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{MMD APH} Nyo!Allies DL+Pass~ :icondrindrence:Drindrence 1,280 366 Hetalia Dress UP :iconviv-i:VIV-I 1,474 545
~Vodka~ *Drunk!Finland X Reader*
*Drunk!Finland X Reader*
"Um,why is Norge carrying Fin on his shoulders around the house?" the (h/c) asked,surprised at the sight.
Closing the door in hope she had taken the wrong path and mistaken the wooden door with the five scandinavian flags - which was almost impossible,mind you - the female scrunched her petite nose realising she didn't do as guessed. Sighing,she opened once again the door,the sight of a wasted Lukas shouting profanities in Norwegian - or that's what she thought - while carrying a very excited Tino welcoming her - sort of.
"What the actual ...?" (Name) gasped in surprise,pinching her cheeks in order to assure herself she wasn't dreaming - aaaaand she wasn't.
"Ya know,they get like this once a month!" a feminine voice explained,startling the (h/c).
"It's like they are werewolves or such,becoming... Fabulous over night! But they just get drunk!" the Scandinavian girl laughed,muttering a small 'Look' before taking Lukas' bottle of alcohool.
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Nyo!BelarusXReader A Knife to the Heart
"B-Brother, do you have to keep following me?" Anya whimpered as she was trapped against the wall by her taller, but younger brother.
"Of course, I need to protect you." Replied the Belarusian male and he glared down at his older sister.
"B-Brother, I appreciate the thought, I really do. But I can protect myself." Anya said to her brother, trying to look up at his dark, dark eyes.
"Няма." He said flatly.
"Brother! Sister! Come on, would you? We need to welcome the new addition!" Called the oldest brother from downstairs.
"C-Coming!!" The frightened Russian woman replied as she managed to slip out of her brother's cage and run down the hall.
Nikolai sighed, once again his sister had managed to escape him. The young man with platinum blonde, nearly silver hair followed in suit of his older sister. His grey trench coat with black fur collar and black fur cuffs moved with him as he descended the large staircase to the foyer of the large mansion.
At the bottom of the
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APH nyotalia: FACE design :iconvivalalixi:vivalalixi 3,070 298 Bruder und Schwester :iconmiimiiakatsuki:miimiiakatsuki 4,289 270 APH nyo: Nordics :iconvivalalixi:vivalalixi 2,657 190
~Serendipity~ *Fem!Germany X Fem!Reader*
*Fem!Germany X Fem!Reader*
Warning: This is a Yuri aka girl X girl.Don't like it,don't read please!Thank you!
"Einz,zwei,drei!" the blonde's yell cut through air.
"Uno,due,tre!" the whimpered voice of the brown haired followed from behind - far behind.
"Ichi,Ni,San!" the brunette seconded,her chocolate brown eyes close shut.
"One,two,three..." the (h/c)'s voice came,her breath rasped and dried.
"Germany!!!!Can we stop for a second please?" (Name) pleaded,throwing her body onto the ground.
"Nein!It's too soon!Ve still have like about an hour of training!So move your arsch!" the blue eyed barked at the whimpering female,causing her to pout.
"But I just can't run anymore!The cramps are killing me!Please?" she gave her best puppy eyes which only did to rush warmth to the German's girl pale face.
"Verdammt!Ve're done for today!" Monica declared at which Feliciana jumped up in joy and Sakura smiled sweetly.
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 279 70
Male!Belarus x Reader - Protect
If there had ever been a time in which Nikolai thought he’d hit the highest point of his anger, then what he felt now was – at the very least – double that.
“Ni-Nikolai? This is _-_____, I-I’m calling f-from the phone at w-work. Listen, N-Nikolai, I need you to call the police right now–”
“Why? _____, are you alri–”
“Just hurry, Nikolai! T-Tell them to go to my workplace, we-we’re having an emergency. Quick, th-they’re c-coming upstai– …”
“Hello? _____!? _____!”

A shiver ran through Nikolai’s body at the mere thought of your phone call from earlier, his blood boiling as he gripped the steering wheel so tightly that it squeaked under the pressure. Whatever speeding limit it was, Nikolai was certain he exceeded it by at least fifty percent; but for now, he didn’t care about the risk of a speeding ticket.
