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Horror Legends- Freddy Krueger by thedarkcloak Horror Legends- Freddy Krueger :iconthedarkcloak:thedarkcloak 1,931 378 Freddy Krueger - Christopher Lovell Art by Lovell-Art Freddy Krueger - Christopher Lovell Art :iconlovell-art:Lovell-Art 792 24 Bishoujo Freddy - Kotobukiya Statue by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Bishoujo Freddy - Kotobukiya Statue :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 433 24 Freddy Vs Jason by frquency27 Freddy Vs Jason :iconfrquency27:frquency27 1,348 143 Bishoujo Freddy - Kotobukiya Statue by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Bishoujo Freddy - Kotobukiya Statue :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 352 5 My Children by theMASman My Children :iconthemasman:theMASman 823 112 Hopper's horror bar by GakiRules Hopper's horror bar :icongakirules:GakiRules 373 50 Freddy's Nightmare by zillabean Freddy's Nightmare :iconzillabean:zillabean 3,161 962
A Kiss Of Sorts
*Idon't know, so don't ask. This is that scene form Freddy vs Jason where Fred's tryin' ta kill Jase in his dream after knocking him out with those needles. Summary: After Jason has Freddy pinned to the ground some sort of insane mass murderer chaos ensues. Ya gots ta read ta fins out the rest! X) I'm so evil! Love me! And slash! Which this is! XD God damnit I'm going to Hell for this! ENJOY!*
"Why! Won't! You! DIE!?" Freddy Krueger screamed in frustration and anger, kicking at Jason Voorhees' gut, making the taller killer lurch foward. He glared through his beaten hockey mask, lunging foward and pushing Freddy to the ground, pinning him by his arms.
"Get OFF me you useless shit!" the smaller slasher demanded, gritting his teeth and struggling against Jason's grip. The zombie simply hovered above him, breathing heavily through the holes in his hockey mask. He knew he couldn't kill Freddy, but that didn't mean he couldn't try.
Freddy glared feircly, startling bright green eyes narrowed
:iconmaidenofiron157:MaidenofIron157 87 101
a nightmare on elm street x deadpool by m7781 a nightmare on elm street x deadpool :iconm7781:m7781 1,131 181 Freddy Wants a Hug by Dragon-hobbit101 Freddy Wants a Hug :icondragon-hobbit101:Dragon-hobbit101 273 688 Halloweenies by lonefirewarrior Halloweenies :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 1,010 425 Usual Suspects - Mr. Krueger by b-maze Usual Suspects - Mr. Krueger :iconb-maze:b-maze 486 46 FREDDY'S HOME by MalevolentNate FREDDY'S HOME :iconmalevolentnate:MalevolentNate 385 43 skipping by eve-the-strange skipping :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 220 81 Nine, ten, never sleep again! by AliciaMigueles Nine, ten, never sleep again! :iconaliciamigueles:AliciaMigueles 223 36 nona nightmare-on-elm-street by Lady-Twiglet nona nightmare-on-elm-street :iconlady-twiglet:Lady-Twiglet 767 85
NOES: Red in My Eyes
Written by Diane N. Tran
The doctors looked upon the crowd of a hundred, writhing and hissing below, at the top of the staircase.
Their fat fingers pointed at us.
One by one.
Their eyes looked up me with fear.
They just stare.
They always stare.
And they always loose count.
This room, this dungeon, this zoo, was filled to the brim with the indigent, the unwanted, the unworthy, and the disturbed.
Their mouths fizzed with froth.
Their bodies droned and moaned and walked about.
Their eyes looked up me with fear.
Cowards, all of them!
And then there is me.
And there was her.
She pushed through the zoo and called out.
Only I could hear her.
Only me.
I heard metal clang shut and the chains rattled.
She called out again.
I looked up at the staircase above.
The doctors were gone.
The door sealed.
They left her.
Locked in.
With us.
With me.
:icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 49 170
Meeting Mr Krueger by Mirish Meeting Mr Krueger :iconmirish:Mirish 247 127
Dear Doctor
Dear Doctor
I didn't get my Hogwarts letter
I didn't compete in the Hunger Games
I wasn't in the battle for Middle Earth
I didn't meet my time traveling Henry
I didn't find Graverobber in the graveyard
Sylar didn't come for my brain
I didn't find a Death Note
I wasn't born in Gotham
My dad didn't go on a hunting trip
I didn't meet a consulting detective
I couldn't join Loki's army
I didn't kill Zombies
I didn't get my ticket to The Devils Carnival
I didn't become a killjoy
Mother War didn't take me to the Black Parade
Freddy wasn't in my nightmares
Hannibal didnt invite me to dinner
Im not Divergent
Dwarfs didnt show up for an unexpected journey
I didn't get trapped in Storybrooke
So I'm asking you to come pick me up in the Tardis
I only want something exciting to happen in my life
Hope to see you soon
Kelsey Curtis
:iconkelseycurtis2:kelseycurtis2 653 181
Ghost Rider VS Freddy Krueger: One Minute Melee!


A sea of fire engulfed a completely destroyed city, with buildings and flags crumbling to the ground. However, there was only two men visible.... One had multiple cuts on him, was missing an entire arm, and was heavily breathing, holding only his shield. This was Captain America, and he was lost in his own nightmare.
He was being followed by a man in a striped sweater, his face looking like someone who had survived multiple burns, with one clawed glove. This was Freddy Krueger, who had already paid the likes of Tony Stark and Black Widow a visit. Now, it was Cap's turn.
