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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by UnidColor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 4,897 170
Pickup Lines [N x Reader]
Natural Harmonia Gropius, more commonly known as N, had a problem.
It was a problem he had never dealt with before in all his twenty years. Every time said problem arose, his chest began to squeeze like it was going to burst his heart apart and his mouth refused to speak the correct words.
The problem was (name).
It wasn't as if N disliked the girl. No, it was quite the opposite; he had grown fond of her over the past couple of years. It was just that there were times when N found himself unable to function  properly whenever (name) was within ten feet of him and he had absolutely no idea why. Yes, the whole shenanigans with the legendary dragons, Team Plasma and his "father" Ghetsis had ended a long time ago, but the Trainer was still not entirely comfortable with humans.
Touko and Touya, the twins who had once opposed N and Team Plasma but in the end turned out to be his two greatest friends, had introduced him to (name) right after the last of the Sages had been found and put i
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To Boldy Go... by thomasthecat To Boldy Go... :iconthomasthecat:thomasthecat 232 24 Pokemon Trainer Touko Cosplay by Peppermint-Tea Pokemon Trainer Touko Cosplay :iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 871 489 Star Trek Monarch Class by AdamKop Star Trek Monarch Class :iconadamkop:AdamKop 211 38
Rare Moments || N x Reader
N was laying peacefully under a shady tree, he was quiet beside his soft purrs that escaped his throat, which were caused by you while caressing his green locks.
His cap was lying beside him while head was resting on your lap softly as you ran your finger through his soft as silk, light green hair.
It was so long and not damaged, it made you wonder how he managed to keep it so good and healthy.
Putting this thought aside, you smiled lovingly at the sight of N.
It had been a while since you two had such a peaceful moment because of Team Plasma and all that jazz.
Your strokes started to slow down as your mind and eyes drifted off into the woods until they finally stopped.
N slowly opened his blue eyes and the first thing he saw was your face, which showed that you were deep in thoughts.
"Why did you stop?"
Snapping out of your daydream, you looked back to the young adult and saw his usual smile as he reached up with his left hand to brush his fingertips over your right cheek.
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Star Trek Ships by captshade Star Trek Ships :iconcaptshade:captshade 409 123 Tough Sister by Jetfreak-7 Tough Sister :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 218 9 Pencil Vs Camera - 77 by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera - 77 :iconbenheine:BenHeine 738 29 Prime Universe Perception-Class UPDATE 9.2.2013 by ChroniclesofMan Prime Universe Perception-Class UPDATE 9.2.2013 :iconchroniclesofman:ChroniclesofMan 256 86 Hurricane Class Destroyer by Jetfreak-7 Hurricane Class Destroyer :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 204 15 Enterprise by jbobroony Enterprise :iconjbobroony:jbobroony 152 77 Star Trek Deadauls Class by AdamKop Star Trek Deadauls Class :iconadamkop:AdamKop 220 52 N x Touko Love by ruri-chu N x Touko Love :iconruri-chu:ruri-chu 1,918 243 Having earnd her wings by thefirstfleet Having earnd her wings :iconthefirstfleet:thefirstfleet 193 111 Pokemon - City Rest. by Peppermint-Tea Pokemon - City Rest. :iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 405 180 Smashified - GRAND DAD by MarkProductions Smashified - GRAND DAD :iconmarkproductions:MarkProductions 458 219 NX class ortho [New] by unusualsuspex NX class ortho [New] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 135 27 Reinforcements by thefirstfleet Reinforcements :iconthefirstfleet:thefirstfleet 233 69
NxTouko Legends Awakening
Legends Awakening
A loud roar made the whole tower quiver again and Touko desperatly searched for something to hold on to. What the heck was going on up there?
It was after the sithx gym that N had told Touko to go to the Dragon Spiral Tower. He had said something about befriending a legendary Pokemon. But could this really be the source of this noise? She sure had a hard time to believe this. Ever since that night in the Ferriswheel Touko knew that N wasn't a bad guy. Even when his plan was to seperate Pokemon from Humans. Or like he said 'liberate them from the grab of the humans'. Another roar and the tower shook again. This time Touko fell to the ground. "God damnit N. If you're the one doing this I sure have to make you clean up this mess..." Touko growled.
