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Ciel x Reader: There's a Good Reason
~~~Your POV~~~
Your butler had just entered your office where you had been for hours working diligently on paperwork for your recently deceased parents. Usually you wouldn’t have been bothered with silly paperwork but now that your parents had killed themselves recently leaving you one of England’s wealthiest orphans. However, you still had your trusty butler you were contracted to.
“Lady (L/N),” he proudly said. “You have a letter,” He explained carefully. He approached you slowly carrying a silver platter you had once had high hopes that it had food under the cover. Instead he pulled the cover off and held out the platter with a small envelope leaving you still very hungry and slightly angered.
Still you look at your butler overtop of the glasses that framed your face. “From whom,” You asked.  He looks back at you and smirks, deviously. Remaining silent he placed the platter over top of your paperwork. You look at him staring direc
:iconthewaylifeshouldbe:TheWayLifeShouldBe 110 65
Long Ass Numbered OC Meme Blank
Pick 13 sorry mother fuckers Characters and do this meme using them! >8D
Replace the banks in the half circle thingies with the character's name!!
Put them in a random order!! Go!
1. Describe 6 (____) and 11 (____)'s relationship in one word!
2. 8 (____) decided to have a house party while everyone was gone! How did that go for him/her? What happened when the others returened?
3. 1 (____) is kidnapped and the kidnapper demands a ransom from everyone. After pitching in, what does everyone have to offer the kidnapper??
4. 5 (____), 8 (____), 9 (____), and 2 (____) now have their own unique company to get some money back after that kidnapping incident! What company have they made? How does it go?
5. 4 (____)'s guilty pleasure?
6. 13 (____) and 1 (____) got drunk and woke up next to eachother. Haha, how does it go after the two wake up? Did they actually do ANYTHING? XD
7. Oh, God. 7 (____) and 11 (____) have
:iconlollipop-gothica:Lollipop-Gothica 316 121
Sexism - a story untold
I. A mother scorns her infant boy for
wearing a dress; the fresh print of a
hand mark glows on his cheek.
Meanwhile, his sister plays in shorts
II. Lunchtime and a child, no more than
twelve, hurries home early. Tears
smudge the sleeves of his favourite
shirt as he tries to muffle his sobs.
A girl hit him in the face, but boys must
be strong.
III. Accused of sexual harassment, a
young man apologizes for complimenting
a lady at the bar. Somewhere in the
crowd, a girl pinches a stranger's bum
whilst her friends screech like hyenas.
She was only mildly flirting with him,
after all.
IV. In a restaurant, a woman insists her
date pays the bill. The following day,
he's accused of earning too much and
spending too little.
V. A man is pinned against the wall and
forced into sex. Even though he turns
away, he must enjoy it because he's
just a bloke. Women can't rape men - it
doesn't work like that.
VI. Somewhere in this world, a boy
holds the door open for his crush, a
husband hunts
:icondisneynumber1fan:disneynumber1fan 1,227 1,128
a list of things colleges don't want to know
1. i have a cactus named atticus that i bought
on the day i thought i was going to die,
and i never forget to water it, not
even when i forget how it feels
to breathe without my lungs rebelling
against my brain.
2. sometimes talking feels like walking on gravel
in a Georgian summer heat.
i try to keep talking anyway,
and hope that eventually
my voice will lose its softness and grow calluses.
3. once, a man whistled at me
outside of a grocery store from
the safety of his car.
four years later, i still haven’t stopped looking
over my shoulder.
4. i drive too fast and i take turns too sharply
and i never put enough sugar
in my tea and i could probably survive
on watermelon alone. i’m left handed
and once taught myself to write only in capital
letters to piss off my seventh grade english teacher.
5. i have never felt closer to my father
than when we stayed
outside till two a.m. in november and watched
a meteor shower.
6. there are some things
i don’t think i’ll ever
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 136 17
When I was six a phoenix
tried to drown me.
Underwater I grabbed for fire.
Like Icarus, I was reaching
towards the sun.
I hope he still has
bald spots. I hope he still
cradles searing scars.
He was death,
I was the bird.
My uncle knows plastic-
wrapped soaps as well
as he knows fine wines.
If he drinks enough,
he thinks it’s love-
carved names rubbing
the silver drain smooth. Diver: 28 days
sweating, ship black against
sea. Like it had been peeled
from amber tongues.
On my fifteenth birthday, the boy
with stars on his fists and Saturn’s
rings in his eyes told me I was pretty.
It was the first time
anyone had said so. I learned
how to hold my breath,
how to apply foundation,
how to cry
without bleeding tar
down my cheeks,
and how to wear my bones
He says he does it for the money.
He says you have to come up slowly
or else something inside of you will explode.
I didn’t understand what he meant
until I realized my throat was still
somewhere in hi
:iconwinterkate:winterkate 233 47
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