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MLP - Pinkie Pie Bwob Papercraft by RocketmanTan MLP - Pinkie Pie Bwob Papercraft :iconrocketmantan:RocketmanTan 71 7 lottery by pondis-dant lottery :iconpondis-dant:pondis-dant 100 8 Rainbow Dash: Loyalty by bunnimation Rainbow Dash: Loyalty :iconbunnimation:bunnimation 105 13 From bad to good by AlexGroseth From bad to good :iconalexgroseth:AlexGroseth 10 2 Kirby OC Meme - Rosa the Chopper by brushtrail Kirby OC Meme - Rosa the Chopper :iconbrushtrail:brushtrail 17 13 #9731 Pavane pour une fille qui dort by The-SnuffBox #9731 Pavane pour une fille qui dort :iconthe-snuffbox:The-SnuffBox 16 26 We Own the Night: Luna: MLP:FIM by Volcanos-Ash We Own the Night: Luna: MLP:FIM :iconvolcanos-ash:Volcanos-Ash 61 12 Chaos Pony [SFM Download] by koni126 Chaos Pony [SFM Download] :iconkoni126:koni126 19 12 Pat n rub Dashie by ElementOf-Loyalty Pat n rub Dashie :iconelementof-loyalty:ElementOf-Loyalty 25 26 Furry breast [Gift] by 11-Shadow Furry breast [Gift] :icon11-shadow:11-Shadow 19 6 The Circle by zaphiel-san The Circle :iconzaphiel-san:zaphiel-san 67 41 Ych summer pony Closed by otakuap Ych summer pony Closed :iconotakuap:otakuap 30 3 Sweet Revenge (crab contest entry) by derpyworks Sweet Revenge (crab contest entry) :iconderpyworks:derpyworks 51 19 #7060 Smaug's Pride by The-SnuffBox #7060 Smaug's Pride :iconthe-snuffbox:The-SnuffBox 29 30 Babs Seed PPG version by LetsuDraw Babs Seed PPG version :iconletsudraw:LetsuDraw 26 32 F A C T #5: there's a difference, Anderson. by JadeDianna F A C T #5: there's a difference, Anderson. :iconjadedianna:JadeDianna 29 12 Animatic PinkiE PiE [Rap Girl or Filly] by AD-Laimi Animatic PinkiE PiE [Rap Girl or Filly] :iconad-laimi:AD-Laimi 21 7 Chrysalis by MinamiKoboyasy Chrysalis :iconminamikoboyasy:MinamiKoboyasy 95 5 The evil Celestia by SweetieOrange The evil Celestia :iconsweetieorange:SweetieOrange 20 104 DushDash by Va1ly DushDash :iconva1ly:Va1ly 63 2 4040 BuD's Blaze of Glory by GuardianOfJay 4040 BuD's Blaze of Glory :iconguardianofjay:GuardianOfJay 25 30 ZEBAR MLP OC  by shade0fPinkHeart ZEBAR MLP OC :iconshade0fpinkheart:shade0fPinkHeart 11 0 Naraku's Little Pony by Neecha Naraku's Little Pony :iconneecha:Neecha 15 71 8338 RH Io - SOLD by Ikiuni 8338 RH Io - SOLD :iconikiuni:Ikiuni 19 17 Jack at Nick's by shrunkenlover Jack at Nick's :iconshrunkenlover:shrunkenlover 10 7 Starlight Glimmer EG by RacoonKun Starlight Glimmer EG :iconracoonkun:RacoonKun 1,678 70
Words program our minds
"My breasts are sore."
"My vagina [anything]."
"[x] thinks I am crazy because I 'think I am a man'."
"Ah, on my period again."
"I need to see the doctor for [enter gynecological condition here]."
Self talk damages.  Messages like the ones above are reinforcing ownership of the wrong body.  Not only is there the rest of the world telling us by action, word, and glance that we are the wrong gender, thoughts like the above are also telling us the same straight to our subconscious.
I try to say "the breasts," "the vagina," and the like, thus not reinforcing the message of ownership.  I recently said that "[x person] is telling people that I am crazy because I 'think I am a man'," which, as hard as I try to find a way to reframe this, I cannot.  I cannot reframe ownership of the female body in that one.
