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NextGen stoof: Dislestia headcanon by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: Dislestia headcanon :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,091 155 NextGen stoof: Flurry Heart and Dusk Shine by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: Flurry Heart and Dusk Shine :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,106 125 Scorpius and Rose by savivi Scorpius and Rose :iconsavivi:savivi 2,202 325 Ribbon by kilalaaa Ribbon :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 1,479 213 NextGen Designs part 2 by Earthsong9405 NextGen Designs part 2 :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 972 121 NextGen stoof: Spring Blossom and Summer Harvest by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: Spring Blossom and Summer Harvest :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 835 61 Siren Medley by MustLoveFrogs Siren Medley :iconmustlovefrogs:MustLoveFrogs 325 68 NextGen stoof: River Bay by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: River Bay :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,008 78 Decisions by kilalaaa Decisions :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 984 186 Protect by kilalaaa Protect :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 1,273 195 The Solaris Twins - Mephiles and Iblis by Cylent-Nite The Solaris Twins - Mephiles and Iblis :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 832 142 Silver Likes Starbucks by SonicMaster23 Silver Likes Starbucks :iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 2,617 412 NextGen Auction: Dislestia (CLOSED) by Earthsong9405 NextGen Auction: Dislestia (CLOSED) :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 863 81 Metal texture tutorial by Pirosan Metal texture tutorial :iconpirosan:Pirosan 900 55 NextGen stoof: Vega Nova and Aelius by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: Vega Nova and Aelius :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 922 70 Aenigma - Jonada - The Line by W-E-Z Aenigma - Jonada - The Line :iconw-e-z:W-E-Z 3,004 73 PMOL Contest: Date? by Vindhov PMOL Contest: Date? :iconvindhov:Vindhov 725 65 First Kiss by kilalaaa First Kiss :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 946 122 NextGen stoof: PinkieShy brood 1 by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: PinkieShy brood 1 :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 839 140 You are my son by Vindhov You are my son :iconvindhov:Vindhov 652 67 NextGen stoof: Andromeda and Amethyst by Earthsong9405 NextGen stoof: Andromeda and Amethyst :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 790 78 Sonic The Fighters 2 :Coverart by Trakker Sonic The Fighters 2 :Coverart :icontrakker:Trakker 1,603 692 Naruto: Next Generation by SractheNinja Naruto: Next Generation :iconsractheninja:SractheNinja 2,732 606 CAPTION CONTEST- Done by ihearrrtme CAPTION CONTEST- Done :iconihearrrtme:ihearrrtme 2,220 205 FutureSight: Prettydig (OC) by MustLoveFrogs FutureSight: Prettydig (OC) :iconmustlovefrogs:MustLoveFrogs 271 209
Defense of Modern Sonic
Defense of Modern Sonic, Sega, and Sonic Team
A while back, when looking for Sonic art, I came across a now popular piece of Classic-Sonic fanart. The picture itself was very well done. The glow looked realistic, and the colors on Sonic, Tails, and the environment really matched the bright yellow glow of the sunlight. As someone who has played the Sonic games since late-1991 to early-1992, Classic Sonic brings back memories and nostalgia when Sonic was at its peak in popularity.
Unfortunately, that pic is not in my favorites and very likely will never be placed there. The sole reason is the rant in the Artist's Comments section, which, to me, features nothing more than pointless bashing of Modern Sonic, Sega, and Sonic Team. Bashing that I felt REALLY spoiled the beauty of the pic.
Sadly, I continue to see all this bashing, disrespect, and nitpicking of (many) Modern Sonic games and ideas. It's not just here on DeviantArt, but in other sites like Fanfiction.
:icondarkqiviut:darkqiviut 171 180
Earrings by Swirlything Earrings :iconswirlything:Swirlything 1,479 264 New Place by kilalaaa New Place :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 872 38 Dashie and Blitz (Happy Mother's day!) by hikariviny Dashie and Blitz (Happy Mother's day!) :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 573 79 Pony People by Vindhov Pony People :iconvindhov:Vindhov 410 49 Family portrait: Rarity by Vindhov Family portrait: Rarity :iconvindhov:Vindhov 503 46 Sonic X- Burning Blaze by ILoveKnucklesShadow Sonic X- Burning Blaze :iconiloveknucklesshadow:ILoveKnucklesShadow 1,550 111 Family by Akeahi Family :iconakeahi:Akeahi 885 55 NextGen Kilala and Lopoddity by StePandy NextGen Kilala and Lopoddity :iconstepandy:StePandy 449 24 .: PUPPETMASTER :. by carriepika .: PUPPETMASTER :. :iconcarriepika:carriepika 447 84 Potter boys by Minos336 Potter boys :iconminos336:Minos336 2,484 246 Sci-Fi Zelda by Kanaru92 Sci-Fi Zelda :iconkanaru92:Kanaru92 495 25 My Headcanon Future: Pinkie by Lost-Our-Dreams My Headcanon Future: Pinkie :iconlost-our-dreams:Lost-Our-Dreams 395 84 Let's dance by Akusuru Let's dance :iconakusuru:Akusuru 1,146 156 NextGen: Quidditch by Dinoralp NextGen: Quidditch :icondinoralp:Dinoralp 1,831 328 Happy Halloween! by itsHelias94 Happy Halloween! :iconitshelias94:itsHelias94 1,446 110 I Only Have Eyes For Snowshine by MustLoveFrogs I Only Have Eyes For Snowshine :iconmustlovefrogs:MustLoveFrogs 332 177 CantThinkOfATitle by kilalaaa CantThinkOfATitle :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 845 96 Adagio's Riot by MustLoveFrogs Adagio's Riot :iconmustlovefrogs:MustLoveFrogs 218 130 Sonic Heroes by itsHelias94 Sonic Heroes :iconitshelias94:itsHelias94 965 96
The Ult. Sonic Fanchara Guide
The Ultimate Sonic Fan Character Creation GuideDISCLAIMER TYPE THINGY: This is a guide of tips for making the most unique and awesome Sonic fan character possible. Everything in here is what I believe makes a truly awesome and not "Mary Sue-infested" Sonic fan character, and is strictly MY OPINION. You, as the reader, do not have to follow these guidelines exactly. I am not, in any way, personally attacking and/or defending any fan characters out there and/or any fan characters mentioned here. I also do not claim any of them as my own. There are many Sonic fan characters out there who break these guidelines and are still unique, awesome, and greatly received by the public. I even broke some of these rules. Heck, SEGA themselves even went past these limits. But like I said, no one is being forced to follow these guidelines (even if I capitalize "DO NOT DO THIS"), so continue reading to find out how to make your character super special awesome! And if you have any questi
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HP: sen ve ben..... by meru90 HP: sen ve ben..... :iconmeru90:meru90 1,586 201 MLP Headcanon- Disabilities by Earthsong9405 MLP Headcanon- Disabilities :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 667 110