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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by UnidColor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 4,969 170
Pickup Lines [N x Reader]
Natural Harmonia Gropius, more commonly known as N, had a problem.
It was a problem he had never dealt with before in all his twenty years. Every time said problem arose, his chest began to squeeze like it was going to burst his heart apart and his mouth refused to speak the correct words.
The problem was (name).
It wasn't as if N disliked the girl. No, it was quite the opposite; he had grown fond of her over the past couple of years. It was just that there were times when N found himself unable to function  properly whenever (name) was within ten feet of him and he had absolutely no idea why. Yes, the whole shenanigans with the legendary dragons, Team Plasma and his "father" Ghetsis had ended a long time ago, but the Trainer was still not entirely comfortable with humans.
Touko and Touya, the twins who had once opposed N and Team Plasma but in the end turned out to be his two greatest friends, had introduced him to (name) right after the last of the Sages had been found and put i
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Rare Moments || N x Reader
N was laying peacefully under a shady tree, he was quiet beside his soft purrs that escaped his throat, which were caused by you while caressing his green locks.
His cap was lying beside him while head was resting on your lap softly as you ran your finger through his soft as silk, light green hair.
It was so long and not damaged, it made you wonder how he managed to keep it so good and healthy.
Putting this thought aside, you smiled lovingly at the sight of N.
It had been a while since you two had such a peaceful moment because of Team Plasma and all that jazz.
Your strokes started to slow down as your mind and eyes drifted off into the woods until they finally stopped.
N slowly opened his blue eyes and the first thing he saw was your face, which showed that you were deep in thoughts.
"Why did you stop?"
Snapping out of your daydream, you looked back to the young adult and saw his usual smile as he reached up with his left hand to brush his fingertips over your right cheek.
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