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Emperor!China X Shy!Reader: Wo Ai Ni
You were about to go home from an errand from the landlady. Sighed deeply. You got lost in the forest full of bamboos. 'Aiya... Where's the direction I took again...?' you asked yourself, looking sideways. 'No good... I'm really lost" you sighed. You sat on the ground and leaned to the bamboo tree. 'I hope someone passes by eh...?'  Is what happened next was just a coincidence or did your favorite God heard your wish? A man with ponytail and wearing a red duangua was walking towards you and sweating all over.  
"Ni hao, what are you doing here?" he asked. 
"I-I-I'm just taking a rest!" you were an extremely shy girl so you've been stuttering the whole time when he's talking to you. 
"Rest? ... You're lost aren't you?"
"Eh...? H-How did you know...?"
"No one is allowed to stay here"
"Huh? Why...?"
"Because this is my forest~" he smiled at you with a sort of evil intent. 
"Y-Your forest...?"
"Wait... You're..."
"Oh right, since I'm done
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