A low, almost animalistic grow
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Prostitute!Fem!France x Younger!Reader Pt 1
Prostitute!Fem!France x Younger!Reader Pt 1
A seventeen year old girl stood on the sidewalk alone, wearing skimpy, pink lingerie and tall, unbearable platform shoes that matched. Her brown hair was lightly tucked into a soft side bun with some stubborn strands of hair sticking out. The girl had dropped out of high school two years ago and began selling her body to wealthy men, desperate to save up enough money to be able to support herself financially.
She came from a dysfunctional household in France, feeling alone all the time. Her father was nonexistent and her mother was always working late night shifts when she would come home from school. She couldn't help but feel worthless, as if she were a waste of space, or scum of the Earth.
It began to rain, teardrops sprinkling onto her pale, delicate yet bruised skin. She would earn them if she disobeyed her pimp, or abusive clients. Françoise shivered and wrapped her arms around her upper body, sitting down on the curb as she watc
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2P Italy Shimeji :iconlunaticmao:LunaticMao 1,011 532 Nyotalia North Italy :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,300 292
~Hazel brown~ *Fem!Romano X Fem!Reader*
~Hazel brown~
*Fem!Romano X Fem!Reader*
Warning: This is Yuri aka girl x girl.Please,if you don't like it,don't read.
The brown haired girl played with a crayon watching with lost honey brown eyes the blank white paper in front of her.
Everyone she had met until the current moment seemed to be gifted with something through which they could easily impress and make a living out of it.Antonia was a great dancer even if she was constantly annoyed the living lights out of the Italian girl,Annabelle could have got anytime a license in haute couture for her fine designing or might as well become a chef because of her fine cuisine,even Julchen and the potato bastard,Monica had some sort of special talent,even if that was manly for the two German girls - engeneering.
Added to the fact that her own family prefered her younger twin over her made her go insane and be lonley.Indeed Feliciana was beautiful and outgoing,cheerfull and a peace maker,talented in all that art mean
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 236 49
Care (Male! Belarus x Reader)
(Male! Belarus x Reader)
Nikolai stumbled along the long dirt road which was swamped in an incredulous amount of snow with a nearly empty bottle of vodka swaying loosely from his fingertips. A few cars sped right by him throwing Belarusian curses his way for staggering into their path. He tossed the now empty bottle pathetically missing and shattering in front of one particular car which simply swerved around and avoided the intoxicated nation. The glass shards struck one of the thick rubber tires and quickly void the wheel of air.
The car screeched to a halt and parked on the side of the road while Nikolai continued down the dreary, blizzard ridden road. His blurred vision and the sheer darkness of the night made for a difficult stroll to his desired destination. He was unaware of your rage infused march towards him since you were a considerable distance behind him. You stopped, however, when he approached the railing of the bridge he had dragged himself onto while squeezing his
:iconretrofridge:RetroFridge 606 134
Male!BelarusxReader: Mine
"__________~," a silky voice called out your name. "Come out…I need to talk to you."
You shook slightly from your hiding place in the science closet. For the past few weeks you had been hanging out with the new kid in the class above yours. Ivan was really nice and surprisingly gentle. You liked hanging out with him. "Someone please…help me…"
What you didn't know about Ivan was that his younger brother, Nikolai, was obsessive and tended to run off people that got too close to his family.
The voice giggled, "I found you…" The door flew open and there stood Nikolai smiling like you were something to eat. He crouched down and reached out to touch you.
"Eek," you let out a small noise as you flinched from his touch. Nikolai stopped for a few seconds as he realized your movements. Then with a snarl he lunged his hand forward and grabbed you by the back of your neck.
"I finally found you _________," he pulled you to him and with his other hand gently touched your cheek with his gloved hand.
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APH nyo: AXIS :iconvivalalixi:vivalalixi 2,453 198
Male!BelarusxSick!Reader: Sweetheart
"Nik I'm sorry I'm going to have to cancel," you said into the phone. "Maybe you and I can go on a date another time ok?"
"_________," his voice was oddly calm. "You aren't seeing someone else aren't you? That's it who's there if it's that pervert Francis I'll kill him!"
