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The Twilight Magistrate by I-am-knot The Twilight Magistrate :iconi-am-knot:I-am-knot 2,257 266
The Socks (TG TF)
Lola Trent
When he saw that name on the package, his heart soared. Lola and Richard had been seeing each other for well over a year, but it never got serious between them; never had a chance to, as she had since moved out of town. They still wrote each other all the time, though. He was glad she never dropped out entirely, but he wasn't satisfied. There was an itch that correspondence alone could not scratch, so one could forgive him for not telling her everything. He took the package in and shucked it of its manila-brown wrapping, revealing a handsome little black box with an envelope taped to it, signed with Lola’s perfect cursive signature.
Richard wasted no time in tearing the envelope open.  With hands made clumsy by excitement, he unfolded the letter.
When you get this, I’ll be stopping over soon.  I really hope you like the gift. I picked them out just for you.
I hope to see you with them on when I get there.
:iconfederio:Federio 116 11
Scarlett's Pendant Session by MrHypnotic Scarlett's Pendant Session :iconmrhypnotic:MrHypnotic 141 3 I'm The Fly In Your Soup by IreneLangholm I'm The Fly In Your Soup :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 462 337 Citadella by Wordup Citadella :iconwordup:Wordup 388 52 Lilith by IreneLangholm Lilith :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 263 96 She Who Must Be Obeyed by espanacani She Who Must Be Obeyed :iconespanacani:espanacani 218 56 Comic World Hong Kong 30 - 04 by shiroang Comic World Hong Kong 30 - 04 :iconshiroang:shiroang 196 5 Witch by Wordup Witch :iconwordup:Wordup 306 35 Obedience by CrisVector Obedience :iconcrisvector:CrisVector 278 295 Jennifer Lawrence Hypnotized by ThePhoenixManips Jennifer Lawrence Hypnotized :iconthephoenixmanips:ThePhoenixManips 85 15 The Keeper by WayneBenedet The Keeper :iconwaynebenedet:WayneBenedet 153 70 Comic World Hong Kong 30 - 06 by shiroang Comic World Hong Kong 30 - 06 :iconshiroang:shiroang 112 3 Modern Education and Independence of Mind by rationalhub Modern Education and Independence of Mind :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 34 14 Dapa by Wordup Dapa :iconwordup:Wordup 227 29 Louise, Kia and Tigg by Sad-SD Louise, Kia and Tigg :iconsad-sd:Sad-SD 104 16 Miku Icon by Sap-Green Miku Icon :iconsap-green:Sap-Green 194 23 German Shepherd by deskridge German Shepherd :icondeskridge:deskridge 185 45
The capitulum collapse of a daisy
withering the routine to an umbre
of a potted face
                             ambers like an embolus
     in the sinew of a smile,
             drowning dreams to burn from an old sun
in Laconian abstinence.
:iconspoems:spoems 15 37
Alice Miller on religion and raising Children.. by rationalhub Alice Miller on religion and raising Children.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 28 12 Sin is Gorgeous by 1234RoseSmith Sin is Gorgeous :icon1234rosesmith:1234RoseSmith 31 39 Death Cult by IreneLangholm Death Cult :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 99 68 Coveted Compliance by Chicken-Yuki Coveted Compliance :iconchicken-yuki:Chicken-Yuki 110 13 Commission: Kamebos by Krinkels-R909 Commission: Kamebos :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 46 16 Daeron by Wordup Daeron :iconwordup:Wordup 200 15 Stepford Hounds by dwwrider Stepford Hounds :icondwwrider:dwwrider 286 12 Scarlett Johansson hypno femdom ai-control caption by ai-control Scarlett Johansson hypno femdom ai-control caption :iconai-control:ai-control 96 121 Miranda Kerr obedience by HypnoHunter Miranda Kerr obedience :iconhypnohunter:HypnoHunter 83 4 My Fairys 13 Erza by gmonkii My Fairys 13 Erza :icongmonkii:gmonkii 82 4
Fed by Ravens (1 Kings 17:1-6)
Fed by Ravens
One of the biggest questions that I get from other christians is this: How do I spread the word of Christ? I am not a missionary and my job and hobbies do not allow me to share His word. Let me tell you one of my own stories:
I may have said this already, but I am a martial artist. Of the martial arts that I practice, the only one that I practice competitively is Muay Thai. At the beginning of each match my opponent and I must go through a traditional Muay Thai ceremony called the Rahm Muay. This is basically a dance done before a match that is meant to honor Buddha...the religion of Thailand where this art originated. When I was going into my first match and I was told to do this dance...I didn't want to because I didn't want to honor Buddha...he's not my God.
