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Letters to England - America 1
I saw that you finally let people stal- I mean talk to ya! Finally opening up to others, eh? Your always inside that shell of yours, you need to go out more!
And maybe you might have to get France away from you, dude, starting to creep me out too... o3o
-The Hero

Fuck off! Of course I go out! I've even gone out of my way to make friends in the past, but all I got was a door in my face and some very angry Italian chefs chasing me down the street with their carving knives! You wouldn't know this because you were a mere glint in the milkman's eye at the time! And you wonder why I stay indoors...the cheek!
Anyway, about Frog-face...what, you don't think I haven't TRIED?! Of course I have! I've tried every trick in the books ('Sherlock Holmes' and 'How to Catch Your Stalker Red-Handed', respectively), and literally nothing will keep that damn Frenchman from royally trol
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Peace - seeking missile
Melee them, you drastic douche-bag.
Aggravate (to turn black and blue) the innocent.
K – O – the designer of billboards,
Evoking peace, for (self-centred) omniscience.
No – we're humans,
Openly equipped with the heart
To pour our pain into art.
Wake up
And smell the napalm – narcissistic.
Remember; nukes don't paint pictures so artistic.
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Warsaw Airlift :iconynot1989:YNot1989 42 26 Amy Can't Fly a Helicopter :iconartbyriana:ArtByRiana 111 16 Kim Jong Un - War Games :iconekzotik:ekzotik 56 3 Iran, Israel and 'peace' :iconlatuff2:Latuff2 72 0 The Modern-Day CSA. :iconalternatehistory:AlternateHistory 35 13 2005: World Forever Torn :icongeneralhelghast:GeneralHelghast 17 37 Nukes Catalyst pg14 :iconrobogogorobo:RoboGoGoRobo 143 2
My dearest long-lost Lover....
Think back...back to when we met, once, in a beautiful Graveyard where the light was low and your lips were Ruby red....
Remember how we gently bit each other's necks until just a drop of your crimson Blood melded with a drop of mine and we became as one???
You may recall how a Bat fluttered by as we embraced and a Black Widow Spider danced softly upon your lovely throat keeping time with the rise and fall of your bosom as we made love into the early morning hours...
A black Cat curled up at our feet as we kissed and nibbled the night away and you laughed when I whispered sweet nothings in your ear.....
As Dawn broke we parted, promising to meet again when the Moon would next be full...I'm so sorry that I never kept that engagement...
My great attraction towards you was overpowered by my cautious nature...
I chose not to be ensnared by your Web of Love And Lust fearing that I might never brea
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Nukes Catalyst pg01 :iconrobogogorobo:RoboGoGoRobo 95 8 Nukes Catalyst pg15 :iconrobogogorobo:RoboGoGoRobo 128 10 B 76 Fusion Bombs :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 35 3 Nukes Catalyst pg24 :iconrobogogorobo:RoboGoGoRobo 118 23 Nukes Catalyst pg22 :iconrobogogorobo:RoboGoGoRobo 104 12