This process has gotten me thinking about words and how powerful they are, how damaging they can be, how, through words, we program ourselves.
:iconacrueljoke:ACruelJoke 12 20
Pony Adopts 9 : CLOSED by Xnvy Pony Adopts 9 : CLOSED :iconxnvy:Xnvy 24 25 Sisu by quarkyfied Sisu :iconquarkyfied:quarkyfied 26 46 8338 - Nordanner Foal Design by Ikiuni 8338 - Nordanner Foal Design :iconikiuni:Ikiuni 19 16 8919 RH Sacagawea - SOLD by Ikiuni 8919 RH Sacagawea - SOLD :iconikiuni:Ikiuni 14 14 Dance with me... by TheNeitherVoid Dance with me... :icontheneithervoid:TheNeitherVoid 35 1 8910 - Nordanner Foal Design by Ikiuni 8910 - Nordanner Foal Design :iconikiuni:Ikiuni 16 14 Sweetie by OrangeJP Sweetie :iconorangejp:OrangeJP 16 1 8910 RH Harmonia - SOLD by Ikiuni 8910 RH Harmonia - SOLD :iconikiuni:Ikiuni 16 4 closed auction: pink eyes by PechaStan closed auction: pink eyes :iconpechastan:PechaStan 17 6 NLP Inonesia Logo by ndrewblack NLP Inonesia Logo :iconndrewblack:ndrewblack 10 3 Conservation of Ninjutsu by JimTheCactus Conservation of Ninjutsu :iconjimthecactus:JimTheCactus 16 10 Nobody's Prince: Character Concept by FRivArts Nobody's Prince: Character Concept :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 11 5 4485 BuD's Fragments of Sorrow by GuardianOfJay 4485 BuD's Fragments of Sorrow :iconguardianofjay:GuardianOfJay 14 1
MictheMicrophone's EPRBOE- Trixie v. Twilight
They call me Trixie,
The master bitch of all magic spells!
You say your name is Twilight Sparkle?
That don't ring any bells!
I've slayed an Ursa Major
All your feats are just minor!
I'll take you back to school, Twi,
And show you who's the best rhymer!
I got crowds, from everywhere!
They come to see my magic!
My spells are straight electrifying!
I'm droppin' gods, it's tragic!
So check yourself, you impudent foal!
I'll make you stagger!
By the way, your horn looks kinda limp,
go and take some viagra!
And while you're at it,
just put the books down, you freaking nerd!
You'd have to read to know how to breathe,
you're fucking that absurd!
I thought the books were better than you!
Ed and Bella have more class!
So just take a pass, 'cause if you keep comin'
then Trixie will come beat your ass!
Twilight Sparkle:
Dear Princess Celestia,
I learned this today:
Some mares like Trixie talk shit
What else can I say?
To make it worse,
They're cocky;
Always leavin' you sweatin'
But when the
:iconsnowofautumn:SnowofAutumn 10 4
SEC Killing for a Living **- SOLD by Dancing-Ponies SEC Killing for a Living **- SOLD :icondancing-ponies:Dancing-Ponies 13 9 Cute Changling by FlutterWacken Cute Changling :iconflutterwacken:FlutterWacken 9 1 The Making of Twitch by TaylGunner The Making of Twitch :icontaylgunner:TaylGunner 11 2 Morning Surprise by Dragon-Mordak Morning Surprise :icondragon-mordak:Dragon-Mordak 11 1 Valentina Nappi (Italian Pornstar) meditates by ziohack Valentina Nappi (Italian Pornstar) meditates :iconziohack:ziohack 11 9 Varying Adopts by Lilac-Plague Varying Adopts :iconlilac-plague:Lilac-Plague 9 4 9673| Katana by Silver-Raven-Estate 9673| Katana :iconsilver-raven-estate:Silver-Raven-Estate 12 28 Fluttershy-Alizee by DonEnaya Fluttershy-Alizee :icondonenaya:DonEnaya 69 8