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Panties, Swords, and Flowers(Rin Okumura x Reader)
    You wet your lips, silently steaming. That pig headed, egotistical, elf-eared, dumb ass! You'd ring his neck if it was the last thing you'd do. You peevishly glared at the chalkboard, refusing to even look at him. Rin Okumura was going to pay.
    Rin, on the other hand, was equally pissed, for he saw the situation differently. You got him in trouble! If he was going to be scolded, he could get there all on his own, thank you. You were so nosey! That (Name) (Last) was a know it all.
    Yukio looked over his classroom with a weighted sigh. Those two had to be separated. Again. It was usually for a multitude of reasons. Rin copied (Name)'s test answers, (Name) would purposefully prove him wrong in conversation, and they both couldn't resist digging into each other (even for the smallest of faults). The young teacher was at his wits end. Even with Rin seated with Shiemi on the west end of the room, and (Name) paired with Izumo on the east,
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Ao no Exorcist: Life's a bitch by Majin-sama Ao no Exorcist: Life's a bitch :iconmajin-sama:Majin-sama 3,435 278 Blue Exorcist by yuumei Blue Exorcist :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,786 791
Hawaiian Pool Party (Rin Okumura x Reader)
It was another unbearably hot, sticky, and humid summer day, and you wanted nothing more than to take a month long vacation to somewhere frigid cold, like Siberia or something.
Drumming your dry hands on your wooden desk, you let out a frustrated groan. The overflowing pile (which, in reality, was very small) of homework that needed to be done lay in the corner of the wooden piece of furniture, and the rest of the desk was littered with two bottles of water, several empty plastic tubes of Otterpops, your Mac laptop, pencil shavings, and numerous pens, pencils, and other junk.
You had given up on doing your homework a while ago, after concluding that is was way too hot to be doing work, no less even thinking. You felt something vibrate in your pocket, so you reached down and pulled out your phone. Rin had texted you.
'hey, can u come over? Im super bored ughhh'
You inwardly cheered, smiling slightly to yourself. 'Oh my god, yes, finally something to relieve my
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Rin Okumura Flame Tail by Monoyasha Rin Okumura Flame Tail :iconmonoyasha:Monoyasha 627 88 Rin Okumura Tail by Monoyasha Rin Okumura Tail :iconmonoyasha:Monoyasha 347 74
My Best Friend's Brother ( Rin Okumura x Reader)
[My Best Friend’s Brother…]
You sat in class, listening to Yukio go on and on about being an exorcist or some shit like that. Your gaze slowly went towards Rin, who, like you, didn’t really give a rat’s ass about this lesson.
You’ve had a crush on the boy ever since he joined the academy, but when Yukio, your best guy friend, told you it was his brother, you told yourself that you, quote “Will not ask that sexy man beast out.”
It was a very difficult task since he was your type, and he was funny, …and cute.
You then felt all eyes on you. Realization hit you like a truck. You just said that last sentence out loud.
“[Name]. Care to explain why you interrupted class… again.” Yukio ask. The irritation in his voice was clear.
God, you flood the classroom once and your set for life.
You decided to play the dumb card.
“Ahem. I have no idea what you
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Ao no Exorcist -Summer Break- by Rin-Shiba Ao no Exorcist -Summer Break- :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 2,444 317
Rin Okumura X Reader
(This takes place after you two graduate!!!)
You were lying on your back in a forest, looking up at the night sky. Around your waist were the arms of your boyfriend. Who is that you may ask. Simple: the son of Satan, Rin Okumura. Everyone always wondered why you dated him. Again, simple: he was an amazing person and it didn’t matter to you if he was Satan’s son or not.
You could feel Rin shift behind you. You turned your head slightly to face him.
“Rin, is something wrong?” You ask.
He looked at you and gave you a goofy smile.
“Nah, I was just thinking of how we met.”
It was your first day at True Cross Academy. Your (h/l), (h/c) hair was flowing in the breeze. You were walking around looking for your room. You were the new student so obviously you didn’t know your way around. You stopped in front of the class room. You took a deep breath and opened the door preparing for what was coming.
“Ah, you must be (f/n) (l/n). I am Y
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Ao No Exorcist  Rin Okumura by 0hagaren0 Ao No Exorcist Rin Okumura :icon0hagaren0:0hagaren0 742 66
Rin Okumura x Reader - song fic - Iris
Rin x Reader
It was a normal day, just like any other, of course it was going horrible.
You were paired with Okumura, Rin.
Don't get the wrong idea or anything, you didn't mind working with Rin, it was just were just siblings with Ryuji Suguro, "Bon." And, well, Bon wouldn't allow him, not one bit.
