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Natsume to Mikan :iconttn008:ttn008 91 17
jury nullification
i killed him all right. i walked up
behind him and i stabbed him
between his thoracic cage and i
watched him seize the ground
like he was kissing his mother.
i watched him bleed for a few minutes
and i watched him beg and i watched him
cry and i watched him struggle when he
tried to crawl and i watched him dance his
failing breaths as they left his lips. i also
watched his sight fade to blackness when
i stuck the knife into his throat.
i told them it was self-defense, and they believed me.
:iconthistlewood:thistlewood 7 67
A House Divided, Standing :iconzeksora:ZekSora 21 6 Mikanchan :iconttn008:ttn008 45 18 Mikan-chan :iconttn008:ttn008 41 5 Code:Breaker Sakura animation :iconcheshire-no-neko:Cheshire-no-Neko 44 11 Red Dates and Orange are soul mate together~~ :iconchromic7sky:chromic7sky 17 6 I'll Protect You :iconabsolutelylorlor:AbsolutelyLorLor 26 13 Mikan :iconttn008:ttn008 17 2
Promise (Mukuro x Reader)
Mukuro hates it, why he should be born with this curses eye? Why it should be him? Why?! There's a lot of people out there who can have this eyes, but why fate chose him instead?! WHY?!
"I hate this eye!" he cried, after broke the mirror he used to look. "Why it should be me?! Why not somebody else?! Why?!"
"Mukuro-sama!" somebody knocked the door, its Chikusa voices. "I heard something broken from here, are you okay?"
"Don't come in!!" Mukuro shouted.
"F-Fine.. but please let me know if you need something."
Mukuro doesn't want to respond him and keep silent. Aside from that, he' looking for something. Something sharp that could help him to pluck out his curses eye.
"Knife! KNIFE!! I need Knife!!"
Again someone knocked his door; but this time its Ken voices.
"Mukuro-sama, i heard your yelled. Did you need something?"
"Bring me a knife!"
"W, what for?"
"But i can't bring it for you; if you don't even tell what for is it
:iconecknard:Ecknard 15 0
Estranged :icontheanimalparade:Theanimalparade 17 10 Under God :iconhfootball:hfootball 9 6 Mikan Sakura :iconttn008:ttn008 11 0 Gakuen Alice - Mikan Sakura and Hotaru Imai :iconmadenaisuu-kyun:Madenaisuu-kyun 8 12 Jami x Ester'Timmy' -Laridae :iconphantomdreamerluna:PhantomDreamerLuna 5 0 We complete each other... :icondrtofu83:DrTofu83 5 8 Gakuen Alice Entry :iconsarafyna-chan:sarafyna-chan 5 21 ID: S.I.H.N.A. :iconemilythesmelly:emilythesmelly 7 31 TP - Nimue :iconhatsumei-akari:Hatsumei-Akari 4 2 Robert Hayne :iconrandomdoomfoam:Randomdoomfoam 3 0 Mikan-chan :iconabsolutelylorlor:AbsolutelyLorLor 3 1 Nullification :icontranquilzones:TranquilZones 3 0 Toad's True Nature (1/5) :icongrrside:grrside 4 0 Toad's True Nature (5/5) :icongrrside:grrside 4 0 Toad's True Nature (4/5) :icongrrside:grrside 3 1 Your Best Pool Toy Friend :iconflotianchroma:FlotianChroma 37 3 Andrew Jackson :icontimbrinkhof077:TimBrinkhof077 2 1
Natsume's Gift Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice. Gakuen Alice and all its characters are owned by Tachibana Higuchi
Spoiler alert if you haven't read Gakuen Alice chapter 165
Hi Everyone, I decided to write this fanfic since I was kind of disappointed with how easily the ESP was defeated in the latest chapter. I was hoping that the final villain would meet his end at the hands of Mikan or Natsume so I decided to write up my own alternate conclusion to the series following chapter 165. I also thought there was a major plot hole that was left unexplored (unless it has a role in the upcoming chapters) that I wanted to expand on. Well I don't want to give too much away so I'm going to stop talking now and let you enjoy the fanfic.
Note: Since I just read through most of the manga up until the final arc in 2011 I'm kind of iffy about some of the character's names and how things such as alice stones work since I haven't read some of the pre-final arc stuff in over a year so if any readers notice any m
:iconsonictoadstool:SonicToadstool 2 1
TP - Nimue Jawhar :iconhatsumei-akari:Hatsumei-Akari 2 16
P8: Friend or Foe?
