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Uncle Norway's Violin
Nordics x Young!Reader
Uncle Norway's Violin
(For those who read all the previous stories...beware the huge time skip :P)
"Mom, Dad! I'm home! Uh, hello?"
A young twelve year old female walked into the house. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair flowing down her back. She made her way into the living room where everything was all quiet; an unusual thing to have in this particular house. "Mom? Dad?" she called, "It's me (Name), I'm home! anyone home? Uncle Ice? Uncle Den? Uncle Norge?" (Name) made her way to the kitchen to find it empty. She then went through the whole house -everyone's bedrooms included- but found no one. Realizing that searching wouldn't go anywhere, (Name) collapsed onto the sofa and pulled out her cell. She dialled the number, placed her cellphone by her ear and waited.
"Dad! Where are you? I came home and everyone's not here." pouted (Name). She sat cross legged on the sofa as she spoke. She heard her father's panicked voice on the other end.
"We didn't leave a note f
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OSMADTH - Nordic Shrine :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 2,451 65
Nordics x Reader - How to calm a Dane
   Why did Tino have to give Mathias coffee? Sadly, you didn’t know. But you DID know that it was NOT a good idea.
   As you heard another crash come from downstairs, and a “YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM THE KING OF NORTHERN EUROPE, YOU STUPID BIRD!”, you laid your head on your desk, basically facedesking. Here you were, trying to work on a school assignment, and that stupid Dane was running around downstairs doing who knows what. Getting up, you made your way to the top of the stairs of your two story house that you shared with your older brothers friends.
   “Mathias! What in the world are you doing?” You yelled downstairs with your hands on your hips.
   He stopped at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at you with bright blue eyes. “I was trying to catch Mr. Puffin! The stupid bird said my hair looked like a porcupine, so I tried to grab him. But then he flew away! So I
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Sweden X Reader X Denmark
Pulling your books out of the locker, bored and sleepy all over. Looks like you shouldn't have played video games all night, but who could blame you? You were a gamer in all the ways possible. Then you heard laughing from behind you. Sighing you turned around, only to come face to face with blue eyes and a goffy grin.
"Hu\i there, [Name]! What's with the long face?" Matthias asked you, ruffling your hair. He annoyed every single day the hell out of you. Always asking you if you want to go out with him or to be his girlfriend. You loved him, but nothing more than a big brother and besides that, you knew he was kind of a player.
"I'm not in the mood Matthias, go away." You said in a bored and monotone voice, giving him a death glare. He pouted and snaked an arm around your shoulder.
"Come on, sweetcheeks~…..Give me a little chance to prove you that I'm gonna be the best boyfriend you ever had!!!~" you said with a flirty grin. You just rolled your eyes at his stupidity.
"No thanks an
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Denmark X Reader (Norway's little sister)

Currently you found yourself sitting on the couch in the Nordic household trying to read a book, but you found you couldn't concentrate on what you were reading thanks to Denmark, your big brother's best friend. Denmark would not stop trying to talk you into going to some party with him and the other Nordics tonight.
"Oh come on _____________! Don't be such a party popper, even Swed is going!" Denmark said making you give him a look; how had he talked the quiet, mysterious Sweden into going with him?
"Nei (no)!" you said giving him a dirty look. "Go with the others, I am staying right here."
"Why are you so stubb-" Denmark started to say before you cut him off.
"Me stubborn? You're the one that won't leave me alone!" You said acting annoyed with him, though in all honesty, he wasn't bothering you.
You actually found yourself wanting to go with him; were you growing feelings for your brother's best friend? How wou
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I Won't Say I'm In Love
"I'll see you later." Your friend Mathias said as he kissed your cheek and handed you a white flower.
"Bye." You smiled as he walked off to go see the other Nordics.
You sighed as you examined the flower in your hands. You were at a park sitting on the edge of a large foutain that inhabited the middle of the park.
"Hey _____!" You heard a voice called you turned to see your friend Elizaveta running towards you carrying her usual frying pan.
"Hey Eliza." You smiled weakly, she came and sat next to you, resting the frying pan by her feet.
