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Hilarious by Live4Love136 Hilarious :iconlive4love136:Live4Love136 959 139
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Spain
Warning: Prussia's insane awesomeness, Romano's insane language and France's insane . . . . . *Several awkward seconds later* . . . . And France.


“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You dug around the bag, pulling out something kind of spongy and crumbly at the same time. It was brown and long, with little bits of an unknown substance (to you) crumbling off—upon further taste, cinnamon.
“A churro! Hey wow, that’s mine!” A man with brown hair and bright green eyes stood excitedly, raising his hand. “I’m Antonio, little chica! You can eat that, you know!”
You were taken back by his enthusiasm, but scarfed down the delicious food.
“Vell zen,” The blonde man said, “I zink zat wraps up ze meeting. Remember zat ze next vone is in France.”
“Hononon~!” A blonde man with long blonde hair laughed, “See you all zere, friends!” He turned to you and winked.
“Remember to take y
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: America Part 1
Warning: Swearing, violence.
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You reached in, feeling around. Out came a piece of trash—a crumpled up piece of yellow wax paper, with an orange ‘M’ on it.
“Hey yo! That’s mine little dudette!” Alfred stood, already next to you. “Awesome, you can call me Daddy!”
“Oh God…” You heard Arthur mutter behind you.
A trip to the store to buy a toddler seat and some supplies for you later, the four of you were on a road trip back to Alfred’s house. You say four because it was you, him, his brother Matthew (as they were together anyway for a “Bro Week,” and you only made things better; also, Kumajiro was with a pet sitter), and your bunny (B/n).
You were sitting in the back, changed into a loose red dress they bought in place of the wet rags and covered by a thick blanket. Your bunny was beside you (you were in the middle seat), still dirty—it would
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Nightmares {Armin x Reader}
Imagine your favorite character having a nightmare about something bad that happened to them and waking up shaking and inconsolable, crying and desperately clinging to you, sobbing, “Just stay with me, please just stay with me.”
"Don't worry, we're gonna make it. We're gonna make it, I promise."
"No, we aren't! Are you blind?"
"[Name], we can figure this out! I won't leave you!"
"Armin, stop. It's okay if you leave me behind. I won't hold it against you."
"I'll hold it against myself! I'm not leaving you to the Titans, and that's final!"
You stood there, shaking your head. You had to convince him to leave you, or he'd be eaten himself.
"Armin... Weren't you the one who said 'People who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything'?"
Armin stopped. You were right, he did say those words.
"[Name], I-"
"Armin, you want to change things, don't you? You have to leave me to do that. I'll be okay. I can hide in one of the basement
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Nightmares [Estonia x Reader]
He'd never felt this powerful in his life. With his sword drawn in his hand and his other arm protectively around [Name]'s waist, Eduard felt as though he were walking on clouds. Earlier that day, he'd done something that Lithuania and Latvia had dreamed of doing for years- he stood up to Russia.
"Umm, Mr. Russia?" The Estonian's trembling voice rang eerily through the near-empty house. Toris had gone shopping, and wouldn't return for a while, and Raivis, well, he was still probably hidden in one of the many rooms. As for [Name], Russia liked to keep her busy, so she was most likely tidying up somewhere. Ivan paused for a second, and turned around slowly to face Estonia, a purple aura already surrounding him and an innocent smile playing his lips.
"Da?" The Russian asked the smaller country, leaning in closer to hear the whispered words. Eduard wasn't one to raise his voice, even in anger.
"I'm done living like this." Estonia surprised himself by how loud and courageous his voice sound
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The First Kiss
It wasn't even past eight when she ran into her room. She didn't bother and change her clothes as she simply slid under the covers. She cocooned  herself in her bed hurriedly, unable to hold back the smile that crept up her face. She knew that she had acquired a new set of dreams this evening. Dreams that will be haunting her for a very long time. 
She'd banished every other memory on her way home. This one dream was so majestic it seemed unfit to share anything with it. She feared a picture of her precious moment would seep through the smile she couldn't hide and someone would catch it and drag her back into the dull silent world. 
It was a kiss that lasted seconds, but in her head it was a cinematic that went on for hours. Her heart pounded so viciously to the point she thought the sound alone could fill the entire world around her. She recalled her kiss, a blush creeping on her cheeks. 
She closed her eyes tightly as she stirred in bed. Maybe her dream will go on
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Totoro - PHAN
Fandom: YouTube
Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil/danisnotonfire)
Point of View: Phil

"Dan, help me! I have a problem."
"I am not sucking you off."
I pause and let out a muted breath of a chuckle, dropping the cushion I had in my hands onto the sofa.
"Oh ha-ha. And you wonder why people think we're gay." I turn to the doorway of the living room to be met with the sight of Dan; grinning like an idiot and clearly proud of himself for being so 'witty'. It's a grin that I should find annoying, which I do, but nothing could ever make me hate one of Dan's smiles. "Seriously, though. I have a problem."
Dan walks over to me; grin now replaced with a look of mild seriousness, and squeezes my shoulder. There's no real reason for the contact, it's not like this problem has me wailing like a baby meeting the shopping-centre Santa Claus for the first time, but at the same time there it is. It's a small piece of affection, yet it means the world that he's taken the time to give it; taken the time to
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