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SoulxMaka Fanfic - Handcuffed
"You have GOT to be kidding me!" Maka whined, red faced, and angry. She could already feel the sweat forming on the back of her neck.
Sure, Soul and I have been going out for quite a while now but THIS? You can't be serious…
Maka thought, remembering her previous mission from that day. She and Soul had been fighting an enemy and just before they killed it it put some kind of binding spell on them, almost like handcuffs, though you could only see it when Soul and Maka tried to walk away from each other. The handcuffs wouldn't allow their hands more than 5 inches apart.
Maka tried pulling her hand away again, making a white string that was attached to both of their wrist visible for as long as she pulled, which wasn't long since she knew it was useless. Maka turned to Soul then who seemed to be in deep though. When Soul caught her eye he smiled.
"Come on Maka, this isn't so bad. It's kinda cool," he told her, making her heart start to beat so much she feared it might stop. Sh
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Totoro - PHAN
Fandom: YouTube
Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil/danisnotonfire)
Point of View: Phil

"Dan, help me! I have a problem."
"I am not sucking you off."
I pause and let out a muted breath of a chuckle, dropping the cushion I had in my hands onto the sofa.
"Oh ha-ha. And you wonder why people think we're gay." I turn to the doorway of the living room to be met with the sight of Dan; grinning like an idiot and clearly proud of himself for being so 'witty'. It's a grin that I should find annoying, which I do, but nothing could ever make me hate one of Dan's smiles. "Seriously, though. I have a problem."
Dan walks over to me; grin now replaced with a look of mild seriousness, and squeezes my shoulder. There's no real reason for the contact, it's not like this problem has me wailing like a baby meeting the shopping-centre Santa Claus for the first time, but at the same time there it is. It's a small piece of affection, yet it means the world that he's taken the time to give it; taken the time to
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Nightmares [Estonia x Reader]
He'd never felt this powerful in his life. With his sword drawn in his hand and his other arm protectively around [Name]'s waist, Eduard felt as though he were walking on clouds. Earlier that day, he'd done something that Lithuania and Latvia had dreamed of doing for years- he stood up to Russia.
"Umm, Mr. Russia?" The Estonian's trembling voice rang eerily through the near-empty house. Toris had gone shopping, and wouldn't return for a while, and Raivis, well, he was still probably hidden in one of the many rooms. As for [Name], Russia liked to keep her busy, so she was most likely tidying up somewhere. Ivan paused for a second, and turned around slowly to face Estonia, a purple aura already surrounding him and an innocent smile playing his lips.
"Da?" The Russian asked the smaller country, leaning in closer to hear the whispered words. Eduard wasn't one to raise his voice, even in anger.
"I'm done living like this." Estonia surprised himself by how loud and courageous his voice sound
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SoulxMaka FanFic - Nightmares
"Soul, get up! Your gonna be late… again!" Maka called.
It wasn't unusual for Soul to get up late, but today seemed to be stretching it a bit.
Maka waited a bit for a response, when she got none she groaned and quickly finished her orange juice. She tossed her dishes in the sink and went to Soul's door and knocked.
"Soul? Helllooooo?" Maka called and when she got no response she knocked louder. Maka sighed and said, "Soul, I'm coming in," and brushed some hair out of her face before opening the door. "Soul?" she asked quietly as she peeked into the room. She stepped in and the first thing that caught her attention were the items scattered all over the ground; his clothes. She shook her head slightly.
Doesn't he ever pick up his room?
She walked over to his bed then, quietly and nervously watching and Soul tossed and turned in his bed- making strange noises ever now end then. Maka raised an eyebrow.
"Soul… You dope," she told him as she grabbed one of the pillows and to
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