______"
"Fine," you grabbed the hat and shoved it down to your human ears. "Better?" you said grumpily as he adjusted it.
"Perfect! Come on!" he grabbed your hand, pulling you to your feet when you realised something.
"Arthur- do I... by any chance... have a... tail?
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Lost in translation. by Treamus Lost in translation. :icontreamus:Treamus 236 52 Life and death by Ash-3xpired Life and death :iconash-3xpired:Ash-3xpired 178 57 Vira by JRCoffronIII Vira :iconjrcoffroniii:JRCoffronIII 319 57
+ THE GREAT JUMP + :iconboum:boum 768 424
Caring for Dementia by carts Caring for Dementia :iconcarts:carts 1,049 110 ...old lady I... by roblfc1892 ...old lady I... :iconroblfc1892:roblfc1892 583 93
Life and a Lady
Life and a Lady
A little girl,
With pastel stains on her cheeks
I remember so vaguely
But she walked home that day
With a star in her hands
And chocolate milk on her mind
A little lady,
With confetti littered in her cheeks
I remember, though barely
But she walked home that day
With a medal in her hands
And the promised computer in mind
A teenage girl,
With tears on her cheeks
I remember somewhat clearly
But she walked home that day
With a toga in hand
And college in her mind
A grown-up lady,
With make-up on her cheeks
I remember lucidly
And she walked home that day
With a diploma in hand
And success in her mind
A woman,
With blush on her cheeks
I remember so vividly
And she walked home that day
With a ring in her hand
And a man in her mind
A bride,
With bloom on her cheeks
I’ll remember infinitely
Walked to a new home that day
With a hand in her hand
And eternity in her mind
A mother,
With small hands on her cheeks
I’ll remember joyfully
And she walked home that day
With a
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