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Planning the Evil Plot
A half-guide, half-narrative on writing a story
brought to you by Super Editor

Before I start writing, I like to have some idea of where I'm starting, where I'm going, and how I'm going to end up there. Let's say that I want to write a comedy about an author who suddenly changes places with her Mary Sue. I usually jot down some basic ideas:
Sarah, the author: ~13 years old, average-looking, glasses, rather tall and gangly
Ellemere, the Mary Sue: ~16 years old, long flowing hair, violet eyes, etc.
Forrest (Ellemere's love interest) : ~18, stereotypical pretty boy who is too dark and broody to make a good love interest
Leon: ~17, Ellemere's somewhat dorky friend who falls in love with her but is cast off to side in favor of Forrest
Tangent: For those of you who are confused, the ~ symbol means "about." I think it comes from math.
I like to draw, so I'd probably make doodles of these characters too. Drawing characters is a great way to develop th
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20 Writing Tips
1. Write like crazy. Whether it's by hand or on a computer, just write, write, write, write, WRITE. The more you work at it, the better you'll get at it.
2. Be flexible. Don't just stick to what you already know. Dare to write something outside your comfort zone.
3. Never throw an idea away. Ideas are like fish: you never know when you'll catch a good one, and if you let it go, you most likely won't get it back. Keep a journal for your ideas and write down anything that comes to mind, no matter how silly or stupid it may sound.
4. Take your time. Don't expect to write a bestseller in a few months, or even a few years. (I learned this the hard way.)
5. Be prepared for a LOT of rejections and a LOT of criticism. Don't assume you'll hit it off with the first publisher you find, and don't expect everyone to like your book, or to bother reading it at all.
6. Be open to other people's suggestions, but write the story that YOU want.
7. Go easy on yourself. Don't expect your book
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Finding Motivation
This article focuses on novels, but its advice can be applied to any long-term project.
Do you tell yourself that you're going to write and never do it? Do you keep talking about your book but leave it sitting at chapter 2 for five months straight? Is it difficult for you to sit down and actually write something?
Most people don't write because there are so many easier ways to spend their time. Their favorite show is on at eight. Oh, look, their friend just posted a bunch of photos online. Then they feel like baking cookies. And suddenly, a day that was supposed to be productive has been spent on TV, the internet, and food.
When I tell adults that I want to be a writer, around ten percent of them say, "Oh, I've always wanted to be a writer, too, but I simply haven't found the time to write that novel." And chances are, they haven't even drafted an outline. Why not? Something more pressing or interesting always seems to pop up.
Unless you make time for writing, you will be
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No Bails TG
No Bails
Ashley landed flat on his back with his Razor scooter tumbling away from him on the sidewalk. He muttered a quiet, "Shit…" to himself and rested there a moment.
As he hopped up and picked up his scooter, Josh came out of the Carroll & Pearton Books coffee shop with a heavy bag poised at his slender elbow and a small cup of hot green tea in his hands. He gave a nod to Ashley and said, "They didn't have cinnamon-apple tea."   
Arching a thin eyebrow, Ashley shrugged. "Sokay. Almost nailed that trick."
Josh pulled one of the metal outdoor chairs over and sat down. "Yeah…I saw…some of it. Toby back yet?" Ashley shook his head and turned to the eye the small wall he'd just leapt off with his scooter. It was about six feet, pale brown, and had a great, flat top to ride across. It sheltered the carts for the small specialty market next to the bookstore.
Ashley made a move towards the other end but turned around when the white-shirted manager of th
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Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Lesslya Hunger Games and Catching Fire :iconlesslya:Lesslya 251 230
Motivation for Novelists
Motivating myself to write and keeping that motivation throughout a writing project is one of the biggest challenges I face as a writer. I get the impression a lot of other people struggle with it as well.
There are a lot of tools out there such as the Write or Die program and National Novel Writing Month designed to keep you motivated, but they're just gimmicks in my opinion. Writing takes a lot of time and effort, and we as humans need a very compelling reason to exert ourselves in such an extreme manner. A timer or deadline typically isn't good enough.
The only effective long-term motivator is a real, tangible reward. Finishing a novel is a great reward, but the gratification is too long coming to really work as motivation. So what reward system will actually keep you writing and rewriting until you can call your project officially finished?
Well, there's always chocolate. Aside from that, the only compelling reasons to keep writing are that you will literally go crazy if you don't
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The Frog Prince by mandiemanzano The Frog Prince :iconmandiemanzano:mandiemanzano 731 45 Scott Pilgrim KameHameHA by no-company Scott Pilgrim KameHameHA :iconno-company:no-company 992 62 Fremen Sietch Tabr: Chani by Deimos-Remus Fremen Sietch Tabr: Chani :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 244 23 Goodnight kiss - No.6 by 25naruxsasu Goodnight kiss - No.6 :icon25naruxsasu:25naruxsasu 345 49
Writers Notes - Research
Firstly, my rule – any writer worth their salt who WANTS to be published someday has a LARGE collection of reference books in their home or knows intricately the layout of the reference section in their local library.
If you want to be a professional writer, a published writer then you can't skimp on the research. So, unless you were born with a mass of knowledge on hundreds of subjects then you will need to read up on them.  Not to mention things change especially in some subjects where improvements and developments replace original knowledge: for example Medicine, police procedures etc.
Do not think your readers are stupid. They are your second biggest critic (after yourself) and even loyal fans will be ready to point out flaws.  Try and get passed any anger or frustration you feel if people point out your flaws.  Take it as a positive step that they are trying to move your work forward (sometimes).
I read a novel once that described
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+Feet+ Revy by ScreampunkArts +Feet+ Revy :iconscreampunkarts:ScreampunkArts 277 6 House Corrino: Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV by Deimos-Remus House Corrino: Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV :icondeimos-remus:Deimos-Remus 144 46
like in romance novels.
i would like to say that it's not my fault i fall in love in five minutes, i would like to tell you i am logical and intelligent and everything the stereotypical whimsical teenage girl is not. because i am supposed to be the person that isn't like everybody else, that doesn't fall into a stereotype, that doesn't fit into any pre-made shape or size or measurement. i am supposed to be the girl that has will power and judgment and thinks ahead. i'm supposed to be on a different shelf, a higher shelf, a place with only me. but i keep finding all these other people on the shelf; it's getting bigger or something. or maybe i just fell down and i didn't notice.
i find myself looking at people and wishing that for once there would be some magical moment and they would say to me, "i think you're beautiful."
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