Before Captain America could make a hasty escape, Freddy's clawed glove pierced his back, stabbing him through the spine and stomach, before flipping over Cap, the star on his chest complet
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 35 13
Childhood Fears by daekazu Childhood Fears :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,459 80 Sweet Dreams are Made of These by RockyDavies Sweet Dreams are Made of These :iconrockydavies:RockyDavies 467 27 Both Sides of Jealousy by thedarklordkeisha Both Sides of Jealousy :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 766 140 Freddy Krueger, Man o' Year by SteveChanks Freddy Krueger, Man o' Year :iconstevechanks:SteveChanks 575 46 Krueger by BryanBaugh Krueger :iconbryanbaugh:BryanBaugh 1,494 378 Krueger by D3RX Krueger :icond3rx:D3RX 700 107 His little Nancy by FuckYouFolks His little Nancy :iconfuckyoufolks:FuckYouFolks 512 58 NOW vs THEN by sahinduezguen NOW vs THEN :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 547 103 REPO: Quarantine Area Poster by tranimation-art REPO: Quarantine Area Poster :icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 347 79 Freddy Krueger bust by LocascioDesigns Freddy Krueger bust :iconlocasciodesigns:LocascioDesigns 153 23 Undies by thedarklordkeisha Undies :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 798 338
NOES: ''No More Mr. Nice Guy''

Original song by Alice Cooper, with additional lyrics by Diane N. Tran
SONG TYPE:  Hard Rock
   - Freddy Krueger, the murderer
   - Katherine Krueger, his six-year-old daughter
   - Child custody lawyer
   - Prepubescents (three to five)  
   - Male chorus (offstage)
Outside the federal courts, FREDDY KRUEGER has gotten free from his murder trail due to a technicality.  He should be pleased, but isn't because he looses custody of his six-year-old daughter, KATHERINE KRUEGER, and after a tearful goodbye, she is taken away by a CHILD CUSTODY LAWYER supplied by the city.  KATHERINE hugs close a teddy bear, wh
:icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 35 126
Day 2 - Nightmare on Elm St by theMASman Day 2 - Nightmare on Elm St :iconthemasman:theMASman 399 43 What Really Happened by Rica-Fox-Prower What Really Happened :iconrica-fox-prower:Rica-Fox-Prower 458 209 Rosario to Vampire vs Horror by Dante-564 Rosario to Vampire vs Horror :icondante-564:Dante-564 872 161
Freddy Krueger
Eyes, clear blue
Skin, twisted and burned
Heart, black as hell
He yearns for revenge
The bravest soul’s tremble in fear before him
Even the strongest die by his blades
Haunting the Elm street of Springwood
He is evil incarnate
Mere utterance of his name fills the soul with fear
Gruesome, merciless killer
:iconfreddysgal:Freddysgal 44 6
Sleep Kills by doubleleaf Sleep Kills :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 1,388 196 HorrorCon - Nurse + Freddy by LEGENDofLMPF HorrorCon - Nurse + Freddy :iconlegendoflmpf:LEGENDofLMPF 455 48 it feels good to be a father.. by eve-the-strange it feels good to be a father.. :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 185 89 Freddy Krueger stretch head by EvanCampbell Freddy Krueger stretch head :iconevancampbell:EvanCampbell 156 24 Insomniac by Blade-Of-Mako Insomniac :iconblade-of-mako:Blade-Of-Mako 286 125
U r Obsessed with Freddy if...
1. You own every Nightmare on Elm Street movie, including Freddy vs Jason
2. you own a freddy glove
3. you have a nightmare on elm street belt
4. you have a nightmare on elm street t-shirt
5. you have a Freddy Krueger mask
6. you have a full Freddy krueger costume
7. you have a nightmare on elm street poster
8. you have a life size freddy poster-board
9. your favourite colours are red and green
10. you own a red and green stripped shirt
11. you have made your own freddy shirt
12. you sing the nightmare on elm street lullaby randomly
13. you randomly quote Freddy
14. you can quote the entire nightmare on elm street movie
15. you can quote the entire nightmare on elm street series
16. you make your friends watch a nightmare on elm street movies
17. you constantly think about freddy krueger
18. you have painted your nails red and green
19. your background on your computer is freddy krueger
20. your screen saver on your computer is freddy krueger
21. your background on your cell phone is f
:iconssxprincess:SSXprincess 34 36
Krueger by KayleighOC Krueger :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 313 41 Jason is a Gentleman by thedarklordkeisha Jason is a Gentleman :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 686 130
REPO: Et In Arcaerdia Ego, Chapter I
Chapter I:  "Plaga Medicus"
Written by Abri Isgrig and Diane N. Tran
Dr. Juan Guerrero read that headline splashed across the front page of a discarded copy of the magazine, Vanity and Vein:
The infamous Repo Man — an urban legend, a figment of the mind's eye, a ghoul, a boogeyman — was sketched upon the cover, with a pair of hollow, soulless eyes and a long, vulturine beak and a dramatic, flowing cape.  It was amusing really, as it looked nothing like him.  Artists are a strange and imaginative lot, but not very smart.
Guerrero tossed the magazine into the gutter, studying it roll along with the other trash the wind carried.   He turned on his holographic watch:
It was time.  Would she come?
Turning the corner
:icontranimation-art:tranimation-art 94 173
Wake up... by TyrineCarver Wake up... :icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 212 146 Fem Freddy Krueger: Freddy vs. Jason by HarleyTheSirenxoxo Fem Freddy Krueger: Freddy vs. Jason :iconharleythesirenxoxo:HarleyTheSirenxoxo 148 36