"What's wrong?" She sighed knowingly.
"I think you know." You sighed, smelling the flower Mathias gave you.
"I remember when you absolutely hated his guts." She laughed recalling the first day you met Mathias.
"Hey! Don't blame me! You know I just went through a really bad break up, he was exactly like most guys! Hell he still is!" You defended.
"Ah but ____, that's not how I remember it." Eliza laughed.
It was the first day back to school, it
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~Vodka~ *Drunk!Finland X Reader*
*Drunk!Finland X Reader*
"Um,why is Norge carrying Fin on his shoulders around the house?" the (h/c) asked,surprised at the sight.
Closing the door in hope she had taken the wrong path and mistaken the wooden door with the five scandinavian flags - which was almost impossible,mind you - the female scrunched her petite nose realising she didn't do as guessed. Sighing,she opened once again the door,the sight of a wasted Lukas shouting profanities in Norwegian - or that's what she thought - while carrying a very excited Tino welcoming her - sort of.
"What the actual ...?" (Name) gasped in surprise,pinching her cheeks in order to assure herself she wasn't dreaming - aaaaand she wasn't.
"Ya know,they get like this once a month!" a feminine voice explained,startling the (h/c).
"It's like they are werewolves or such,becoming... Fabulous over night! But they just get drunk!" the Scandinavian girl laughed,muttering a small 'Look' before taking Lukas' bottle of alcohool.
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Hetalia x Chlid! Venice! Reader ch 4
It has been weeks since the attack and your brothers refused to let you leave the house.
They were so afraid of you being attacked again, they wouldn't let you near others. Not even Spain or any other axis members.  You felt isolated, Italy could tell it was taking a toll on you. You were so much quieter and paler from the lack of sunlight.
"Fratello, ______ seems really sad lately." Italy said coming towards where his brother sat.
"I'm sure she is fine." he said bluntly.
The younger twin sighed. He trudged his way up to your room, where you lay on your floor, staring at the ceiling.
"_______? Are you okay?" The Italian asked coming into your room. You lifter your head back to see him then sat up and cutely rubbed your eyes.
"I'm lonely." you say sadly. Italy sat down beside you and pulled you into his lap so he could snuggle you.
"But me and your fratello are here."
You shook your head. "I miss everyone from the meetings. When can I go back?"
Italy stared into your deep (e/c) eye
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Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 2
Romano and Italy woke up extra early to start teaching you English. You all slept peacefully together last night when they decided it would be best for you to learn English so you could talk to the other countries.
Lucky for them, you're a very fast learner.
"Okay _____! Now repeat after me! Hello." said Italy trying to teach you. You yawned adorably as you attempted to repeat him. Your small eyelids kept drooping.
"H-hello..." you said trying to stifle another yawn. By now, you new some basic english words.
"Fratello, I think she's too tired right now," said Romano picking you up off the large leather sofa and into his warm strong arms. You rested your head against his shoulder. He blushed slightly and turned back to his brother. "We need to get going soon. Go get dressed bastardo!" he yelled at Italy, who-like you- was still in his pajamas and half asleep.
"Ve! Okay fratello~!" chimed Italy skipping upstairs.
"Bastardo." Romano hissed under his breath, but it didn't go unheard by you
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Ragnarok Wolves - Hati + Skoll :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 3,622 257
You are cute *Husband!Sweden X Wife!Reader*
~ Du är söt ~
*Husband!Sweden X Wife!Reader*
The (h/c) haired female gasped in surprise at the sight of the washing machine rolling clothes one by one.Was that a red sock?And the other white?
She bit down hard onto her lower lip in expectance,the red light flickering announcing the washing program was over.Pushing onto the button,it all went silent as the female opened the circular door in order to take out the freshly washed clothes.
One by one,socks went into the laundry basket she used in order to take them to their assigned place.But something was wrong this time.
The scarlett red socks had their colours faded,while the white ones were ... well,a very feminine pink.
Catching the said material into her hands,studying just to make sure her eyes didn't betray her,(Name) felt all of a sudden her eyes become tearry.
