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fuck you... by allenjmiller fuck you... :iconallenjmiller:allenjmiller 690 269
His embrace… a fortress…
Her bumper sticker is peeling.  The one that says 'I (heart) my Marine!'  It's been months, but it's still true, so she keeps it, letting it peel and fade in the weather like a scab.  Like a scar.
The sticker is hers, the truck is his.  Nevermind that all the paperwork is now in her name.  Nevermind he hasn't driven it in a year or more.  She drives it to work, and pumps the high-priced gas, and pays to have the summer tires swapped for the snows.  But it's his truck.
The wall above the bed becomes his shrine.  She papers it with photos.  His high school senior photo.  Their prom photos.  Photos of him with his brother, his sisters, his dogs.  Photos of him hugging his mother, laughing with his father.  Photos of the two of them hiking, swimming, lounging on the couch, playing touch football with their friends
:iconkreepingspawn:KreepingSpawn 39 57
American Union forces 1864 by defcombeta American Union forces 1864 :icondefcombeta:defcombeta 150 12 American Flag Billowing Wind by houstonryan American Flag Billowing Wind :iconhoustonryan:houstonryan 155 27
The Arms Of Rome
I met Ed when I joined the Marines for the first time.  Her name is Jessica Edwin, but in the Marines she was Corporal Edwin, or Ed.  It stuck.  She was tough and pretty, smart, driven, and two years older than me.  I was nineteen and foolish.  Somehow it worked.
We got married when we found out she was pregnant.  My parents were very nasty about it.  They felt I'd somehow taken advantage of her.  Good as raped her.  Her parents were wonderful.  They hosted the wedding, Ed and I wore our dress blues, and took an oath that meant even more than the one we swore to our nation.
Tiger was born just a few months after that.  Ed's four year contract was finished, so she found us a little house near the base.  She found a job, and she raised Tiger, almost by herself, while I ran PT, stood firewatch, crawled the obstacle courses, fired my rifle, shipped out on West Pac, and ca
:iconkreepingspawn:KreepingSpawn 346 399
Ol' Glory by etaru Ol' Glory :iconetaru:etaru 215 78
renga tree xv: disunity
flapping tatters
     Old Glory's stripes tangle
     in the storm
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 18 11
Wrapped in the Flag... by YNot1989 Wrapped in the Flag... :iconynot1989:YNot1989 83 112 America by LauraHollingsworth America :iconlaurahollingsworth:LauraHollingsworth 340 31 cerrado by Trueblood cerrado :icontrueblood:Trueblood 120 26 Through the Perilous Fight by kylewright Through the Perilous Fight :iconkylewright:kylewright 117 52 Patriot's Flight 2 by rachaelm5 Patriot's Flight 2 :iconrachaelm5:rachaelm5 126 87 Captain America Cursor Set by ShiningStar37 Captain America Cursor Set :iconshiningstar37:ShiningStar37 54 24 72 Star Flag by YNot1989 72 Star Flag :iconynot1989:YNot1989 41 8 Day 336 by FramedByNature Day 336 :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 89 8 Happy 4th of July! by JoshGarciaArtworks Happy 4th of July! :iconjoshgarciaartworks:JoshGarciaArtworks 21 58 Commemoration by 29cfrun Commemoration :icon29cfrun:29cfrun 45 10 American Flag Flames by jbensch American Flag Flames :iconjbensch:jbensch 83 31 Random American flag by Fenn-O-maniC Random American flag :iconfenn-o-manic:Fenn-O-maniC 35 8 Stamp - US Flag by MauserGirl Stamp - US Flag :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 578 62 B-25J 'Old Glory' Taxiing - Doolittle Raid 70th by comradeloganov B-25J 'Old Glory' Taxiing - Doolittle Raid 70th :iconcomradeloganov:comradeloganov 29 20 Patriotic Spider Tunnel Thingy by ChristopherPayne Patriotic Spider Tunnel Thingy :iconchristopherpayne:ChristopherPayne 47 7 One Nation Under God by Kid-of-the-King One Nation Under God :iconkid-of-the-king:Kid-of-the-King 31 21 United States Stamp by phantom United States Stamp :iconphantom:phantom 539 43 Military - Veteran's Day by SilentMYSTIQUE Military - Veteran's Day :iconsilentmystique:SilentMYSTIQUE 80 12 Star-Spangled Hottie by Chuck-Bauman Star-Spangled Hottie :iconchuck-bauman:Chuck-Bauman 151 16 Captain America- Running by moondg376 Captain America- Running :iconmoondg376:moondg376 29 0 Old Glory by KidAntipathy Old Glory :iconkidantipathy:KidAntipathy 121 11
They bury him under a flag, on a cool autumn morning.  His brother escorts her, supports her tenderly through the service.  He is the one who flinches at the rifle salute.  She closes her eyes and opens her heart and lets the staccato shots pass through her like a wind.