You tried to calm down your very overprotective boyfriend. "No Nik I'm fine. I just can't-Nik…Nikolai?" He had hung up.
Thinking back on your relationship you realized he'd always been like this. It all really started in the ninth grade when you first transferred to Ailateh High.
*Cue flashback sequence*
"Class this is ___________ _________, she's new so I want you all to give her a warm welcome," said the teacher. "__________, why don't you sit by Nikolai. Nik would you please raise your hand?"
A young man with silver blonde hair raised his hand. You took the empty seat next to him. During the entire class he stared at you. However finally class was over and you could confront your strange classmate.
"Hi my name is-."
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 1,292 339
Punk!BritainXPunk!Reader Battle of the Bands
"You ready, (Name)?"
"Damn right." Replied the (h/c) female. "3...2...1."
She started off with some light strums on her (fav/color) electric guitar, then they quickly transformed into the song that (Name) and her band were going to perform at the Battle of the Bands at the end of the week.
(Name) was the lead singer and one of the guitarists of her band, (BandName). Along with her, Mathias Køhler on second guitar, Lukas Bondevik on bass, Emil Steilsson on keyboard, Tino Väinämöinen on backup bass, and Berwald Oxenstierna on drums. The six of them were a pretty damn good in a band. It would have to take a lot of work if anyone wanted to beat them in the Battle of the Bands.
She finished the last cord of the song and let out a sigh. "That should be it for today, good job, boys."
"Aw yeah!! Awesome job, (Name)! We'll win for sure!!" Mathias cheered as he slung an arm around (Name)'s shoulders.
"Hell yeah we will!" She agreed while she ruffled his gravity defying
:iconmangafan23:mangafan23 453 225
~If I were a boy~ *Fem!Denmark X Fem!Reader*
~If I were a boy~
*Fem!Denmark X Fem!Reader*
Warning : This is Yuri!Aka girl X girl!No likey,no ready!
The Danish female bore her ocean blue gaze in the (h/c) haired girl's direction.
Of course there were a lot of wrong stuff in her thinking she should consider,such as the age gap and the fact they were the same gender.
But Marlene couldn't help but love (Name) as if she herself was a man.There were several times when she shouted at the skies,blaming that supreme instance for modelling her in shape of a girl - if the circumstances were others and she was a boy,now she could walk at her and spoke up her feelings - Marlene didn't lack the courage to do it,but she wasn't sure whether or not (Name) wanted to face the others so that they could form a couple - she wasn't even sure the delicate female loved her with the same intensity or at all.
The Danish female resumed to hiding what she felt,even if sometimes she just wanted to grab (Name) by her bony shoulders,to c
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 281 68
Nyotalia - Axis Powers :iconsay0ran:say0ran 1,810 157 Italy x 2 :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 654 120
Male!Belarus, Russia, And Male!UkrainexReader
"Let's see, I have the backup vodka…and all the sharp objects are locked away," you muttered double checking.  The three brothers were coming over to your house and in order to make sure there were no fights you had vodka to mellow them out and then to make sure Nikolai didn't attack anyone you had locked up all the knifes and even sewing needles.
"There's the door," you mumbled smoothing out a few stray hairs. You ran to open the door.
"Miss _________," Dmitri smiled, "thank you for-oomf!" Nikolai shoved his older brother out of the way.
He smiled, a bit creepily, and said, "__________~…marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry m-agg!" Ivan shoved his brother out of the way.
"Hallo Miss _________, sorry we forgot to give Nikolai his medicine before we left. He has no idea what he's saying," Ivan said handing you a cake.
You inspected the cake, "Thank you, Ivan that was very sweet of you." Giving him a quick peck on the cheek you let them all inside. You however di
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MY Valentine || Male!Belarus x Reader
Sighing, you walked down one of the hallways of your school.
Guess what wonderful day it was once again?
Yus, you're all right!
Twas the wonderful Valentines day, the day where all pairs rubbed their love into everyone else's face.
Everyone around you literally ate each others face, bought overpriced presents for their partners and just hugged the live out of each other.
Ooow, how much you hated this day.
Maybe it was the fact that you had no one to celebrate this day with.
Yes, I think that we're on the right way here.
Everyone of your friends had their soul-mate and you?