A shadow prolonged itself above the laundry basket,giving the (h/c) an emotionless ocean blue stare as she stood there,near the washing machine,two socks in
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Nordic Morning :iconhumon:humon 3,513 568 The Nordic Fellows :iconhumon:humon 4,381 742
Hands Off! (Reader x Denmark)
[Name] [favourite colour] [eye colour] [favourite novel]
“MATHIAS!!” a mighty roar emanated from the hall startling the countries as five heads shot up, completely in unison. This was followed by the last door on the left violently flying open, almost off its hinges, and Emil swore he heard a growl come from inside. Anyone would’ve expected some sort of beastly lion to step out from the doorway or maybe a fire breathing dragon even, but instead it was something deadlier than either of those two; something far more frightening...
It was [Name].
You shuffled awkwardly out onto the dark wood floor of the hall, gripping your [favourite colour] night gown to your figure as the cold air made you shiver slightly.
“Oh! Um, good morning, [Name],” Tino called from the kitchen, staying his usual cheery self, despite feeling a slight bit nervous at your morning person, “did you want breakfast?”
Rather out of character, you ignored the Finnish male complete
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Iceland x Reader : Don't tell Norway
Iceland x Reader : Don't tell Norway
~Iceland's POV~
 I watched the door open and close as Norway, Denmark, Finland,and Sweden brought in boxes from outside and brought them up stairs. I just thought they had gone to ikea but when I saw Matthias lug in a giant stuffed bear I was puzzled. Why the hell would they need that? I saw Norway come in with a couple more boxes and slid off the couch.
 "Lukas what's with all the stuff?" I asked folding my arms stopping my brother before he could go up the stairs.
 "Matthias has a little sister staying with us. We are bringing her stuff up. Oh she's also sharing your room with you." He said trying to get around me.
 "What!? Does she know she's sharing MY room with ME!" I almost shouted. Lukas sighed and nodded.
 "Yeah. These boxes are mostly her clothes, movies, electronics, and couple room decorations. So she won't be intruding on your space accept her bed, dresser, and desk." He explained. I felt wait get lifted off my s
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The Awesomeness Of Uncle Denmark
Nordics x Little!Reader
The Awesomeness Of Uncle Denmark
(Warning: much as I am embarrassed to say this...there are some things mentioned in this that are not appropriate for minors...yeah. That's it.)
 "(Name), my favourite niece how about your Uncle Denmark tells you a little something huh?" 
(Name) scrambled onto Denmark's lap as he slumped on the sofa; rubbing his red face in pain. It took him a while but he manage to spend the whole morning trying to wash the marker off. Thankfully for him, the marker wasn't permanent. When (Name) was fully settled on his lap, Denmark held the child so that she wouldn't fall. "What is it you want to tell me Uncle Denmark the awesome?" asks (Name). Denmark held (Name) close and said.
"(Name), I know you think it's funny but let's not draw on Uncle Denmark's face again okay?" He says seriously. He really had a hard time removing the scribbles of (insert stuff here) on his face.
"Okay Uncle Denmark the awesome!" Cries (Name) happily
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LittleReaderxNordics- Nail Polish
~9 Years Old~
Mathias laughed, looking at the Swede's sparkly blue nails. He was laughing so hard he could actually cry. He couldn't believe that (Name) had convinced the other Nordics to do this. Wiping away his tears, he smirked at the "weaker" men.
Norway's nails were a sparkly green. Tino's were a neon yellow and Iceland's were a purple color that actually brought out his eyes.
"Aw, she even roped you into this," Mathias chuckled, looking at the small puffin who was licking his newly painted red nails.
"Y'know, Norge, that color really *pfft* suits you," Mathias tried to smother his laugh as Lukas glared at him in a don't-make-me-choke-you-with-your-own-tie sort of way. Usually, that look would make him shut up, but he just looked so silly with those nails. It took all the threat out of that look.
(Name) beamed up at him, completely oblivious to the death stare the other Nordics were giving the Dane, "Do you really like their nails, Mathias?"
"Why, yes. Yes I do! You should paint t
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Hidden Iceland - Interactive :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 2,294 285