Lisa ruffled her feathers as she stood up from where she sat in the middle of the floor. It had been some time ago Seth had told her to wait in this room and he still had yet to come back. Stretching her arms high above her she turned away from the window that led in the only light source.
Everything else in the room was pitch black. An orange streak of light spread across the floor from the sun dimming the closer it reached the other side of the room until it no longer shed any color. The sun was going down. The room itself was completely barren of anything.
Rather annoyed that he had failed to show up she decided to head off and look for him herself. She exited the room and stopped only in the hallway to glance from side to side in silence. Her sensitive ears twitched at the sound of faint voices being heard to her left. One was Seth, and the other was someone she didn't recognize.
Lisa narrowed her eyes and cautiously made her way down the hall only to stop in front of the only clos
:iconmenoaske:Menoaske 2 492
Reunion :iconsensparda18:SenSparda18 2 3 RIOZ :iconbatsinmybelfry:BatsInMyBelfry 2 0 Desktop Screenshot: GA :iconfmafan4lyfe:fmafan4Lyfe 3 3 Mother and Father :iconsensparda18:SenSparda18 2 16 Tron X SIHNA Dancing Sketch :iconemilythesmelly:emilythesmelly 1 0 Rinzler X SIHNA Dancing Sketch :iconemilythesmelly:emilythesmelly 0 0
Power Ideas
Power Ideas
Path of Conflagration:
• Inheritor: Aiden.
• Pyrokenesis
• Colour of flame changes depending on your power?
• Flame Cannon, Inferno Burst and Blast flare.
• Does not have blood – fire/magma for blood and his heart has been burnt to cinders. No effect on Aiden as he is from Harmony but Trey will suffer hugely.
• 2nd most powerful of all the 5 paths. Can combine with all but PON.
Path of Windstorm:
• Inheritor: Ren
• Can control wind and air.
• Only capable of creating cyclones etc. Cannot create precipitating storms.
• Possible levitation ability? Research possible events in which could be used.
• Shockwaves, slicing blades, full blown cyclones. (latter only used during final fight.)
• Most flexible. Can combine with POC or any water based style.
Path of Illumination:
• Inheritor: Lucille
• Manipulation of light, solar energy etc.
• Most powerful Path, at highest purification can create stars. Mu
:iconsecondstagesakon15:secondstagesakon15 0 2
darkerthanblack contractor :iconsekaiichi-ichigo:Sekaiichi-Ichigo 0 0 Nothing's Mission - comic :iconmikey7458236:Mikey7458236 1 6
Prompt: Olive
I will not think
black burnt
around the fingers
marriage to a vineyard
that lives only after years
of ferment
:iconsoundlesswhispers:SoundlessWhispers 1 0
Guests and Ghosts:TheMercenary
Calvin grew up in the street. Sometimes on it, depending on how much his daddy had stolen relative to how much he drank. His parents were both part of a gang in the south side projects. A small group from the same block that had unknowingly been part of the same test group during the 60s. A government R&D team had come in under the guise of a Funds Management team and had added a special "filtration system" to the building that the future gang members grew up in. The government abandoned the project after 5 years and swept all evidence of it under the rug. 20% of the subjects were effected by the treatment, but only 3% showed any benefit. The Avery Allstars were all part of that 3%.
The Allstars were a gang of 6 kids who all had some manner of extraordinary psychic powers. Calvin's dad had telekinesis and his mom had the ability to nullify or enhance other people's powers. The other members had powers like extraordinary strength, telepathy, and invisibility. Calvin was the first child
:icontomthefanboy:tomthefanboy 1 0
The FARAD System Higher Power Iconic Items (9): :iconmrgrinmore:mrgrinmore 0 0 GA CLUB ID: WELCOME :iconsarahpatrick:sarahpatrick 14 11 They had a little spat over nullification... :iconhearsay-c:hearsay-c 0 0 It takes more than cute :iconthreewaydart:ThreeWayDart 5 27 Fairy Tail - Hungry Wolf Knights Line Art :icontallguy94:TallGuy94 1 0 War of Nullification :icondutchatlantic13:DutchAtlantic13 4 0