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Sunrise Field by rachellafranchistock Sunrise Field :iconrachellafranchistock:rachellafranchistock 344 309 The Monarchs by RaphaelleM The Monarchs :iconraphaellem:RaphaelleM 376 44 Sunset in Between the Cork Oaks by Matthias-Haker Sunset in Between the Cork Oaks :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 1,998 69 Disney Power Couples by SiriusSteve Disney Power Couples :iconsiriussteve:SiriusSteve 1,510 164 Hart of the Oak by Nambroth Hart of the Oak :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,455 57 Enter if you dare by aw-landscapes Enter if you dare :iconaw-landscapes:aw-landscapes 335 34 Son of Death by RobertoGatto Son of Death :iconrobertogatto:RobertoGatto 796 53 Starcraft: No Respite Re by SiriusSteve Starcraft: No Respite Re :iconsiriussteve:SiriusSteve 438 48 Quiet Time - commish by Graystripe64 Quiet Time - commish :icongraystripe64:Graystripe64 1,830 127 Ground level view by CAStock Ground level view :iconcastock:CAStock 174 45 Iron Man vs Iron Monger by SiriusSteve Iron Man vs Iron Monger :iconsiriussteve:SiriusSteve 473 35
A Word to the Socially Awkward
For some time I believe God has been meaning to open my eyes and help me realize a weakness of mine that need not be ignored but faced head-on, and He's been nudging me to get the guts to go out and share it. So here I am.
But first, allow me to explain it the slow way. I promise I'll make my point.
You know when you really want something? You ask that you can have it, right? A lot of us respond much like "I really want it. Please give it to me". When we pray, we're much like, "Dear God, I pray that I can have it. May you give it to me."
But you know what God's like? He's like this old proverb:
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~ Unknown
So, instead of simply giving you what you want just like that, He decides that a better approach is to help you learn to get it. Bear in mind that I'm talking about things or goals that are human
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Agrias Oaks by Serathus Agrias Oaks :iconserathus:Serathus 515 115 Rural Treasures I by Unkopierbar Rural Treasures I :iconunkopierbar:Unkopierbar 312 29 Through The Oaks by bamako Through The Oaks :iconbamako:bamako 518 203 Court of Oaks by Nele-Diel Court of Oaks :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 378 18 Glowing by bamako Glowing :iconbamako:bamako 402 155 Phasma Feras by DanilLovesFood Phasma Feras :icondanillovesfood:DanilLovesFood 1,136 93 Secrets of the Sun by rad-ix Secrets of the Sun :iconrad-ix:rad-ix 1,188 136
The Lamb's Good Shepherd (A Child's Poem)
"Little lamb, lost and scared,
What are you doing over there?
I have been searching everywhere
so you can be under my care."
The sky's so dark, it's hard to see
I ran too fast and hurt my knee
My wool is muddy and smelly too
What's a lamb like me to do?
Why would You want me anyway?
I butt heads and run away
I don't deserve a place to sleep
I'm a very baa-aa-aa-aad sheep.
"Little lamb, no need to fear
Let Me wipe away your tears
I'll never leave you all alone
I'll pick you up and take you home
I'll wash your wool and you'll be clean
The whitest wool you've ever seen
You'll never hunger, I'll keep you fed
You have My lap to rest your head
My pasture is the perfect place
So come into My sweet embrace
My little lamb, no need to weep
The Good Shepherd loves all His sheep."
When you feel lost, lonely, or scared,
your Shepherd searches everywhere
for every lamb that wanders away
no matter the minute or hour o
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Resident Evil 6 - BEEP BEEP! by Akiba91 Resident Evil 6 - BEEP BEEP! :iconakiba91:Akiba91 503 104
Wake Up, America
Can any American--
No, can anyone really say
"God bless America"
without recognizing the irony
in speaking those words
as we live in a nation
that applauds evil
and mistakes lawlessness for freedom?
We live in a nation
where everyone does what is right
in their own eyes,
A nation where we encourage
achieving success at any cost,
where we desire sex
with no boundaries,
where we proclaim spirituality
without God.