She got up on her feet again and finally reached another room. But to her surprise there was someone waiting for her. And it certainly wasn't the nice King of Team Plasma. Flavus, one of the seven sages, blocked her way. "Fooli
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Enterprise Legacy 2 Tech Readout [new] by unusualsuspex Enterprise Legacy 2 Tech Readout [new] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 158 22 Aiding the Good Cause by Jetfreak-7 Aiding the Good Cause :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 144 0 n x touko by malengil n x touko :iconmalengil:malengil 524 41 Enterprise Refit Multi-View by captshade Enterprise Refit Multi-View :iconcaptshade:captshade 114 71 Samus and the SA-X by Samus-Cosplay Samus and the SA-X :iconsamus-cosplay:Samus-Cosplay 175 17 Pokemon Touko + Snivy Cosplay by Peppermint-Tea Pokemon Touko + Snivy Cosplay :iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 300 163 Pillars of Friendship by Jetfreak-7 Pillars of Friendship :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 164 5 Starship Yorktown by Jetfreak-7 Starship Yorktown :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 262 22 Stuff people say 257 by FlintofMother3 Stuff people say 257 :iconflintofmother3:FlintofMother3 175 36 Defending the Frontier by KillaBC Defending the Frontier :iconkillabc:KillaBC 85 11 [COLLAB] Dessert by R3dFiVe [COLLAB] Dessert :iconr3dfive:R3dFiVe 330 38 Hello there. by Peppermint-Tea Hello there. :iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 305 153 Into The Unknown by overseer Into The Unknown :iconoverseer:overseer 342 76 Terran Dominance by Jetfreak-7 Terran Dominance :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 182 27 Whatever the future holds by DimensionSeven Whatever the future holds :icondimensionseven:DimensionSeven 137 33 Enterprise Series - NX-01 by thomasthecat Enterprise Series - NX-01 :iconthomasthecat:thomasthecat 170 11 Star Trek Daedalus Clss by AdamKop Star Trek Daedalus Clss :iconadamkop:AdamKop 116 22 Perimeter Action by Jetfreak-7 Perimeter Action :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 137 3 I Can Reach Any Star by overseer I Can Reach Any Star :iconoverseer:overseer 157 63 From Humble Beginnings by Jetfreak-7 From Humble Beginnings :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 143 16
North ItalyXReader Colour Blind
  What would you do if there were no colors in the whole world?
  It was just another day in this cold, bland universe. By bland, I mean everything looks exactly the same; no color, no light, no dark, no shadow. I sigh and put on my plain, grey shirt and plain, grey shorts, over my plain, grey body. That's right. I am grey, all grey, except for my hair. My hair was neat, long, and (black/white depending on your hair color now); town regulations. I grabbed my grey book bag, walked down the smooth, grey hallway, and headed out the door, shouting a quick "Good-bye, Mother." over my shoulder. But instead of turning right towards the school bus stop, I turn left. The whole trip, I kept my head down, and a straight face. We weren't allowed to show emotion in public. I kept my paces neat and even on the right side of the sidewalk. Finally, I reached my destination, Feli's house. I opened the door without knocking, breaking yet another rule, and silently climbing
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Star Trek Manta Ray Class by AdamKop Star Trek Manta Ray Class :iconadamkop:AdamKop 83 18 Super Mario NX/Switch - Desert dude! by MarkProductions Super Mario NX/Switch - Desert dude! :iconmarkproductions:MarkProductions 243 137 Star Trek: Deep Space 9 by 1darthvader Star Trek: Deep Space 9 :icon1darthvader:1darthvader 88 32 Classic Yoshi - Smashified by MarkProductions Classic Yoshi - Smashified :iconmarkproductions:MarkProductions 250 84 Star Trek Manta Ray by AdamKop Star Trek Manta Ray :iconadamkop:AdamKop 105 15 Kirby Cube  [Papercraft download!] by MarkProductions Kirby Cube [Papercraft download!] :iconmarkproductions:MarkProductions 124 61 Touko and Zorua Cosplay- by Peppermint-Tea Touko and Zorua Cosplay- :iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 158 139 Star Trek : Cruising at Warp by AdamKop Star Trek : Cruising at Warp :iconadamkop:AdamKop 97 23 Full Speed ahead (Commission) by Euderion Full Speed ahead (Commission) :iconeuderion:Euderion 134 42