Only blanks.  Not real bullets.  Nothing like the barreling rounds that ripped his flesh and smashed in under his narrow ribs and nailed his life to the inside back of his flack jacket.
That slim silent figure in uniform.  Laid out cold and still.  That’s not him.  He’s not here.  He slipped out of his shell somewhere in the middle of a desert city under siege.  He’s maybe still there, a little lost.  A little uncertain where to go from here.  He might linger where his brothers are still fighting.  Screaming silent warning.  Aching to fight beside them still, to prote
:iconkreepingspawn:KreepingSpawn 41 92
Indpendence Day 09 by penguin-commando Indpendence Day 09 :iconpenguin-commando:penguin-commando 132 14 Historical Hypothetical Flags by BadWolf42 Historical Hypothetical Flags :iconbadwolf42:BadWolf42 21 10 Flag: USA by TheStampKing Flag: USA :iconthestampking:TheStampKing 181 15 Baking Day by marimo-lover Baking Day :iconmarimo-lover:marimo-lover 95 6 southern pride tattoo design by JezabelPheonix southern pride tattoo design :iconjezabelpheonix:JezabelPheonix 33 10 American Flag Flapping in Wind by houstonryan American Flag Flapping in Wind :iconhoustonryan:houstonryan 32 5 What  Wonderful Feeling by mikemack1984 What Wonderful Feeling :iconmikemack1984:mikemack1984 151 9 Red White and Blue by camisicado Red White and Blue :iconcamisicado:camisicado 31 3 Oh Say Can You See by Intergrativeone Oh Say Can You See :iconintergrativeone:Intergrativeone 10 0 Stars and Stripes Old Glory by houstonryan Stars and Stripes Old Glory :iconhoustonryan:houstonryan 26 5 Willys Army Jeep WWII Korea by Partywave Willys Army Jeep WWII Korea :iconpartywave:Partywave 18 10 Truth, Justice and the American Way by KileyBeecher Truth, Justice and the American Way :iconkileybeecher:KileyBeecher 31 17 Long May She Wave... by LadyAliceofOz Long May She Wave... :iconladyaliceofoz:LadyAliceofOz 31 43 Nature, Nurture, Heaven, and Home by YNot1989 Nature, Nurture, Heaven, and Home :iconynot1989:YNot1989 14 2 Saluting Old Glory by SumYungGa1 Saluting Old Glory :iconsumyungga1:SumYungGa1 14 5 Patriot eagle by Kooshtika Patriot eagle :iconkooshtika:Kooshtika 9 1 Somnium by marimo-lover Somnium :iconmarimo-lover:marimo-lover 43 1 Old Glory by SuperUndiesMan Old Glory :iconsuperundiesman:SuperUndiesMan 38 26 Patriotic by sethdavidson Patriotic :iconsethdavidson:sethdavidson 21 5 Hemmet 8WD Army truck HEMMT by Partywave Hemmet 8WD Army truck HEMMT :iconpartywave:Partywave 16 12