So I bent the rules a little. Instead of honoring Buddha in my movements, I was crying out to God...praying to Jesus for safety and for a good fight. Needless to say, my Muay Thai teacher was blown aw
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 15 23
Louise and Kia by Sad-SD Louise and Kia :iconsad-sd:Sad-SD 76 6 The Freethinker by AmericanDreaming The Freethinker :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 57 6 Annabeth Does Obedience School by Deesney Annabeth Does Obedience School :icondeesney:Deesney 440 62 Louise by Sad-SD Louise :iconsad-sd:Sad-SD 70 11
Servant and Master
Servant and Master
My lord, I am your faithful dog.
I will do whatever it is you desire.
I lower my head, cross my hand over my chest, kneeling down by your side.
I shall never betray you.
My lord, this blade that forever lies at my hip is my contract of loyalty.
My heart, my soul, they are yours to control.
Every word you utter, I will listen.
Every order you present, I will carry it out without failure.
My lord, if I ever am to fail your biddings, I will slit my own throat.
Offering my blood as forgiveness.
For it is unacceptable for me to neglect your commands.
I cannot, and will not, live as a failure to you.
My lord, these chains surrounding my neck, ankles, and wrists are your strings.
I am your puppet to manipulate.
Control me like a pawn on the chessboard.
Power me like the moon powers the tides of the ocean.
I am the loyal servant to you, my master, forever.
:icondevil-in-the-mirror:Devil-in-the-Mirror 13 19
Amulets - Rebellion and Obedience by Rittik Amulets - Rebellion and Obedience :iconrittik:Rittik 146 48 Our Lady Undoer of Knots by Theophilia Our Lady Undoer of Knots :icontheophilia:Theophilia 201 62
Obey my Wish
Abide my Will
Bend down to earth
And kneel there
My word is Rule
My word is Law
Will you not yield
You won't go
When I say jump
You will not ask
When I say fight
You take the
Fight for me
To all avail
My loyal soldier
You can not
:iconchiourin:ChiouRin 18 7
Comic World Hong Kong 30 - 05 by shiroang Comic World Hong Kong 30 - 05 :iconshiroang:shiroang 99 4
The Freedom or Prison of Choice
The Sadduces, filled with jealousy, threw the Apostles in prison. We ought to ask ourselves who was really imprisoned.
At times we think it is pitiful to be poor, but the Lord hears the cry of the poor (cf. Psalm 34). The rich live in prisons of money, the prideful live in prisons of ambition, and the relativist lives in the prison of no boundaries.
“The powerful grow poor and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing” (Ps. 34:11)
“Blessed is the man who takes refuge in the Lord,” for that man is given true freedom. Upon reflection we discover that boundaries, rules, restrictions, and commandments were given to us not to restrict our freedom but to ensure it. At times these restrictions pain us, because restrictions cause tensions with our desires.
The one who believes that freedom is fulfilling every desire runs headlong towards a cliff and over, where there is no more freedom. The one who discerns the nature of his desires in light of God's
:icontesm:TESM 12 17
Religion and Donkeys by AmericanDreaming Religion and Donkeys :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 43 35 Louise by Sad-SD Louise :iconsad-sd:Sad-SD 60 9 Alcaberth by lostprophetxtian Alcaberth :iconlostprophetxtian:lostprophetxtian 66 11 The Blind March by bauderart The Blind March :iconbauderart:bauderart 45 7 CC Bonus: Compliant Housewife by Chicken-Yuki CC Bonus: Compliant Housewife :iconchicken-yuki:Chicken-Yuki 82 4
Godly Relationships 99: Countless Decisions
Your life is an adventure in decision-making...and the same thing can be said of your relationships. If you want to build strong, Christ-centered relationships, you must make wise decisions, and you must make them consistently.
Each day, all of us make countless decisions that hopefully bring us closer to God. When we obey God's commandments, we share in His abundance and His peace. But, when we turn our backs upon God by disobeying Him, we invite Old Man Trouble to stop by for an extended visit.
Do you want to be successful in life and in love? If so here's a good place to start: Obey God. When you're faced with a difficult or a powerful temptation, pray about it. Invite God into your heart and live according to His commandments. When you do, you will blessed today and tomorrow and forever.  
:iconheavencalling:HeavenCalling 11 2
Obedience- 1 Samuel 15:22 by SympleArts Obedience- 1 Samuel 15:22 :iconsymplearts:SympleArts 62 6 Ella- shouting to the village by tigre-lys Ella- shouting to the village :icontigre-lys:tigre-lys 21 11