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I Heart Brains Locket in pink by beatblack I Heart Brains Locket in pink :iconbeatblack:beatblack 626 121 I Heart Brains Necklace -mold by beatblack I Heart Brains Necklace -mold :iconbeatblack:beatblack 198 24 Brainy Cameo Bookmark by beatblack Brainy Cameo Bookmark :iconbeatblack:beatblack 147 9 Synapse by jasric Synapse :iconjasric:jasric 549 20 Neuron Forest by Zirngibl Neuron Forest :iconzirngibl:Zirngibl 63 6 What We're Being Asked to Consider by AmericanDreaming What We're Being Asked to Consider :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 55 100 Epic Stephen Jay Gould quote.. by rationalhub Epic Stephen Jay Gould quote.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 17 2 Bad Ideas Are Contagious by AmericanDreaming Bad Ideas Are Contagious :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 56 53 Seizure by esintu Seizure :iconesintu:esintu 62 12 PhD Thesis cover by Morgainelefee PhD Thesis cover :iconmorgainelefee:Morgainelefee 31 18 Pride, Shame, and Free Will by AmericanDreaming Pride, Shame, and Free Will :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 28 23
Sounds Like Mauve
What had finally driven her over the edge, Dr. Schwartz recorded, was that she couldn't hear the grapes.
Certainly they tasted fine, at least Marian made the same happy sounds she always made when she plopped a seedless red into her mouth and squeezed it with her teeth. The anomaly occurred when they opened her visor.
"Dr. Schwartz?" It was one of the new nurses. "Dr. Schwartz, Marian's parents are here. They said you called?"
"What? Yes, yes, I did call them." Schwartz sighed, tapped a few more notes and slid the stylus back into the sheathe on the side of his tablet. "How is she?"
"Asleep. The sedatives have taken hold."
"Good. I'm going to bring Marian's parents in to see her. I would appreciate it if you could remove her restraints for a bit, just until they leave. Would that be a problem?"
"Of course not, doctor. I'll take care of it."
Schwartz shook her father's hand with a tight grip, looking the man in the eye. He set his other hand reassuringly on her mother's shoulder, saying
:iconmemnalar:Memnalar 18 47
Neurogenesis by esintu Neurogenesis :iconesintu:esintu 58 10 Stream Of Consciousness by Simplexification Stream Of Consciousness :iconsimplexification:Simplexification 47 66 Neuroscience Medic by muffin-wrangler Neuroscience Medic :iconmuffin-wrangler:muffin-wrangler 90 18 Steins Gate II by himmelmetamorphose Steins Gate II :iconhimmelmetamorphose:himmelmetamorphose 56 17 Fringe by enzocavalli Fringe :iconenzocavalli:enzocavalli 70 9 Nacho Neuroscience by AK-Is-Harmless Nacho Neuroscience :iconak-is-harmless:AK-Is-Harmless 140 156 Neurogenesis 2 by esintu Neurogenesis 2 :iconesintu:esintu 34 4 Synaptic Plasticity by Miru Synaptic Plasticity :iconmiru:Miru 10 12 Fun and Games in the Neuro Lab by hever Fun and Games in the Neuro Lab :iconhever:hever 68 136 Neurogenesis 4 by esintu Neurogenesis 4 :iconesintu:esintu 23 0 Grateful Dead by accebere Grateful Dead :iconaccebere:accebere 19 0 The Altered State by tubbums32 The Altered State :icontubbums32:tubbums32 188 62 Last Recorded Events by Immy-is-Thinking Last Recorded Events :iconimmy-is-thinking:Immy-is-Thinking 26 1 Anatomy Room - sketches 1 by BenJogan Anatomy Room - sketches 1 :iconbenjogan:BenJogan 16 5
Stranded - Day 87
Peter stared out across the sea on the little, picturesque island, thinking deeply, thinking fondly, of the world he had lost. He was a world-famous millionaire out there. He was renowned for his research in neuroscience. It had made him a fortune. But that fortune hadn't been enough to stop his plane crashing.
He had been flying to Bei Jing for an Electronic Arts Exhibition a friend of his was hosting when lightning had struck the left wing of his private jet. Within minutes the entire plane was dead and falling out of the sky like a rock. It hit the ground with a bang and he was certain that he'd died. But miraculously, he was the sole survivor. The giant tin can had managed to crumple in such a way that Peter had been protected from crash. Now he could live forever on this tiny isle littered with trees and bushes.
Since then he'd had to learn to survive here. Luckily it seemed as thought there was no shortage of fish and crabs here. He had a little sort of mattress thing made of lea
:icon3ravens98:3Ravens98 6 7
Anatomy Room - sketches 2 by BenJogan Anatomy Room - sketches 2 :iconbenjogan:BenJogan 21 3 Brain Cells 2 by csd0916 Brain Cells 2 :iconcsd0916:csd0916 12 2 Reference- Rajayayu Neurophysiology by Ribbontail Reference- Rajayayu Neurophysiology :iconribbontail:Ribbontail 17 0 Jelly Brain by raindian Jelly Brain :iconraindian:raindian 17 3 United Villain: Wizard of Oz by mr-redx United Villain: Wizard of Oz :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 10 18 Cog-nition by ConspicuousCurios Cog-nition :iconconspicuouscurios:ConspicuousCurios 8 6 Inconvenient Trixie in Science by hllday Inconvenient Trixie in Science :iconhllday:hllday 49 26 Brains are sexy by SSjUmi Brains are sexy :iconssjumi:SSjUmi 54 2 And here we have... by zwazoa And here we have... :iconzwazoa:zwazoa 13 2 ice cold water by Kiboku ice cold water :iconkiboku:Kiboku 47 1 Cells of the Brain: Astrocyte by Hazreth Cells of the Brain: Astrocyte :iconhazreth:Hazreth 9 2 Neurogenesis by FarDareisMai Neurogenesis :iconfardareismai:FarDareisMai 33 8 Occupy Your Mind by aenimaxoxo Occupy Your Mind :iconaenimaxoxo:aenimaxoxo 10 2 GLaDOS the Neuroscientist by chickenpede GLaDOS the Neuroscientist :iconchickenpede:chickenpede 27 12 Olfactory Bulb Neuron by lodeacca Olfactory Bulb Neuron :iconlodeacca:lodeacca 9 0 Optogenetic Mice by raindian Optogenetic Mice :iconraindian:raindian 11 3 CLOSED by neuro-science CLOSED :iconneuro-science:neuro-science 13 7 PKMN-Armonia - Tanvi the Neuroscientist by KayVeeDee PKMN-Armonia - Tanvi the Neuroscientist :iconkayveedee:KayVeeDee 29 43 Drawn @ SfN'13: Scenic View by Immy-is-Thinking Drawn @ SfN'13: Scenic View :iconimmy-is-thinking:Immy-is-Thinking 20 0 neuroscience 1600X1200 by mynorthshadow neuroscience 1600X1200 :iconmynorthshadow:mynorthshadow 8 0