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A Visual Summary of NiGHTS:JOD by MPsai A Visual Summary of NiGHTS:JOD :iconmpsai:MPsai 1,772 505 Pop Style NIGHTS by kichigai Pop Style NIGHTS :iconkichigai:kichigai 1,256 137 NIGHTS and Nightmarens by kichigai NIGHTS and Nightmarens :iconkichigai:kichigai 1,660 219 The Nightmarens by kichigai The Nightmarens :iconkichigai:kichigai 560 104 Octopaw by MPsai Octopaw :iconmpsai:MPsai 1,223 253 Riders NiGHTS by yolka Riders NiGHTS :iconyolka:yolka 1,069 222 Beautiful Liar by thweatted Beautiful Liar :iconthweatted:thweatted 878 188 NiGHTS and Jackle comic by Feniiku NiGHTS and Jackle comic :iconfeniiku:Feniiku 352 145 The Dream Demon Returns by MPsai The Dream Demon Returns :iconmpsai:MPsai 413 136 The dreams on me by kichigai The dreams on me :iconkichigai:kichigai 1,326 182 Claws the nightmare cat by kichigai Claws the nightmare cat :iconkichigai:kichigai 258 71 New NiGHTS by Patorik New NiGHTS :iconpatorik:Patorik 591 57 NiGHTS by NiGHTmaren-Cosplay NiGHTS :iconnightmaren-cosplay:NiGHTmaren-Cosplay 149 67 Halloween Nights 2 by kichigai Halloween Nights 2 :iconkichigai:kichigai 633 70 Femmy NiGHTS Wallpaper by wyldflowa Femmy NiGHTS Wallpaper :iconwyldflowa:wyldflowa 456 147 NiGHTS by Suguro NiGHTS :iconsuguro:Suguro 333 19 Shadow Nightmaren - Finished by arcane-angelicum Shadow Nightmaren - Finished :iconarcane-angelicum:arcane-angelicum 361 89 NiGHTS Pixel by DisfiguredStick NiGHTS Pixel :icondisfiguredstick:DisfiguredStick 367 24 Reala by 2dforever Reala :icon2dforever:2dforever 132 11 love that nonbinary dream jester by SpadesArts love that nonbinary dream jester :iconspadesarts:SpadesArts 138 11 Reala Mask by sonicgirl11 Reala Mask :iconsonicgirl11:sonicgirl11 127 33 NIGHTS relaxing by kichigai NIGHTS relaxing :iconkichigai:kichigai 331 61 NiGHTS T-Shirt Design (Redone!) by SpadesArts NiGHTS T-Shirt Design (Redone!) :iconspadesarts:SpadesArts 151 8 Maren Reactions by MPsai Maren Reactions :iconmpsai:MPsai 218 79 Nights Manga Strip by esper Nights Manga Strip :iconesper:esper 249 143 N i G H T S by Syaming-Li N i G H T S :iconsyaming-li:Syaming-Li 621 78 Midnight Moon by SpadesArts Midnight Moon :iconspadesarts:SpadesArts 243 52 Puffy Bounce Animation Test by TheAmericanDream Puffy Bounce Animation Test :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 207 26 In a Most Delightful Way... by MPsai In a Most Delightful Way... :iconmpsai:MPsai 459 181 This page is full of Jackle by SpadesArts This page is full of Jackle :iconspadesarts:SpadesArts 117 18 Christmas Dream by Orioto Christmas Dream :iconorioto:Orioto 247 10 Sonic/NiGHTS Team by thweatted Sonic/NiGHTS Team :iconthweatted:thweatted 689 49 Valentine NIGHTS by kichigai Valentine NIGHTS :iconkichigai:kichigai 676 114 NiGHTS by sacredoreo NiGHTS :iconsacredoreo:sacredoreo 698 119 1 of 4 UV and Reala by kichigai 1 of 4 UV and Reala :iconkichigai:kichigai 393 42 Empress of Dreams [NiGHTS into Dreams FC] by MajorasMasks Empress of Dreams [NiGHTS into Dreams FC] :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 115 50 Falling Ideyas by kichigai Falling Ideyas :iconkichigai:kichigai 295 56 NiGHTS- Jackle - Hell Magician by yang NiGHTS- Jackle - Hell Magician :iconyang:yang 314 70 NiGHTMAREN - V2 by sanitrance NiGHTMAREN - V2 :iconsanitrance:sanitrance 223 5 Sega Generations Animation by TheWax Sega Generations Animation :iconthewax:TheWax 102 21 NiGHTS into wtf by Sa-chan04 NiGHTS into wtf :iconsa-chan04:Sa-chan04 495 118 REALA: CLASSIC VER. by Sokartis REALA: CLASSIC VER. :iconsokartis:Sokartis 86 7 NiGHTs Chao Plush by BriteWingz NiGHTs Chao Plush :iconbritewingz:BriteWingz 184 67 Sunshine in Nightopia by ShugarShock Sunshine in Nightopia :iconshugarshock:ShugarShock 113 15
Kidnap the Nightmaren
(musical interlude)
All: Kidnap NiGHTS the Nightmaren? (brief pause)
Elliot:…I wanna do it!
William: I’LL be sent! (small pause)
Claris:…Sega said to work together!
William: Three of a kind!
Elliot: Birds of a feather!
All: Now and forever!
All: (Whee!) La, la la la la la, La la la la la!
La, la la la la la, La la la la la!
All: Kid-nap the Nightmaren, lock him up real tight!
When they’re done with the new game, he will be a sight!
Claris: First we’ll wait until the Wii
Is released for us to see!
When the NiGHTS fans come a-begging,
He’ll look as fruity as can be!
Elliot: Wait! I’ve got a better plan
To catch this purple Nightmaren;
We’ll keep all our fans on the ropes
And when they’re free they’ll run him down!
All: Kid-nap the Nightmaren, put him in a box!
He’ll Cameo for 11 years, in our games that rock!
(brief pause)
Claris:…Then Mr. Yuji Naka man! (brief pause)
All:…Can take the whole thing over then! (brief pause)
:icontoothandfang:ToothandFang 24 115
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