Forever alone.
Huffing, you hugged your books closer to your chest and looked down to the floor, trying to block out the kissing sounds and the whispering of sweet nothings.
The only think that you wanted to do was going home, watch some anime, play Darksiders 2, maybe eat some ice cream and then go to bed.
The perfect plan for such a day, which you did every fucking year.
You were a very proud young ad
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 626 156
Nyotalia Axis Powers :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 2,888 187 fem italy japan germany :iconds-jasdevi:ds-jasdevi 1,624 172
~Doki dokki~*Fem!Japan X Fem!Reader*
~Doki dokki~
*Fem!Japan X Fem!Reader*
Warning:This is Yuri aka girl x girl!If you don't like it,please don't read!
"So...zhis is (Name),our new ally!" the blonde female explained as the (h/c) hid behind the Italian girl.
"Come on (Name) bella,Japan will be happy to meet you,ve!~" the brown haired added,gaining a small head shake from her.
"Um..." the (e/c) eyed female finally gave in the German and the Italian's pleads and stood in front of the brunette,swaying back and forth onto her feet,her hands at her back as she did so.
"My name is (Name) (Last Name) and it's really nice to meet you!" she breathed,bowing slightly in sign of respect,resisting the urge to hug the Japanese girl on the spot - Feliciana previously instructed her,telling on the way that the brunette had a personal space problem and that if someone passed it,she got flustered.
"The preasure is mine,(Name)-chan!My name is Sakura Honda!" the chocolate eyed girl responded,placing her h
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APH: Female Prussia :icondynamiccanary:DynamicCanary 378 21 AC2013#9 Nyotalia dress up :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 740 144 APHnyo: France commish :iconvivalalixi:vivalalixi 1,750 199
~Is it true~*Fem!Iceland X Fem!Reader X Fem!Norway
~Is it true~
*Fem!Iceland X Fem!Reader X Fem!Norway*
Warning:This is Yuri aka girl x girl.If you don't like it,please don't read!
The (h/c) gasped for air,her eyes glimmering in awe as she caught glimpse of a pretty snow white dress.She put a tight grip on the Icelander's hand,making the purple eyed female aware that something caught her eye.
The dim yellow light gave the dress an extra tint of cuteness,as if to point what her female friend wanted.
Sighing in advance,Frida dragged the (e/c) eyed in the opposite direction.(Name) tried to protest,planting her heels onto the tiled floor,already pouting like a spoiled child - but it wasn't her fault the Icelander got her into acting like that.
Parting her lips in order to say something as she clinged onto the liliach eyed girl's pale arm,the words haven't even formed onto her tongue before Frida cut her with a cold 'Nei'.
"But whyyy?!Aww,come on Fri,it will look adorable on you!" (Na
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 149 44
She keeps me warm || Fem!Germany x Fem!Reader
And I can't change
Even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
And I can't change
Even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
My love, my love, my love
She keeps me warm
We press play
Don't press pause
Progress, march on!
With a veil over our eyes
We turn our back on the cause
'Till the day
That my uncles can be united by law
Kids are walkin' around the hallway
Plagued by pain in their heart
A world so hateful
Some would rather die
Than be who they are

Smiling faintly the blond German caressed with her fingertips the smooth skin of her lover's face, who was laying in her strong arms. Her baby-blue eyes soften even more as she let her gaze dance over the younger female's features, sleeping she had her mouth slightly opened and her bangs were covering the gently closed eyes.
“Monika...”, you whispered in your sleep and a smile graced on your lips, letting the corner of your mouth tug up. The said German sat there, a touched look made its way on her face as she heard you say her name a
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 369 87
Male!BelarusxReader: Mine Pt 2
Those words rang in your head as you stared at the Belarusian man over your milkshake, 'Because I love you and you're mine…'
At first it scared the living hell out of you. I mean Ivan wasn't the only one who had a bad reputation. Nikolai had a reputation for being violent, obsessive, and a stalker. So far those rumors were proven to be true to you.
Nikolai stared at you, he didn't eat, he didn't even talk. He just stared.
'He must be mad at me,' you thought. Slyly you looked down at your watch. Alfred had probably gone home already, you sighed. He probably though you ditched him. The bell rang as a familiar face walked in.
