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No way out by Sayuri1314 No way out :iconsayuri1314:Sayuri1314 546 166
Rest Now
The sky fell down
The sun burnt out
Wind blew out the candle
Stole my breath
A lonely withered rose
Crying on the grave
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Labyrinth by frankhong Labyrinth :iconfrankhong:frankhong 166 0 No way out by lostknightkg No way out :iconlostknightkg:lostknightkg 304 96 Dead Space by tobiaswphoto Dead Space :icontobiaswphoto:tobiaswphoto 186 53 COM - Liliorl - Blanca (1/3) by Tonowa COM - Liliorl - Blanca (1/3) :icontonowa:Tonowa 647 42 The Mad King's Labyrinth by StrangeAsFiction The Mad King's Labyrinth :iconstrangeasfiction:StrangeAsFiction 249 22 No Way Out by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS No Way Out :iconimagenes-imperfectas:IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS 92 30 No Way Out by ertacaltinoz No Way Out :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 75 9 Vyxoda Net. by TinaApple Vyxoda Net. :icontinaapple:TinaApple 285 40 Through Glass by BKLH362 Through Glass :iconbklh362:BKLH362 161 57
Theme Prompt - No Way Out
With a final shouted curse and shaken fist in Gabriel's direction, Zachariah straightened his shirt and looked around. His former brother had dropped him in the middle of a field filled with milling and bleeting sheep. Even now, a few stared at him, stupid confusion on their faces. The former angel scowled at them and wished that he could just obliterate the damn things with a wave of his hand. Unconsciously, his hands curled into fists at his sides, the nails biting into his palms. This was all the fault of that damn hunter and Castiel!
Sighing, Zachariah relaxed his hands and frowned up at the sky. Dark clouds were building at an alarming rate and he had a feeling a drenching storm was about to roll through. His mind working furiously, the former angel tried to plan what he was going to do. The need for revenge was burning a hole through his chest, sinking deep into the soul he knew he had now.
A sudden idea burst almost painfully into his mind and Zachariah grinned nastily. The plan
:iconremanth:remanth 19 22
No way out :Commish: by TheShadowedGrim No way out :Commish: :icontheshadowedgrim:TheShadowedGrim 71 22
point of no return.
She shouldn't be here. All her instincts tell her to run, flee from this grave threshold.
She can feel him lurking in the shadows; watching, waiting. If she ran would he pursue? Most definitely. He is a predator by nature, and she is his prey.
She wants to bolt. Her body strains towards the large oak doors not far behind her. And yet, she stays, for reasons unknown to her and her capturer.
She can feel her skin prickle as he emerges from the darkness, looking for all the word as if he himself is a shadow, just another part of the grim walls. Her chest heaves as he slowly walks to her, practically gliding. He is so graceful, so alluring… she studies his pale face, so contrasted in the dim light of the room. His eyes, brooding and deep set, blaze into her soul, stripping away the rest of the world except for he and she.
He approaches her and stops just in front of her, their bodies merely centimeters from contact. Her neck cranes as she turns her face up to his. His sweet seductions
:iconsmilee-shortee:smilee-shortee 18 15
John Cena Misses the FU by kapaeme John Cena Misses the FU :iconkapaeme:kapaeme 142 197
The Voice of one Crying
"The Voice of one crying in the wilderness: 'prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight.'" Matthew 3:3
This is a prayer to God, asking him to hear the voice of the person who's alone and crying, asking him to help that person in need.
:icon370wii:370wii 28 5
No Way Out by MJ00 No Way Out :iconmj00:MJ00 137 60
Stolen Kisses Ch. 12
Chapter 12: No Way Out
Sweat formed on her brow as Sarah tried to remain still under the sheets of her bed. The slightest movement would send her into a dizzy array and it took several minutes to gain control again afterwards. A violent shiver ran through her body and she closed her eyes, breathing deeply. Over the past couple of days, her symptoms had gotten steadily worse and though going to the student healthcare building would probably be a good idea, she just couldn't get up without feeling like she was going to fall down.
Jareth was due to call her through the mirror again today. She hadn't seen him since the night after his proposal, but it had only been a couple days. She hoped he would be able to help her with, if nothing else, getting some Tylenol. A strong shiver racked her body again and she drew the blankets tighter around herself. Thank goodness she kept the palate with spare water bottles under her bed or else she would probably be dehydrated on top of everything else.
:iconpolgara87:Polgara87 29 18
Fanart Kagura *Gintama* by Tonowa Fanart Kagura *Gintama* :icontonowa:Tonowa 86 23 Claustrophobia by posts Claustrophobia :iconposts:posts 61 18 WWE No Way Out 2012 Vintage Poster by wild7even WWE No Way Out 2012 Vintage Poster :iconwild7even:wild7even 78 8 Edge at No Way Out 2009 by kapaeme Edge at No Way Out 2009 :iconkapaeme:kapaeme 135 140 Obstructed View by DpressedSoul Obstructed View :icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 56 36 battlefield by kika1983 battlefield :iconkika1983:kika1983 40 25 POINT COMMISSION for SweetBabyAirie by Tonowa POINT COMMISSION for SweetBabyAirie :icontonowa:Tonowa 283 57
my ears are ringing
my eyes are burning
my heart is racing
my stomach's turning
I'm not
the person I use to be
these walls
are closing in on me
I'm too high to think
yet I feel so low
who am I? what am I?
I don't even know
I scream, I cry,
I bleed, I shout
I'm lost
and there is no way out
~ashley carver
:iconskinnylittleschizo:skinnylittleschizo 9 28
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59. no way out
A halo of milk
teeth and buzzcuts –
I have the world
in my elbow crease
and I don’t even care.
Before I learnt the
word impossible my
brain door lead everywhere;
before I was learned
there was nothing I
couldn’t do.
And now I can do
the world
a favour, but
I won’t. I could
defy death
in little breaths,
but why should
I do that?
I could
carry the behind-me
who cut their hair
to the skin
but that is not how
to carry a child.
:iconwei-en:wei-en 9 8
No Way Out by Jih-pun No Way Out :iconjih-pun:Jih-pun 66 8 No Way Out by KTLasair No Way Out :iconktlasair:KTLasair 102 21