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Misty - Pokemon by Its-Raining-Neon Misty - Pokemon :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 440 16 Officer Jenny by GinaBCosplay Officer Jenny :iconginabcosplay:GinaBCosplay 613 65 Pikachu Dressup 4EVER by pichu90 Pikachu Dressup 4EVER :iconpichu90:pichu90 965 311 Shocking Results by AkuOreo Shocking Results :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 457 31
Abso-Flute Control
On a hot summer's day, in a forest within the Sinnoh region, the wild Bidoof played cheerfully and the wild Starly flew around in unison. It was a peaceful day, but the peace was about to broken. Falling out the sky from another one of their failed attempts to capture Pikachu and screaming for their lives,  the trio of Team Rocket crashed to the ground below, scaring the wild Pokemon away. The trio were used to blasting off, but the pain was always sore.
"Owe, why do none of our plans ever work?" moaned Jessie as she got up from the ground .
"Yeah, I've lost count of how much debt we our in, creasing giant mecha robots to capture that Pikachu." signed Meowth.
"Say, where did James land?" asked Jessie.
"I dunno, when we crashed down, I only remember hearing a loud splash sound..." replied Meowth.
A short silence followed before they realized the problem fully.
"A LOUD SPLASH SOUND?!?" They both screamed, looking over the large lake that laid before them.
"D-Did he land
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Officer Jenny by GinaBCosplay Officer Jenny :iconginabcosplay:GinaBCosplay 455 31 Hello Officer! - Pokemon by Mostflogged Hello Officer! - Pokemon :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 683 147 ONE PIECE VS. POKEMON by Mcgooen ONE PIECE VS. POKEMON :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 1,093 189 Officer Jenny by JHALLpokemon Officer Jenny :iconjhallpokemon:JHALLpokemon 3,618 276 Jenny and Joy TG p7 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p7 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 771 110 +42. Animals by BrokenTeapot +42. Animals :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 1,223 334 Commission: You Can Watch But You Can't Touch by R3dFiVe Commission: You Can Watch But You Can't Touch :iconr3dfive:R3dFiVe 814 104 Officer Jenny - Pokemon by Mostflogged Officer Jenny - Pokemon :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 403 66
Officer Jenny's Unusual Activity
When Officer Jenny was off duty, she had a very special pass time.
After a hard day at the police station, chasing down criminals and locking them up, she needed a way to unwind.
In her house, there was a small room that was always locked. She carried the key with her everywhere she went, and always kept it in the same pocket on her person.
She brought that key out now.
It was a simple key, nothing extraordinary about it.
Then she unlocked, and opened the room.
The room had two simple features, features that made it different and…very peculiar compared to the rest of the house.
There was a set of padded stocks, connected to a cushioned armchair with no legs, so it was resting entirely off the ground.
She sat down in that very armchair and placed her feet in the semi-circles of the stocks. She closed the upper half over her ankles before locking the stocks in place, effectively binding her feet.
She reclined back in the chair; her still-shoed feet hung half and inch above the gro
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Growlithe Dressup by pichu90 Growlithe Dressup :iconpichu90:pichu90 798 215
Harmonious, but not safe
The forest sung out in Harmony, at one with nature. Birds trilled, bugs chirped, and umm…carnivores chewed merrily. But something was wrong in this picture of bliss. Namely, the furious swearing and snapping of twigs coming from a small point in the large mass of green.
"Fucking trees! Fucking plants! Go the fuck away!"
Misty charged quite determinedly through the harmless branches in a furor. She had been lost for around two hours now, and was completely separated from all civilization. She had originally come to catch a Pokémon that was, annoyingly, only found in this particular forest. On this continent, anyway. Oh no, she could have forked out the 10 bucks for the ferry to Hoenn, where there were shitloads of the bloody things, but NO. 10 bucks was too much. It would take long. May as well do it here, in this massive, untouched, uninhabitable forest on the edge of the Kanto region.
Yes, that was a GREAT idea.
This Seviper better be worth it.
