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Undertaker x shinigami!Reader,Nursery, one-shot
~Your P.O.V.~
"Ghehehehe, you're it! You're it!"
"Whaat? No i'm not, you're cheating Ronald! Cheater cheater!"
"I'm not a cheater! I'm just better then you in the game"
"Take that back!" "Hey! You bumped into me! Now i have to start over again!"
Ronald and Grell ran around the room, bumping into William who was drawing.
The three of them were so young but so full of energy, except William ofcourse who would rather sit down and draw.
"Hey! Ronald, Grell! Stop running! You're gonna fall down some day if you keep doing that!" I said and ran after the two.
"Ofcourse that won't happen! _________ is just too protecti-" Grell chuckled but then let out a 'huh' when he tripped over his own feet.
Ronald let out a gasp and immediately stopped running when the heard a loud thump of Grell landing on the floor.
"Uwaahhh! I hurt my knee!" Grell cried out and started crying.
I let out a sigh and knelt down next to him.
"I told you so"i chuckled and he pouted.
When i looked at his knee i noticed that h
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Sister's Visit Pt.1
“Truth or dare?” Cora asked her younger 17 year old sister, Brea. Brea was on spring break for 2 weeks and decided to visit the 23 year old in her new apartment, since she missed her sister so much after she left to live on her own;  they had a really strong bond, and distance didn't break it.
“Dare!” Brea replied excitedly.
“I dare you to let me hypnotize you,” Cora said quickly, trying to hide her sly smile.
“Pfft, yea sure, whatever! You don't know how to do that,” Brea rolled her eyes.
“Alright, then you wouldn't mind focusing on this pendant as I swing it in front of you?” Cora asked, swinging the pendant and quickly grabbing Brea’s attention as she focused with all her might on the swinging object in front of her.
“Go to sleep,” Cora ordered after some time of softly speaking to Brea and swinging the pendant, making her sister close her eyes and slump. “Only focus on my voice, Brea. Whenever
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The Hidden Away Nursery (a diaper story)
Summary: Edward, an average 13-year-old, finds out he must attend a
mysterious and newly opened nursery in the local mall. Little does he
know the many surprises that are in store in this 'Young Person's Day-
"Kelly! I won't, you know I'm too old!"
"Of course you're not, now come on!"
"I am, for God's sake, you're being stupid!"
"Keep talking like that and I'll tell Mum and Dad." Kelly
practically dragged her younger brother, Edward, further along in the
mall. Luckily, both she and Edward thought, it was just after opening,
so very few people were around to see them squabble. Edward was 13
years old, well, only just 13, his birthday had been four days ago, and
Kelly was 18 and very nearly late for work.
Edward and Kelly's parents had left town, their company had sent
them to a convention down south and several meetings with "Important
people," as they always said. Not wanting Edward to be left alone at
home during the holidays, they asked that Kelly should find some kind
of ac
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Sister's Visit Pt.2
“Hey there, baby girl! Where’s your mommy?” he teased, Brea ignored him and rolled her eyes. “Poor child, you’re too young to speak, aren’t you? Did you pee your diapee? Or even worse, poop it! I bet you have!” he laughed, and quickly the poor girl began to wet and mess her diaper to her dismay. Her eyes began to water so she quickly hid her face in her hands and turned away, only for the boy to lift her dress and take a quick sniff.
“Damn, I don’t know if you wet yourself, but there’s definitely a whole lot of poop inside this diaper!” He exclaimed, causing her to mess herself even more. Brea helplessly started to cry, but that didn’t gain her any sympathy from the boy. “Aww! Did you poop your diaper again? Or did you pee this time? It’s okay, you’ll get potty trained some day!” he smirked, then started laughing loudly. Soon, the door was open to reveal Cora, that seemed to forget about her
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Reborn: A Special Story for a Special Friend (ABDL
Joe had just gotten offline after talking to some of his friends there. They were really some of the only friends he had, outside of a few at school. He was quite tired that night and wanted to get some sleep. Not that he had anything to look forward to the following day. Tomorrow was his birthday, but his family didn’t have the financial means to have a proper party for him. This year, he wouldn’t even be getting any presents. It was almost like they didn’t even acknowledge his date of birth to begin with. His birthday was one of the loneliest days of his experience. The most he would be getting for his birthday at that point was some gift artworks from his friends at DeviantArt, which was always a very nice gesture, and he always appreciated it very much, treating those artworks like they were real presents. But as nice as they were, and as happy as he was with them, deep down in his heart, he had always longed for something more. Something much, much more, fulfilli
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Sister's Visit Pt.3
Brea tried to carry her sister, but she couldn’t since she was so much smaller than her.
“Oh well, I guess you’ll have to crawl,” Brea shrugged, putting her ‘baby’ sister down and patting her butt. Cora crawled only to suddenly stop and sit in the middle of the living room. Brea tried to budge but she wouldn’t move, she decided she was too tired to move, although she didn’t crawl a great distance.