"Ivan," you stood up smiling then looked over at Nikolai's face. He glared at his big brother.
Ivan smiled and walked over to the table, "Privet ________, Nikolai. What's going on, I didn't know you two liked to hang out…"
"Umm…well…we…" you tried giving him a pleading look. To tell him that you REALLY didn't want to be there.
"We are on a date big brother," Nikolai
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Cold War: Same As Yesterday :iconmewindycharms:MeWindyCharms 2,366 517
~Behind these hazel eyes~ *Fem!Prussia X Reader*
~Behind these hazel eyes~
*Fem!Prussia X Fem!Reader*
Warning:This is a Yuri aka Girl X Girl!Don't like,don't read!Thank you!
"What?" (Name) dropped the bouquet,causing both gazes to turn terrified towards her.
The pale green one was apologetical,while the liliach orbs didn't even dare to cross with the teary (e/c) irises.
"I can't believe you could do this to me Roderich!" the female whispered,her voice shaky and her whole composure a mess.
"And you Elizaveta!You were my best friend!You acted all the time in order to do ... This?!" her voice echoed through the marble hall,allerting the people who were waiting for the young couple.
Tightening her grasp upon the white bouquet,she threw the delicate flowers at the Hungarian female who bent and picked them up with regret.
Sliping off the golden band from her ring finger,(Name) applied the same treatment to the Austrian male who caught the small object into his palm while his former bride stormed off of the white mar
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 222 81
Blank Genderbent Pairings Meme :iconsummerlovespeace:SummerLovesPeace 577 109 Honda Sakura a.k.a. Female Japan Shimeji :iconshewen:Shewen 325 43
Male!Belgium x Reader || Belgian waffles [Lime]
This is a lime. Well, not really. But oh well, dA.
Smiling, Nicolas wrapped his arms around your waist and put his chin on your shoulder. He nuzzled your neck with the tip of his nose as he looked at your hands with his forest green eyes. As his warm breath stroked your neck, a comforting shiver ran down your spine and you leant against his chest.
"And now let the yeast melt in the milk," he instructed you and got an Uh-huh~ from you as an answer as you started to break the fresh yeast and let it fall into the lukewarm milk.
The Belgian wanted to teach you how to do the original waffles from his homeland and now you stood there with him, your boyfriend, in the kitchen, which always looked like new because of his sister, who generally kept her house spic and span. In your mind, you tried not to forget that you shouldn't leave a battlefield after you because an angry Dutchwoman was not a nice thing. Though you and Tessa got along just fine a
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 423 107
Male!BelarusxReader: Beautiful
"___________...__________ are you even listening to me?" your friend/crush asked.
You nodded almost automatically. It was so hard to pay attention when he was looking at/talking to/or even being near you. It was so hard to not attack him with a hug because you had the biggest crush on him. Only problem was that he was completely oblivious. The only person he talked about was his sister. He even told you at one point when he was younger he wanted to marry his sister.
"Then what was I just saying?" he asked crossing his arms.
Franticly you searched your memory, "Ummm…fall dance?"
Nikolai huffed, but nodded, "Are you going with anyone?"
You shook your head, "No…no one has asked me yet so I'll probably just stay home and do what I do every year."
"Watch (favorite romantic movie) until you start crying?"
"Yeah," you sighed, "what about you?"
"I'm going with my sister and brother." He smiled, oh God he smiled again you lost track of what he was saying. "You should come with me
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 584 80
Alice Kirkland a.k.a Fem!England Shimeji :iconshewen:Shewen 378 139
~All the things she said~ *Fem!Norway X Reader*
~All the things she said~
*Fem!Norway X Fem!Reader X Fem!Nordics*
(Name) rested her head onto the desk,a big pressure upon the upside of it,her eyelids feeling heavy.She had tried several times to pay attention at what the teacher was saying,but everything turned in slow motion,as the female now focused onto his pale lips,his words not reaching her ears as they were supposed to.
She skillfully plugged her earphones in,hiding the wire with some locks,giving in her tiredness.
Her (e/c) gaze caught glimpse of the emotionless` Norwegian girl platinum blonde hair,the pale white hand taking down notes she haven`t – she had to ask Nora later for the notes,as she was more organized than Tina and paying more attention than Marlene – and because she didn`t want to fail Mr.Beilschmidt`s course.
