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H.A.N.D stamp + info by Synfull H.A.N.D stamp + info :iconsynfull:Synfull 1,160 274 water shaman by n0dz0mi water shaman :iconn0dz0mi:n0dz0mi 141 13 Other DA-ID by GrauerWolf Other DA-ID :icongrauerwolf:GrauerWolf 139 186 Buttons by ZeBunnyzz Buttons :iconzebunnyzz:ZeBunnyzz 73 8 Alice in WONDERLAND by iPandorable Alice in WONDERLAND :iconipandorable:iPandorable 15 5 hi deviantart! by mauururu hi deviantart! :iconmauururu:mauururu 330 103 Flowering Tree by Kainatarma Flowering Tree :iconkainatarma:Kainatarma 86 107 Sometimes by iPandorable Sometimes :iconipandorable:iPandorable 18 0 Can you see God? by AndyZuniga Can you see God? :iconandyzuniga:AndyZuniga 72 26 Princess Woona by lunechapaillini Princess Woona :iconlunechapaillini:lunechapaillini 124 70 Tablet Woona by lunechapaillini Tablet Woona :iconlunechapaillini:lunechapaillini 205 121 Caged by Loustration Caged :iconloustration:Loustration 66 10 New Deviant ID by G-Wolfe New Deviant ID :icong-wolfe:G-Wolfe 46 18 bottle message by Jahblessme bottle message :iconjahblessme:Jahblessme 10 1 Give a llama and get a llama by zwergpinscher Give a llama and get a llama :iconzwergpinscher:zwergpinscher 255 12 new ID by Hinata-chaan new ID :iconhinata-chaan:Hinata-chaan 36 27 Mother Earth by Loodlez Mother Earth :iconloodlez:Loodlez 38 5 'Admirer' Naruto Fanart. by SometimesINovel 'Admirer' Naruto Fanart. :iconsometimesinovel:SometimesINovel 41 5 Robert Downey Jr. in Coffee by DreamyOpalescence Robert Downey Jr. in Coffee :icondreamyopalescence:DreamyOpalescence 31 26 Balto and Nava by cookiefur Balto and Nava :iconcookiefur:cookiefur 37 15 Lazy Woona by lunechapaillini Lazy Woona :iconlunechapaillini:lunechapaillini 104 40
Letters And Diaries (Rin x Reader)
Title: Letters & Diaries
Muse: The word ‘lock’ made me think of Diary.
“Hey..heeeeey (y/n).” You took off an earbud from your ear and turned around to the person calling you. It was none other than your best friend, Gou.
“Oh, what now.” You said with annoyance evident in your voice. “You’re so mean to me sometimes you know. I was searching for you for a long time!” She replied with a small pout. Paying no attention to what she said, you noticed that she was carrying an envelope with her.
“Where’d you get that letter from? A secret admirer perhaps?” You said playfully teased. “N-no!” You swiftly took the envelope from her hands and scanned it. “Oi, are you even listening to me!?”
To Rin Matsuoka
“Gou” “Yes?” “Why are you carrying a letter for your brother?” you asked. “Oh.. uhh it’s a mail for him that came to our house.” she said rubbing
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Prototype Wallpaper Edit K4zuya-Kh4n by ShabaazKhan Prototype Wallpaper Edit K4zuya-Kh4n :iconshabaazkhan:ShabaazKhan 39 7 Sunset1.1 Austria by AustrianPictures Sunset1.1 Austria :iconaustrianpictures:AustrianPictures 40 10 Summer 2014 deviantID by heavenriver Summer 2014 deviantID :iconheavenriver:heavenriver 42 118 Altair sketch by itbreaksilence Altair sketch :iconitbreaksilence:itbreaksilence 52 5 naru-gir... by TeamEdwardBaybee1 naru-gir... :iconteamedwardbaybee1:TeamEdwardBaybee1 37 20 Jakey ID by sora1992 Jakey ID :iconsora1992:sora1992 38 24 Jenna Sketch by cookiefur Jenna Sketch :iconcookiefur:cookiefur 39 11 Kylo Ren/Bucky Barnes Crossover by arkenthian Kylo Ren/Bucky Barnes Crossover :iconarkenthian:arkenthian 14 0 Silly Star by cookiefur Silly Star :iconcookiefur:cookiefur 33 36 Salt by Salt-White-Death Salt :iconsalt-white-death:Salt-White-Death 28 3 Do I See Food? by Serylt Do I See Food? :iconserylt:Serylt 34 6 Fly like a Hawk by ogghunter Fly like a Hawk :iconogghunter:ogghunter 21 49 You Can Write It On Your Arm.. by Eimeargency You Can Write It On Your Arm.. :iconeimeargency:Eimeargency 28 9 Fennec Fox - Auction [Closed] by X88B8 Fennec Fox - Auction [Closed] :iconx88b8:X88B8 84 8 NEW dA ID by karenxrina NEW dA ID :iconkarenxrina:karenxrina 12 6 Roxas x Xion: Can I have this dance? by Javispart Roxas x Xion: Can I have this dance? :iconjavispart:Javispart 35 35 The Kids From Yesterday ID by Eimeargency The Kids From Yesterday ID :iconeimeargency:Eimeargency 22 15 Rututi_He-he by Salt-White-Death Rututi_He-he :iconsalt-white-death:Salt-White-Death 16 5 Aurora Aksnes by uncommoon Aurora Aksnes :iconuncommoon:uncommoon 32 16 The dream where my teeth fall out by Loodlez The dream where my teeth fall out :iconloodlez:Loodlez 14 6 Akame ga Kill - Tatsumi X Mein by Yuira-Kun Akame ga Kill - Tatsumi X Mein :iconyuira-kun:Yuira-Kun 15 2
Deviously New V.1
Welcome to a new feature courtesy of DAWelcomeWagon wherein I will be introducing you to a few new deviants! At the end you will also find one handy tip or trick related to DeviantArt!
Christa is a new Digital Artist here on DeviantArt. She focuses on animal artwork, illustrations and custom character design. She has a Patreon and a website where you can follow her work! Some of her interests include Steven Universe, Undertale, baking and tattoos. Find out more by visiting her page!

Ciel Bendall is a Digital Artist based in the U.K who also does commission work. Some of her interests include painting
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Tom--Eddsworld by Minimall-Carnival Tom--Eddsworld :iconminimall-carnival:Minimall-Carnival 27 2 Nyuww by Poppy-kyun Nyuww :iconpoppy-kyun:Poppy-kyun 58 14 my_ID by Oleghka my_ID :iconoleghka:Oleghka 18 5 The liar by moonklin The liar :iconmoonklin:moonklin 37 7