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Never Let Go by ReyeD33 Never Let Go :iconreyed33:ReyeD33 3,728 635
Lucifer's fall
Look at yourself!!Look!
You're the brightest star of them all.
See,darling,you're the most beautiful one,
But still,you chose to fall.
Your wings shattered,
And your soul went black,
Did you ever regret it,my dear?
You keep it silent,there's no way back.
You left heaven behind you,
Do you miss it? I know I do,
I miss the innocence and the glitter,
The sweetness of the clouds and the truth.
I miss my wings,
Yes,honey,I lost them too.
See,when you fell,
I jumped. I fell with you.
I just wish you'd take me in your embrace,
Hold me tight and never let me go
Your sinful lips on mine,
Send me the wind and I'll know.
I can feel you all over,
My body is sinful,my soul is almost gone
I know the taste of your scent,love,
And I know your body is still warm.
And one day,I just felt the known heat;
I felt your lips on my neck,your arms around me
I looked at the mirror,how fucking good we are together.
And in that darkness,I knew,you'll never leave.
:icondirtydancerforlife:dirtydancerforlife 54 16
I will never let you fall by moiFontaine I will never let you fall :iconmoifontaine:moiFontaine 169 102 Thane and Shepard, Never Let Go by EvanesceKunoichi Thane and Shepard, Never Let Go :iconevanescekunoichi:EvanesceKunoichi 827 65 please let me hold your hand by pippimuckel please let me hold your hand :iconpippimuckel:pippimuckel 289 20 Insanity by jonathoncomfortreed Insanity :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 229 52 Never Let You Go by tsunyandere Never Let You Go :icontsunyandere:tsunyandere 387 63 Never Let Go - Base by I-Am-Lying Never Let Go - Base :iconi-am-lying:I-Am-Lying 312 72
Never Let Go
I can't get you off my mind,
Some nights I find you in my dreams,
Those dreams I never want left behind,
I can't get rid of you it seems,
But I could never want to,
No matter how hard I try,
What would I be without you?
I would be a lie,
You're a part of me,
And until the day I die,
You will forever be,
You'll always be mine,
You're one I'll never regret,
Even when the sun loses its shine,
Promise me you'll never forget...
:iconjoejonasgirl1:JoeJonasgirl1 38 32
N E V E R  let  me  go by luana N E V E R let me go :iconluana:luana 221 43
The Paper Ghost
   Throwing down her pen in frustration, the Author cried, 'What is it you want?!'
The boy standing in the doorway wrung his hands in embarrassment, 'I want a story...'
  Exhaling deeply, she studied him. Her gaze ran over his soft hair and the slight iridescence of his skin. She noted the odd way that the boy appeared to shimmer like a haze of heat. His eyes were deep and brown, and his lips played the tune of a nervous smile.
   'I cannot give you a story,' She said brusquely, 'I am all out of stories! Look at me! I am hollow, I am gone, I am nothing! You want a story?' The Author paused whilst he nodded, 'Then go out and live! Breathe the air, god knows, I wish I had that sort of freedom. Draw pictures, play music, live your life! Drink the nacreous waters of freedom, break out of the words that chain your mind. I am a human, like you! I need time to myself too, and I cannot always be a source of your entertainment.'
:iconpeghan:Peghan 59 123
Titanic by Ladybex Titanic :iconladybex:Ladybex 353 61 n e v e r . l e t . m e . g o by poppy412 n e v e r . l e t . m e . g o :iconpoppy412:poppy412 167 30
You are my other half,amore
I pulled your shirt to my body,unzipped,
To the beat of your heart.
Your head was close to my face.
You smiled,your lips almost on mine.
Having your arms around me is what I live for.
I looked at your eyes and asked "why".
Why here,why now,why me?
I like the scent of your hair,
And I absolutely love your cigarette's smoke,
In my hair,on my lips,between your fingers.
Our bodies intertwined,it just feels right.
I adore your whisper on my ear,makes me feel safe.
Your warm breath on my neck,mixed with your kisses
Makes my body loose control. You drive me crazy.
My soul is so close to yours,never let me go.
I need you,your lips fit on mine.
Your fingers in my hair,and my fingers in your hand.
I love when I feel your heartbeat.
It makes me feel like I belong in there.
Never give me up.
Hold me in your embrace,I need you,amore.
:icondirtydancerforlife:dirtydancerforlife 26 14
-- [we are hiding from pain.]
        For the first time she notices his hands are covered in scars. He follows her gaze and his eyes grow worried.
        "What —" she starts to say, but her voice trails off.
        Eventually he answers her unspoken question. "When I was three my dad got smashed and gave me a knife to play with.
        My mom came home and found me covered in blood and crying."
        She's shocked. "Didn't it hurt?"
        "Hell yes. But I didn't know the knife was causing it." He pauses. "I think he broke her heart."
        She doesn't know what to say. He's watching her, waiting for a reaction.