“Too twired, mommy! Cawwy me pwease!” she begged, hiding her smirk behind her pacifier. She might’ve become the baby now, but she wasn’t going to give her sister an easy time.
“Cora, if you don’t crawl to the nursery, you’re getting punished!” Brea scolded, but her ‘baby’ wouldn’t take any of it, so she dragged her to the corner of the room then lied her on her back and started spanking her as hard as she can. The spankings didn’t hurt Cora, but feeling the poop get squished
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Massacre of the Innocence
Georgie Porgie threw an orgy
     just outside L.A.,
where Jack Be Nimble grabbed his thimble,
     outing him as gay...
Little Jack Horner bought Time Warner
     before the bubble burst,
though Jumping Jack Flash saw the crash
     and liquidated first...
Jack said Jill was taking the Pill
     to ward off impregnation;
the Three Blind Mice have lobbied twice
     for victim's compensation...
Little Miss Muffet had her tuffet
     liposuctioned out,
and Little Bo Peep married a creep;
     lamb chops gave him gout...
Jack Sprat's wife went under the knife
     for Lap-Band surgery,
then Third Little Pig struck it big
     on reality TV...
Old King Cole's gone on the dole,
     exposed as a pretender;
while Wee Wil
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Hanging from a Blood Soaked...
Hanging from a Blood Soaked Tree
By: Adam M. Snow
One morn as under a great tree I lay,
Misery held me in its pain-filled sway.
I dreamt of a life where I wasn't numb,
Sleepwalking my way toward the dusk to come.
I felt sweat drops that I thought were rain,
And opening my eyes, saw a man hung in pain.
His feet were crossed and his arms stretched wide;
I could see no life in this man. Had he died?
Arose a voice from the blood soaked tree,
"I died for you so that you are free."
I sat there stunned in my ignorant sleep,
My curiosity teased by a tree that speaks.
I lingered in repose, knowing not what was said;
Clinging to the echoing voice in my head-
"I did this for you."
With eyes of blue-
He wept.
His head was pierced with thorns claw-like,
And each hand was nailed by a rusty spike.
He calls to me by my name,
I couldn't help it but show my shame.
Words arose from his lips,
As his blood still drips.
His voice so dear,
So pure, so clear;
Spoken once more-
His voice was dear as it said to
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   "No! Sherlock, get a plaster!" John whined in horrified astonishment as the younger, curly-haired nuisance of a boy scratched gently at a congealed scab on his right calf. "It'll bleed!"
   "I know, I want it to," Sherlock replied matter-of-factly as the scab fell to the carpet of the nursery floor. "It interests me, see?"
   Blood, red and thin, seeped from the un-healed wound in his leg. It had been cut in the first place only four days ago after Anderson had gone on a rampage with an ankylosaurus figurine. In all fairness he had been provoked by Sherlock's attempts to shut him up by placing a Mr Men band-aid over his lips. Mr Happy's smile was ripped in two. Sherlock smudged the blood over his white skin, rolling up his trousers over his knees in order to get a better look. John chewed his lip worriedly.
   "Are you sad, Sherlock?" he asked his friend anxiously. He remembered hearing something about people who cut themse
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Nursery of His Dreams (Part 1)
[Original idea by ABDLQuestionnaire]
Everyone has weird dreams sometimes. We may forget them soon after waking up, but it always sticks with us for a little bit. I, for instance, once dreamt I was being forced to walk the plank of a pirate ship; when I leapt into the vast sea beneath me, I soon felt like I was a fish instead, swimming without a single worry or care. I have no idea why I dreamt that, or what it meant, but it happened.
This dream, though...I don’t even know where to start. Except the beginning, I guess. I don’t know how I got there, but I was standing in a nursery, with babies all about, playing and having a good time. I didn’t think they noticed me, ‘cause none of them walked up to me to say ‘hi’ or anything like that. The only one who seemed to care about my presence was this one boy. He was brown-haired like me, but had green eyes instead of my blue. The kid had a typical sailor’s uniform on with what looked
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Warning: This story contains AB/DL content!
Jessie yawned for what seemed like the hundredth time as she continued to memorize her notes. Her final exams were coming up, and she was studying her butt off to make sure she'd get the grades she needed. After hours of studying, she felt like she was making no progress at all which was understandable since she was too sleepy and tired to process any more of the information in her books. But nonetheless, Jessie was too anxious to rest, and felt like sleeping would waste too much of her time.
Her girlfriend, Gabriella, softly knocked on her bedroom door and walked in to see her girlfriend in distress; crumbled pieces of paper and wrappers of chocolate and candy were littering the floor, many cups of coffee all over the place, books were scattered everywhere and the room reeked of a horrible smell. Carefully, Gabi approached the nervous girl and softly tapped her shoulder.
"Jess?" she said quietly.
"Ahhh! Gabi! You scared me,"
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