But, Bon knew the rules more than any of you, and what Yukio says, goes.
Yukio's word was law, there was no reason for questioning any of them.
The project was simple, go out and catch one or two demons with your partner, and find them at the assigned places. Your area, was the forest.
You looked at Rin, and gave him a small smile.
He responded with a huge grin and you could hear Bon behind you mutter the words: Death, and Rin.
"Now!" Yukio said loudly, snapping everyone's attention to him. "You are dismissed to work on your project's, come back a soon as you catch something, you have all the needed supplies for you and your partner in the back pack I assigned you
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ABC Expressions - Rin Okumura by sleii ABC Expressions - Rin Okumura :iconsleii:sleii 2,178 561 Good Morning - Ao no Exorcist by Rin-Shiba Good Morning - Ao no Exorcist :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 3,781 382 Persona 5 by Koyorin Persona 5 :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 1,379 18 Ao no Exorcist- Okumura Rin by jaerika Ao no Exorcist- Okumura Rin :iconjaerika:jaerika 2,480 103 Rin-Like tail -DL- by Desu-Prince-Karen Rin-Like tail -DL- :icondesu-prince-karen:Desu-Prince-Karen 676 65 Blue Excorcist  by LAS-T Blue Excorcist :iconlas-t:LAS-T 1,427 108 Blue exorcist by Daenarys Blue exorcist :icondaenarys:Daenarys 9,539 699 Ao No Exorcist - Rin by sunshineikimaru Ao No Exorcist - Rin :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 3,338 401 Rin Okumura by yaichino Rin Okumura :iconyaichino:yaichino 3,590 132
Pocky Tail A fanfic
     It was true that the floor was not the most comfortable place to try and finish cram school homework, but Rin Okumura managed it quite well with only an ugly brown pillow under his elbows. He grunted with triumph as he finished the last question about 17th century demons. That was all the assignments he needed to finish before history and pharmaceuticals tomorrow. Yawning, Rin glanced warily back and forth before digging a paperback book from under his pillow. With its pink spine and syrupy title "No Light Without You", Rin's reading  choice would have been a little strange to some, but he happily opened to the rabbit eared page he had left off on before Yukio pestered him into finishing his work. In the background, the shower shuttered to a stop.
     Rin was far to engrossed in his boys love comic to pay attention as his "study buddy", the tough guy Ryuji, exited the bathroom, drying his black and yellow faux hawk with
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The Face Off by OnlyNura The Face Off :icononlynura:OnlyNura 947 113 Meme: Grab my--glasses by xiaoyugaara Meme: Grab my--glasses :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 2,568 199 Nah, I'm too shy by ichan-desu Nah, I'm too shy :iconichan-desu:ichan-desu 1,953 63 Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin 02 by LALAax Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin 02 :iconlalaax:LALAax 3,542 383 Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin 03 by LALAax Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin 03 :iconlalaax:LALAax 1,205 72 Ao no Exorcist-rin yukio renzo by jaerika Ao no Exorcist-rin yukio renzo :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,975 96 Ao no Exorcist- battle by jaerika Ao no Exorcist- battle :iconjaerika:jaerika 2,240 84 Blue Exorcist by xephonia Blue Exorcist :iconxephonia:xephonia 3,336 122 Ao no Exorcist- Rin and Yukio by twinfools Ao no Exorcist- Rin and Yukio :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,093 64 Blue Exorcist- Rin and Bon by twinfools Blue Exorcist- Rin and Bon :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,095 110 Ao no Exorcist by f-wd Ao no Exorcist :iconf-wd:f-wd 3,538 139 Ao no Exorcist- boys by jaerika Ao no Exorcist- boys :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,966 149
Little Bon Problems
"I think I'm gonna die in this heat." groaned Ryuji Suguro, aka Bon, as he trekked through the muggy, humid forest. The young, bulky-built man was sweating nonstop; his black shirt clinging tightly to his upper body. Bon used his arm to wipe off his forehead as he glanced over his surroundings. His supposed partner, Rin Okumura, was nowhere to be seen. "That guy…I told him not to run off! We're hunting down a demon that's caused the disappearances of over a dozen people. No one better come crying to me when that idiot joins them."
The sixteen year-old continued maneuvering around trees and bushes, occasionally glancing up at the afternoon sky. They'd been in this forest for over four hours now…it wouldn't be long until night fell. Hopefully that demon appeared soon so the two of them could start heading back. Several more minutes passed; the only sound to keep Bon company being the flapping of wings above him and the crunch of leaves under him. All of a sudden, however, the y
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