        Finally he pulls down his sleev
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 71 59
Never Let Go by Hylian-Link Never Let Go :iconhylian-link:Hylian-Link 614 131 Garen X Katarina - Never let you go by Dweynie Garen X Katarina - Never let you go :icondweynie:Dweynie 285 152 Never Lose You. by Joflyx Never Lose You. :iconjoflyx:Joflyx 107 16 Ch.5 i dont want your soul... i want your heart by kitsunefire7 Ch.5 i dont want your soul... i want your heart :iconkitsunefire7:kitsunefire7 192 200 Andrew Garfield by choas-overlord-joe Andrew Garfield :iconchoas-overlord-joe:choas-overlord-joe 138 30 APH Request: Never Let Go by khakipants12 APH Request: Never Let Go :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 517 88
sasusaku never let go ch4.
nothing happened they just kept kissing hinata and naruto walked upkissing and holding hands "hey sasuke and sakura" naruto said suprised sakura was in sasuke's lap when they walked up "why are you so puzzled naruto" sakura said "nothing sooo..." "what naruto you didn't know that i got with sakura?" "of course i didn't know you didn't tell anyone dur sasuke" "n-naruto ask t-them please" "ok hinata-chan ,hey guys do you wanna go on a double date with us tonight?" "sure naruto" "t-thanks sakura" "your welcome hinata anytime" naruto walked off with hinata hand in hand "sakura why did you say that we'd go i had a suprise for you tonight i wanted to be alone with you" "well sorry sasuke if you don't want to go you don't have to" "i had to tell you something tonight something important,but i guess i could tell you after you get through being a third wheel" he put her sitting all by herself as he walked away he could feel her sadness she ran past him tears in her  eyes he felt so ba
:icongothgirl0818:gothgirl0818 27 4
Donor. by F-AYN-T Donor. :iconf-ayn-t:F-AYN-T 989 76 The Calm Before the Storm by MarieLouisePhoto The Calm Before the Storm :iconmarielouisephoto:MarieLouisePhoto 165 7 Hurricane Drunk by happip Hurricane Drunk :iconhappip:happip 223 31 never let me down... by Abanna never let me down... :iconabanna:Abanna 259 22 I'll Never Let You Go by SonicMaster23 I'll Never Let You Go :iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 297 67 Fractured Moonlight by Elluna Fractured Moonlight :iconelluna:Elluna 113 35 Florence and The Machine - Ceremonials by happip Florence and The Machine - Ceremonials :iconhappip:happip 395 39 Never Let Me Go. by this-is-the-life2905 Never Let Me Go. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 146 27
Love Will Never Let Me Die
I never claimed life was easy
But I wish it was less complex
You've got to keep on your toes
Life hits you fast, you better have a quick reflex
But if you can't keep up
Life will knock you down and leave you behind
But if you keep on fighting
You'll accomplish anything, you'll find
My heart is ready to fight
My soul burns too bright
You can't stop me now!
I'm gunning for it, I'll show you how.
Hit me with everything you've got
Give me your best shot!
Because no matter how hard you try
My love will never let me die!

I've been dealt every shot
My face has bled a river
My bones have been broken
I've recieved every low point life has delivered
But I fought back
And I came through it all
I survived the darkest nights
I will not stay down, no matter how many times I fall
My heart is ready to fight
My soul burns too bright
You can't stop me now!
I'm gunning for it, I'll show you how.
Hit me with everything you've got
Give me your best shot!
Because no matter how hard you try
My love
:iconstevejones313:SteveJones313 17 35
I'll never let go by Ni-nig I'll never let go :iconni-nig:Ni-nig 50 17 Goodbye, Jack by verulence Goodbye, Jack :iconverulence:verulence 143 97 Never Let Me Go by ribkaDory Never Let Me Go :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 254 28 Weep like an Angel by Lasse17 Weep like an Angel :iconlasse17:Lasse17 343 11 Never Let Me Go. by NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Never Let Me Go. :iconnight-stalker13:NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 81 22 Never let me go by deadlychris Never let me go :icondeadlychris:deadlychris 151 17 We All Complete by Fallmusic We All Complete :iconfallmusic:Fallmusic 140 12 Never Let Me Go by Kaiami Never Let Me Go :iconkaiami:Kaiami 147 17 Angels that dream by jonathoncomfortreed Angels that dream :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 93 24 Catch a falling star by astelpay Catch a falling star :iconastelpay:astelpay 92 40 Chess design by Fallmusic Chess design :iconfallmusic:Fallmusic 259 59 SeeU by Pechan SeeU :iconpechan:Pechan 161 16 Justin Bieber x3 by YassiBieberx3 Justin Bieber x3 :iconyassibieberx3:YassiBieberx3 362 52 Kuroshitsuji- Never Let Go by Ginger-Hero Kuroshitsuji- Never Let Go :iconginger-hero:Ginger-Hero 164 58 Without Your Consent. by inkandstardust Without Your Consent. :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 77 5 Never Let Me Go by VandIChe Never Let Me Go :iconvandiche:VandIChe 245 31 spring has arrived. by this-is-the-life2905 spring has arrived. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 123 14