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Speed Challenge 21 Poll Winner: Tactical Briefing by Starfire-Productions Speed Challenge 21 Poll Winner: Tactical Briefing :iconstarfire-productions:Starfire-Productions 34 10 Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs Jawas by Aste17 Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs Jawas :iconaste17:Aste17 71 2 Don't Cry by KatyaHam Don't Cry :iconkatyaham:KatyaHam 24 22 STAR WARS POSTER (KENOBI) by MrPacinoHead STAR WARS POSTER (KENOBI) :iconmrpacinohead:MrPacinoHead 135 8 Chata Hyoki by Phraggle Chata Hyoki :iconphraggle:Phraggle 62 15
Padawan Trouble (Ahsoka Tano x Male!Reader)
 Requested by slipblood52
 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
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"Yes, my lady, I'm coming!" you said, running over to your mistress. You barged in through the doors of your quarters, almost knocking down a few other Padawans in the process. You were just alerted to a call from your teacher about going on a mission with her, saying that the mission would maybe help into leveling up your skills.
 You like maybe some other initiates, started as a youngling, born with Force sensitive skills. It was at the time your parents were a bit worried about your new found power, but you first thought of it as nothing but fun and games, saying that they were all just tricks. You did had thoughts of going to train as a Jedi but your parents forbade it at first, worried that you would get hurt. It wasn't until you got some local children in the town you lived in got injured a bit by you (no do
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The Stormtrooper That Banged His Head On The Door by Phraggle The Stormtrooper That Banged His Head On The Door :iconphraggle:Phraggle 158 72 Obi-Wan Kenobi by SecondGoddess Obi-Wan Kenobi :iconsecondgoddess:SecondGoddess 26 9 He Will Avenge Us by harleiart He Will Avenge Us :iconharleiart:harleiart 16 2 Peppi Bow by Phraggle Peppi Bow :iconphraggle:Phraggle 99 30 Ahsoka Tano ( post Clone Wars ) by Phraggle Ahsoka Tano ( post Clone Wars ) :iconphraggle:Phraggle 192 18 Count Dooku by Phraggle Count Dooku :iconphraggle:Phraggle 139 27 Jyn Erso by Phraggle Jyn Erso :iconphraggle:Phraggle 148 36 Bo-Katan Kryze by Phraggle Bo-Katan Kryze :iconphraggle:Phraggle 168 17 Gar Saxon by Phraggle Gar Saxon :iconphraggle:Phraggle 150 31 Asajj Ventress by Phraggle Asajj Ventress :iconphraggle:Phraggle 167 33 Padme Amidala by Phraggle Padme Amidala :iconphraggle:Phraggle 103 36 Proud Heroe  by kiarajareth Proud Heroe :iconkiarajareth:kiarajareth 14 8 K-2SO by Phraggle K-2SO :iconphraggle:Phraggle 236 59 The Guy Wearing The Black Biker Scout Helmet by Phraggle The Guy Wearing The Black Biker Scout Helmet :iconphraggle:Phraggle 97 39 Captain Cassian Andor by Phraggle Captain Cassian Andor :iconphraggle:Phraggle 99 12 When The Clone Wars was cancelled by MacMillan11SFM When The Clone Wars was cancelled :iconmacmillan11sfm:MacMillan11SFM 16 3 He would have to let him go by Stewjon He would have to let him go :iconstewjon:Stewjon 59 3 Mon Mothma ( Rogue One ) by Phraggle Mon Mothma ( Rogue One ) :iconphraggle:Phraggle 87 8 Mustafarian Sentry by Phraggle Mustafarian Sentry :iconphraggle:Phraggle 79 18 Emperor's Royal Guard by Phraggle Emperor's Royal Guard :iconphraggle:Phraggle 149 37 Clone Trooper Tup by Phraggle Clone Trooper Tup :iconphraggle:Phraggle 99 30 Agent Kallus by Phraggle Agent Kallus :iconphraggle:Phraggle 95 18 Hera Syndulla by Phraggle Hera Syndulla :iconphraggle:Phraggle 150 19 Cham Syndulla by Phraggle Cham Syndulla :iconphraggle:Phraggle 56 15 Ponda Baba by Phraggle Ponda Baba :iconphraggle:Phraggle 86 53 Kanan Jarrus by Phraggle Kanan Jarrus :iconphraggle:Phraggle 121 26 Giant Flog by Phraggle Giant Flog :iconphraggle:Phraggle 71 20 Hondo Ohnaka by Phraggle Hondo Ohnaka :iconphraggle:Phraggle 103 34 Benthic and Edrio Two Tubes by Phraggle Benthic and Edrio Two Tubes :iconphraggle:Phraggle 103 16 Plo Koon by Phraggle Plo Koon :iconphraggle:Phraggle 107 28 Steela Gerrera by Phraggle Steela Gerrera :iconphraggle:Phraggle 98 28 Dr. Evazan by Phraggle Dr. Evazan :iconphraggle:Phraggle 68 15 Momaw Nadon by Phraggle Momaw Nadon :iconphraggle:Phraggle 104 39 Buzz Droids by Phraggle Buzz Droids :iconphraggle:Phraggle 86 18 Saw Gerrera ( Rogue One ) by Phraggle Saw Gerrera ( Rogue One ) :iconphraggle:Phraggle 111 44
Star Wars Infinities: FaSotS Timeline 7
Star Wars Infinities: Father and Son of the Suns (part 7)
BBY 13: With the current ceasefire with the Confederacy established, Bail Organa uses one last evocation of the Emergency Powers Act to declare a galactic-wide effort, on behalf of the Republic, to focus on relief efforts to worlds affected by the Clone Wars. Chancellor Organa relieves all clone troopers of active service (unless they choose to remain in the Republic Army and Navy as instructors). He offers a transition program for those who seek to immediately leave military service to become civilians. Subsequently, Bail and the Ministry of War expand the Republic military’s recruiting services budgets, seeking more and more volunteers as opposed to the possibility of conscription.
Seeing the current pause in hostilities as an opportunity to streamline and modernize the Republic’s military forces, Admirals Yularen and Ackbar, along with Generals Tallon and Merrick propose to the Chancellor and the Senate Defense Co
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Carrie White/Star Wars: Jedi Training by FFiamgoku Carrie White/Star Wars: Jedi Training :iconffiamgoku:FFiamgoku 54 19 Zinn Toa, Wee Dunn and Roo Roo Page by Phraggle Zinn Toa, Wee Dunn and Roo Roo Page :iconphraggle:Phraggle 73 20 AP-5 by Phraggle AP-5 :iconphraggle:Phraggle 94 46 Anakin Skywalker ( Episode 1 ) by Phraggle Anakin Skywalker ( Episode 1 ) :iconphraggle:Phraggle 82 65 Governor Pryce by Phraggle Governor Pryce :iconphraggle:Phraggle 79 21 Jasper McKnives by Phraggle Jasper McKnives :iconphraggle:Phraggle 65 16