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Nose tutorial. Step by step :iconfelicemelancholie:FeliceMelancholie 11,928 118 No Use Fleeing :iconsumopiggy:sumopiggy 370 135 The Waiting Room :iconthesquab:TheSquab 244 165 ITS NO USE :iconmolochtdl:MolochTDL 229 26 Gnome-Weasel Family :icondiana-martinez:Diana-Martinez 134 18 ITSNOUSE :iconmolochtdl:MolochTDL 415 75 Iconz :iconokuet:okuet 172 11 Sweet paw :iconklaminus:klaminus 184 15 Its no use! :icongetmoving:Getmoving 132 14 Sanic 06 for the oculus rift :iconajdalolma:AjDaLolma 115 36 Animation WIP 001 - Silver :iconkitsunefusion:KitsuneFusion 163 49 Para alguien muy especial :iconabrilthemareep:AbrilTheMareep 171 18 OMG :iconmr-skid:Mr-SKID 138 7 Kissing :iconxrenorx:xrenorx 111 22
Riot on the battlefield
What happens when not kissing you seems deeply wrong?
What happens when my will to do it turns too strong?
Do I just lock away my lips and let them crave?
Just tell me what to do, don't take the secret to the grave.
You`re merciless, your silence kills me slowly everyday
How could I shut my soul, how could I throw the pain away?
You can't just mend two weeks of absence with a kiss
I`m not of stone, my heart's a proof, it's you I miss.
She bounces in this chest of mine like she's done drugs
She`ll ask for hundred kisses then for a thousand hugs
Slowing her beat she`ll melt hearing your voice:
Tune of my life. The rest is just sheer noise.
I need you not and yet I want you here
There is no "us" and yet I want you near.
A shot of high you are, directly in my veins
After three weeks of rehab, the need of you remains.
:iconlaviniau:LaviniaU 13 7
ITS NO USEEE :icondiachanx:DiachanX 91 6 ITS NO U-- :icongolden-anchor:Golden-Anchor 150 36 Human Butter :iconluuqas:luuqas 12 7 Whitney: No Use Crying... :iconxero-j:Xero-J 72 11 no use for it now. :iconvera-chimera:Vera-Chimera 69 14 Silver the Hedgehog Lineart :iconmeadowind:Meadowind 43 9 CRight :iconth3emoo:Th3EmOo 83 8 Silver AKA Weedhead :iconmporkyp:mporkyp 34 8 missing :iconsei-ya:sei-ya 193 33 Ask #4: My Parents :iconaskthesilverhedgehog:AskTheSilverHedgehog 27 113 Residences in Barcelona II :icondamainnero:DamaInNero 24 2 Sonic! Knuckles! We did it! :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 83 33 Who's Line Is It Anyway? :iconshadowbane2009:shadowbane2009 41 20
The End
Long blond wavy hair, crystal clear blue eyes, greyish-black makeup, pale flawless skin, pale lips, perfect figure...why can't I look like this? I've always been jealous of these king of girls, women, models..I want to look like them...but I can''s impossible, I'm hideous, I'll never bee as gorgeous as these women...and I don't want to be a model just because I'm bulimic and anorexic. No, I want to be a model because I want to feel and look beautiful. To be told I look pretty, even though I deny it all the time. I've been told I look like a model before, but I just haven't really thought much of it until now...But my parents, especially my mom, would never approve of me becoming a model...
I want my long hair back, I want to look like a girl again. I want to be beautiful and not look like a guy. I also wand to be able to love my body just the way it is, and not have to deal with bulimia and anorexia every single fucking day of my life. But that will never happen, I just know it.
:iconredeyeddemon:RedEyedDemon 7 7
Nothing new for you, Vector! :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 72 15 Death to All Who Oppose Me! :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 84 23 Pink Paradise:. :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 68 35 It's No Use!:. :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 68 52 ::..Yuune brothers icon..:: :iconnyunyupuppet:NyuNyuPuppet 36 6 Same Difference.:. :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 54 16 Anthony :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 35 20 Don't Cross Me.:. :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 56 18 silver by me and my brother :3 :icontinanokohana:TinaNokohana 133 80 .:It's No Use!:. :iconazuredreamrealm:AzureDreamrealm 26 42 What Happens in Vegas... :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 40 13 Sandslash for webturkey :iconcloudylicious:cloudylicious 42 5 +...Kaleta Gift...+ :iconjakurinu-sama:jakurinu-sama 26 13 United States of America WHY?! D: :iconraneem90:Raneem90 27 69 Faccione Astratto :iconfuegocs:FUEGOCS 11 5 Pinocchio :iconpetrwolf:petrwolf 37 9 Seadra Icon for pinkvaporeonshiny :iconcloudylicious:cloudylicious 42 12 4 Piece Lineart Comission :iconwild-hearts:Wild-Hearts 157 55 Don't You Know Your Skin's TOXIC:. :iconspeedcircuit:SpeedCircuit 28 13 Bia :iconcatarinamzfernandes:catarinamzfernandes 49 37 Game Grumps Miis :iconthealienbanana:TheAlienBanana 27 4