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we dance
in the artificial moonlight,
to the rhythm
of yesterday's lies.
(she is lost, broken, i am nothing
at all.)

and our eyes sing
  "the sun doesn't blind us,
   the sun is no more,
   forget all the beauty
   we used to live for."
she dreams of interlaced fears, terror
twisted into
i don't dream at all.
:iconeternalsunday:EternalSunday 40 20
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Blank Dreams
I wake up.
It's strange. I've been getting these blank dreams lately. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, it happens to other people but not all the time. Every time I close my eyes to rest, I wake up only remembering that I went to sleep. I tell my friends about it and they laugh, thinking I was on drugs or something. Even though they find it amusing, I feel worried. I don't remember the last time I dreamed. Dreaming... is now a myth to me.
As I wonder about my dreaming issue around the school halls, I bump into someone. "Ah, sorry..." I mumbled. As I looked up to see who it was, it was a pretty tall guy. He had platinum blond hair with a blue streak on it. It was accompanied with a pair of faded blue eyes that seems like they have no hope or life. As I took a closer look, I saw he had spacers in his ears. They were the spike ones. He also had two piercings on each upper ear. He seems imtimidating yet calm. No smile, no frown. Just a questionable expression.
"... That's
:iconrini-hayashi:Rini-Hayashi 7 3
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How I stopped dreaming
When I was but a kid
I could dream of a future
bright and fair and happy
for everyone
who wanted to it to be.
I wanted to follow those dreams
and be one who brought forth change
to a world that so longed for it.
"You can't do that", they said,
shaking their heads and waving their hands.
"You're just a disobedient little kid
with a simple mind from a simple family.
A working man for a father and a housewife for a mother
what could you possibly achieve?"
They told me to stand down and that was what I did.
When I was a youth
I would still dream of a future
a little brighter than the present
of things I could do that at least some people
would come to remember some day.
I wanted to act upon those dreams
for it was better to try and fail than
not having tried at all.
"You won't get anywhere", they said,
snickering and laughing behind my back.
"You don't have the kind of money to get
the education you need, and neither does your family.
You should just do what your forefathers did
:iconoliverbphotography:OliverBPhotography 10 17