Welcome to the temple
of our idol named Pleasure,
and like a whore she enters
our hearts through our pockets.
We stuff our faces with that bread
to fill our bellies instead of our souls,
We drink our fill of wine to get drunk
and forget His bloodshed on the cross.
"America, America, God shed His grace on thee"
So we can look spiritual
as we say 'Amen' every Sunday
and then laugh in Jesu
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L4D2 - KIDDYLA- by Operative-Nova-Eagle L4D2 - KIDDYLA- :iconoperative-nova-eagle:Operative-Nova-Eagle 727 107 9. Hanging Out With Friends by teacupballerina 9. Hanging Out With Friends :iconteacupballerina:teacupballerina 215 40 Oaks in Fog by AsISeeIt Oaks in Fog :iconasiseeit:AsISeeIt 1,587 469 Eichen und Wacholder by jant-photo Eichen und Wacholder :iconjant-photo:jant-photo 162 20
The Worst Thing a Christian Could Say
Came across this old blog from 2012 that was responding to the deaths of children in December, basically describing the worst thing a Christian could say following that tragedy:
As much as I can empathize with the pain of those who have lost their loved ones--and perhaps the wording of that Christian's statement could've been better--what the blogger doesn't quite understand is why Christians respond with hope to things that people would typically see as tragic. Yes, Christians do feel pain and miss their loved ones just like anybody else does, but the reasoning behind it is different.
The thing is, an atheist sees death as the end and nothing more after it. But a Christian knows that the spirit lives on because there is life after death. To the Christian, the difference b
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Oaks Lane by steppeland Oaks Lane :iconsteppeland:steppeland 162 54 Picnic by Love-and-mascara Picnic :iconlove-and-mascara:Love-and-mascara 504 115 More Oaks by bamako More Oaks :iconbamako:bamako 450 193
Taste Of Heaven
Ugh, I don't want that devil's food cake.
No more of that junk food.
I want the good stuff,
the REAL Good stuff,
the kind that only comes from heaven.
I got me a taste of heaven;
I tasted a cake
made with real Love, all natural.
It's no secret ingredient,
only the best.
Wanna know where I got a cake so good?
I ordered it from heaven's hotline,
and it came right on time.
It ain't shipped in a box labeled "fragile".
No. It's a special delivery from the Lord Himself.
I quit that ol' devil's danger diet
and I signed up for
the holy health plan,
where eternal life tastes oh-so-sweet.
I lost all that weight on my shoulders.
It comes with a sampling of bread
and a side of wine
that is oh-so-divine.
Since then I've been eating at Christ's Cafe.
It's an all-you-can-eat buffet,
all for free;
the Manager paid for me in full.
His name is Jesus, I recommend Him.
Their food is SO Good,
I had to get myself a copy of t
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Agrias by doven Agrias :icondoven:doven 370 71
Is God a Comedian?
Some people wonder whether God really has a sense of humor or not, even to the point of questioning whether it is wrong or not to laugh or joke. Is God really as serious as we make him out to be?
Here's how I see it...
As Paul quoted from poets, "We are His offspring" (ACTS 17:28). We, as God's creations, were created in God's image; thus, a number of traits are also inherited from our Creator. These inherited traits can range from talents to behaviors.
A lot of what we are able to do says a lot in itself about who we are. And some of these things may also clue us in to what God is like.
Here are some examples:
Look around and see the beauty of nature. Look at all the different kinds of animals, the many different plants, even the clouds in the sky. You're looking at God's artwork. So yes, God is an artist. What does that say about Him? It says that God is very creative. He expresses His creativity thro
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The Forest Glade by rad-ix The Forest Glade :iconrad-ix:rad-ix 270 61
Truth Without Love?
I see this happen way too often, even in the comments section of my own deviations; you can even see it happening on the pages of my stamps:
Too often I will see an atheist post a comment in disagreement with the deviation, and a believer replies to that atheist's comment in the same snarky manner as the atheist who disagreed. And the comments will go on and on in snark-to-snark combat as they attempt to correct each other.