A few pokes were planted into the soft flesh of the (h/c) haired female,causing her to murmur something incomprehensible in her sleep and stretc
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 223 43
*Fem!England X Fem!Reader*
Warning: This is a Yuri,aka girl X girl!If you don't like this,please don't read!
The female watched with curious (e/c) eyes how the British girl gently picked up the cup and also the porcelain plate,her emerald green eyes glimmering in happiness,hidden though by the square glasses which made her look stern.
Imitating the blonde's actions,(Name) brought the small cup to her lips,enjoying the mixture of camomille and mint tea with a cube of sugar and a little bit of milk - she loved it because Alice prepared it so and not because she was very fond of etiquette and how royal families act - though,on the other hand,she wanted to keep her composure and act like one of those bounded to marry princes in order to bring more land to their inheritance so that the English girl could love her even more.
Alice was strange in her own way,playing a charade with everyone,keeping that black veil between her true feelings and the world's mean eyes,in
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 171 25
Nyotalia-America Cosplay Complete :iconspwinkles:Spwinkles 539 228 Fem!Prussia-Julchen Beilschmidt cosplay :iconshizamiruku:ShizaMiruku 662 139
~Sober~ *Fem!Sweden X Fem!Reader*
*Fem!Sweden X Fem!Reader*
Warning!!!This is Yuri aka girl x girl.If you don't like it,please don't read.
The Swedish female was always misunderstood because of her appearence.And not because she wasn't beautiful - truth to be told,to say she was beautiful meant deapreciating her.Kristine had something which seemed out of the ordinary - her long platinum blonde locks which she binded at the back of her head with a blue bow clip to keep them out of her face,those navy blue eyes she got,both stars and oceans,though hidden,her pale complexion and her height - indeed,she was taller compared to the average girls of her age,but she had curves in the right places too - if it wasn't for the ice cold stare,the Swede could have been as well the popular girl during highschool years.
Kristine was being quiet and that only shooed people off as they didn't know for sure how she really felt like - thing being because she wasn't able to express her emotions too well,thou
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 208 45
Female!GermanyxFemale!Reader-Don't Touch Me There!
Female!Germany x Female!Reader-Keep Your Hands To Yourself!
"I can see Felicia being late, but Sakura too? Vhat do they think today is? National skip training day!?" Monica ranted angrily next to you on the park bench. You nodded and kicked your legs absentmindedly. Maybe if the other two didn't show up you wouldn't have to train today? You glanced over at Monica and saw her glaring daggers at the ground. Now probably wouldn't be a good time to ask your question... After several long minutes of complete silence Monica spoke up. "Well fine then, if they don't want to show up that's their problem! That doesn't mean we can't train! Come on (Your name), lets go." She grabbed your wrist and dragged you along to the usual training ground. You pouted and whimpered much like Felicia always did, but unfortunately, unlike Felicia you weren't fast enough to run away.
"No buts! Ve need to varm up first
:iconcrythepainandsorrow:CryThePainAndSorrow 196 41
~Christmas in Kiev~ *Hubby!M!Ukraine X Wife!Reader
~З Різдвом Христовим~
*Husband!Male!Ukraine X Wife!Reader*
'Drabble #23 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'
The little (h/c) haired girl drew patterns onto the frozen window,watching the sea of white with bored (e/c) eyes,as she swayed her legs back and forth to keep herself occupied.
"Don't you think they are pretty?" a soft voice came,causing the girl to gasp in surprise and retreat her now cold index finger from the window's glass.
"No,I actually hate snow!I get sick quite fast and my mom gives me all those yucky things to get better!" the girl explained to her small companion,watching his curious baby blue eyes widden in surprise.
"Da,but the snowflakes are nice,aren't they?So soft and delicate,falling to the ground as if they are dancing." the blonde boy explained with a lullying tone,his voice a symphony of notes which reached plesantly the gi
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 184 23
APH: Nyotalia Prussia ID :iconyinami:yinami 718 226 Nyotalia Austria Cosplay :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 278 69 Nyotalia North Italy 1P :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 642 76