In the forest, a vine move
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Houndoom and Jenny by HybridCreampuff Houndoom and Jenny :iconhybridcreampuff:HybridCreampuff 269 38 Officer Jenny by nadyasonika Officer Jenny :iconnadyasonika:nadyasonika 258 94 Point E by Southern-Panda Point E :iconsouthern-panda:Southern-Panda 985 98 Pokemon Masters by xHee-Heex Pokemon Masters :iconxhee-heex:xHee-Heex 313 44 Officer Jenny by GinaBCosplay Officer Jenny :iconginabcosplay:GinaBCosplay 232 11 Jenny and Joy TG p4 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p4 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 594 20 Jenny and Joy TG p3 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p3 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 575 7 Obeying or... interrupted ? by BronyRoxa Obeying or... interrupted ? :iconbronyroxa:BronyRoxa 584 14 Jenny and Joy TG p5 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p5 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 595 11 Mina, Jenny,Kurumu and Moka by Karosu-Maker Mina, Jenny,Kurumu and Moka :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 2,654 261 The tied law - Commission by DAkuroihoshi The tied law - Commission :icondakuroihoshi:DAkuroihoshi 1,156 28 The Not-So-Great Escape by 2GoodSharks The Not-So-Great Escape :icon2goodsharks:2GoodSharks 151 27 Jenny's Belly Part 1 by VelvetExplosion Jenny's Belly Part 1 :iconvelvetexplosion:VelvetExplosion 984 45 Jenny and Joy TG p1 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p1 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 600 21
lost dawn - chapter 2
Just on the edge of the forest, a loud roar came over the hill. Soon a tan jeep rolled across the grassy hill, tires tearing the earth apart as it sped down the hill before coming to a loud roaring stop. Mud stuck to the side of the jeep, making it spotty brown in multiple spots. The engine of the jeep turned off as three doors open. On the side of the door was a design reading, "Pokemon Search and Rescue Team."
A long, slender, smooth skinned leg stepped out of the driver side, a black high heel pressing against the ground as a young women stepped out of the jeep, clad in an extremely tight blue skirt that went down halfway down her thigh, with a matching tank-top that was tight to her chest area, showing the curves of her breast. She gazed at the forest edge with brown eyes, sliding her fingers through her aqua hair. As she did, two other girls stepped out of the car, completely identical to her in every way.
The three Officer Jenny's were all sisters, working for the search and resc
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Officer Jenny by GinaBCosplay Officer Jenny :iconginabcosplay:GinaBCosplay 190 15 On The Job - Pokemon by Mostflogged On The Job - Pokemon :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 241 62 Commish: Officer Jenny Trapped by Karosu-Maker Commish: Officer Jenny Trapped :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 1,001 124 Jenny and Joy TG p2 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p2 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 544 22 Jenny and Joy TG p6 by AkuOreo Jenny and Joy TG p6 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 602 7 troll36 Request by CriminalKiwi troll36 Request :iconcriminalkiwi:CriminalKiwi 482 28 Shocking Results p3 by AkuOreo Shocking Results p3 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 345 8 Jenny by xHee-Heex Jenny :iconxhee-heex:xHee-Heex 210 37 Nuzlocke Extras: Shots by wanlingnic Nuzlocke Extras: Shots :iconwanlingnic:wanlingnic 261 142 Commission: The new recruits by Reit-9 Commission: The new recruits :iconreit-9:Reit-9 594 23 Shocking Results p5 by AkuOreo Shocking Results p5 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 383 28 Commission: Bold as Brass by R3dFiVe Commission: Bold as Brass :iconr3dfive:R3dFiVe 518 41 Misty by Its-Raining-Neon Misty :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 241 13 Officer Ash Tg Colored by Rezuban Officer Ash Tg Colored :iconrezuban:Rezuban 352 21 Officer Jenny by Khalitzburg Officer Jenny :iconkhalitzburg:Khalitzburg 1,026 74 Officer Jenny by elee0228 Officer Jenny :iconelee0228:elee0228 665 110 Pokemon Masters by Hopie-chan Pokemon Masters :iconhopie-chan:Hopie-chan 225 40