What's worse, sometimes even an atheist won't necessarily be acting snarky--perhaps just having an honest disagreement with reason behind it--but the so-called "Christian" who tries to correct them does act snarky to them, even so much as insulting the non-believer for his/her statements.
Well guess what? Out of my love for all of you and my love for God's Truth, prepare to face some honest and well-needed correction.
Do you know what the bible says about that kind of attitude that t
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No Oaks Stand
Old brick-and-iron brewery, borders invaded
by brushes of fennel, by wildgrass
home to shipping containers,
to refrigerated units, fans spinning
only when the southerlies blow
the wildgrass doesn't mind
my father worked here
my father died here
and the grasses grow on, grow tall
as the brewery sinks, and the wind whistles
I pray for strong roots and liquid head,
I pray to become the grass
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Just Here Waving Goodbye (PPG: Speed Demon) by Trinityinyang Just Here Waving Goodbye (PPG: Speed Demon) :icontrinityinyang:Trinityinyang 610 128 MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 23 by PerfectBlue97 MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 23 :iconperfectblue97:PerfectBlue97 327 191
Looks Aren't Everything
When I get up on Sundays to go to church, the usual that I would deal with is this in the mornings:
"Your clothes_____"
"Wear something else."
"That doesn't look right."
"You can find something better to wear."
"You're wearing THAT to church?"
"People are going to think_____"
"...and people notice_____"
"Your clothes_____"
"Your hair_____"
"Your clothes_____".
My mom would normally get on my case about what I wear to church, and I would just shake it off and go as I am anyway.
Here's the thing...
At some point in my life when I started going back into the habit of attending church, I used to make some attempt to get "dressed up" to church. It was always something expected of me from my parents that I make myself look "lady-like" or formal in some way. The dressy clothes that I do own, I discovered, were actually not all that comfortable for me to wear
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Heavy Skies by puimun Heavy Skies :iconpuimun:puimun 472 43 Morning Walk by bamako Morning Walk :iconbamako:bamako 729 218 Awakening by bamako Awakening :iconbamako:bamako 303 102 Rusting Away... by borda Rusting Away... :iconborda:borda 264 17
Why Does God Ask Questions?
Sometimes I would hear/read statements from others supposedly questioning God's omniscience when He asks questions. Or how, for instance, when some people would read the passage about the Canaanite woman replying to Jesus' statement (Matthew 15:21-28), and actually accuse Jesus of "being outsmarted".
Well here's what I have to say about it.
"Why does God ask questions?" Well why does a teacher ask questions? Is it because the teacher doesn't know the answer? Or is it because the teacher is trying to help the student think and learn, or even to test them?
See what I did there? I used questions as a way to encourage the act of thinking from those who read it, not because I don't really know the answer. Questions naturally prompt some amount of thought for the listener to form an answer, even if very little. Asking questions is a useful way to stimulate the mind, to help us learn, and also consider ideas f
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Mind Invasion
[1st Verse]
Here it comes again
Just when I thought the battle's won
I'm overcome
imprisoned by so many images
and I cannot awake to escape
in time and time and time again
I remember what I chose to forget
and time and time and time again
I'm reminded of the things I regret
Lord, You know my heart
You know my pain
Your love is what keeps me from going insane
You know my heart
Please be my strength
to fight this war inside of me again
and again and again and again
again and again and again and again
[2nd Verse]
Just another doubt
Just another wave of voices
multiple choices
pestering me to do what I never want
their whispers louder than my screams
and time and time and time again
this echo keeps on haunting me
and time and time and time again
these chains I yearn to be free
I want to—
Lord, You know my heart
You know my pain
Your love is what keeps me from goi
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Oak trees by micorl Oak trees :iconmicorl:micorl 318 26 Tomes of Memories by Gray--Day Tomes of Memories :icongray--day:Gray--Day 783 199 Forest Sunlight by artsaus Forest Sunlight :iconartsaus:artsaus 262 7