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Onodera Blushing Icon by Magical-Icon Onodera Blushing Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 620 195 Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi by Calssara Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi :iconcalssara:Calssara 404 31 Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi III by Calssara Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi III :iconcalssara:Calssara 265 27 Chinese Tsugumi by KahoOkashii Chinese Tsugumi :iconkahookashii:KahoOkashii 2,185 83 Paper Plane of Love by KahoOkashii Paper Plane of Love :iconkahookashii:KahoOkashii 1,469 112 Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi II by Calssara Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi II :iconcalssara:Calssara 322 32 Chitoge Kirisaki by Firecel Chitoge Kirisaki :iconfirecel:Firecel 370 8 Chitogee~~~~ by Kazenokaze Chitogee~~~~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 799 34 NOW KISS by BayneezOne NOW KISS :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 968 113 Nisekoi ~ by Kazenokaze Nisekoi ~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 800 86 Chitoge by Koyorin Chitoge :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 1,138 61 COM2016 - Chitoge~ by Kazenokaze COM2016 - Chitoge~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 764 31 GO GO JAPAN by KahoOkashii GO GO JAPAN :iconkahookashii:KahoOkashii 837 49 MIRAI NIKKI FanArt Poster by Creative2Bit MIRAI NIKKI FanArt Poster :iconcreative2bit:Creative2Bit 312 37 ~Blonde Princess ~ by Kazenokaze ~Blonde Princess ~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 733 106 Free Page Doll Chitoge by iPlu Free Page Doll Chitoge :iconiplu:iPlu 455 82 IRONMAN Blueprint Poster by Creative2Bit IRONMAN Blueprint Poster :iconcreative2bit:Creative2Bit 490 119 DS - Kirisagi Chitoge // Nisekoi by Firecel DS - Kirisagi Chitoge // Nisekoi :iconfirecel:Firecel 893 66 Hanahime by Wndrenvy Hanahime :iconwndrenvy:Wndrenvy 180 18 Nisekoi by AdminHiyoriKazane Nisekoi :iconadminhiyorikazane:AdminHiyoriKazane 214 17
Seishiro Tsugumi x Male Reader - The Tigress Pt.1
Been a while since I last did an insert for Nisekoi^_^
"School bell rings"
Class was finally over and some of your schoolmates went to the cafeteria to grab a bite while you and a few others decided to stay in the class room. While eating your boxed lunch, you could hear some guys bullying a girl who has a sky blue bow on her head.
You(In head): "You swallow" Seriously? Does anyone in this school have anything else to do than mess with people? "You sigh and stand up" And just as I thought I was gonna have a peaceful lunch.
With that said, you started to walk towards the boys who were bullying the girl so that you can tell them to stop.
Guy: What's the matter sweet cheeks? Too afraid to fight back?
Tsugumi: Miss Kirisaki told me not to fight anyone inside school, and I'm not gonna disobey her.
Guy #2: Then that just means your a scaredy cat. Even if someone tells you not to fight, you don't even h
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 64 3
Chichi by BayneezOne Chichi :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 479 29 COM2016 - Huh?! by Kazenokaze COM2016 - Huh?! :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 563 26 RENDER Kirisaki Chitoge - Nisekoi by miobukii RENDER Kirisaki Chitoge - Nisekoi :iconmiobukii:miobukii 120 0
Chitoge Kirisaki x Male Reader - Endless Love Pt.1
Last time I tackled this anime was last year my gosh.
Years ago....
Girl: I can't believe we're already going home.
You: Well, you know what they say, time flies when you least expect it.
Girl: "Looks at you" I wish we could spend more time together.
You: Same, but don't worry, I'm sure we'll see each other again someday.
Girl: "Smiles" And when that day comes, I'll give you the best hug ever!!
You: "You laugh a bit" I'll be looking forward to that.
Girl: "Reaches into her pockets and gives you a locket" I want you to have this.
You: Huh? "You take the item and look at it" Why are you giving me this?
Girl: So that you'll never forget our promise silly.
You: "You blush a bit" Oh, if you say so. "You put it around your neck"
Dad: (M/N)!! "He catches your attention" COME ON SON!! TIME TO GO!!
You: COMING DAD!! "You stand up and look at the girl one last time" See you soon.
Girl: "
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 52 9
HUGE AF MARIKA TACHIBANA by Cuddle-Beam HUGE AF MARIKA TACHIBANA :iconcuddle-beam:Cuddle-Beam 1,107 70 Chitoge Captured by jitan777 Chitoge Captured :iconjitan777:jitan777 1,223 38 Seishirou Tsugumi FMG by Pegius Seishirou Tsugumi FMG :iconpegius:Pegius 364 18 Chitoge by tonee89 Chitoge :icontonee89:tonee89 1,254 34 giantess tsugumi by preesoul giantess tsugumi :iconpreesoul:preesoul 248 30 Nisekoi by Artemisumi Nisekoi :iconartemisumi:Artemisumi 698 14 Troo Lurv by BayneezOne Troo Lurv :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 505 45 Tsugumi Blushing Icon by Magical-Icon Tsugumi Blushing Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 100 2 Chitoge Kirisaki [Fanart] by Nesallienna Chitoge Kirisaki [Fanart] :iconnesallienna:Nesallienna 697 63 Nisekoi : My Teacher Can't be This Cute! by Riki-to Nisekoi : My Teacher Can't be This Cute! :iconriki-to:Riki-to 688 20 Chi Chi by BayneezOne Chi Chi :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 607 20 Itachi Uchiha (A Crimson Night) Poster by Creative2Bit Itachi Uchiha (A Crimson Night) Poster :iconcreative2bit:Creative2Bit 250 36 Chitoge Kirisaki Render by Stella1994x Chitoge Kirisaki Render :iconstella1994x:Stella1994x 137 14 Chitoge Kirisaki by miura-n315 Chitoge Kirisaki :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 518 42 Don't get the wrong idea! by Damaged927 Don't get the wrong idea! :icondamaged927:Damaged927 377 27 Hollow Ichigo (Pure Instinct) by Creative2Bit Hollow Ichigo (Pure Instinct) :iconcreative2bit:Creative2Bit 224 30 TORADORA FanArt (You are All i Need)UPDATED by Creative2Bit TORADORA FanArt (You are All i Need)UPDATED :iconcreative2bit:Creative2Bit 404 93 Chitoge Kirisaki by BayneezOne Chitoge Kirisaki :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 444 28 Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon by Magical-Icon Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 161 20 COM2016 - Whoooshh by Kazenokaze COM2016 - Whoooshh :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 479 21 Nisekoi - Eyecatch [GIF] by Lightning441 Nisekoi - Eyecatch [GIF] :iconlightning441:Lightning441 239 34